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Families living in the base housing have reported objects moving and disappearing, hearing the sounds of stomping and footsteps, locked doors unlocking themselves, seeing shadowy figures, and sometimes there are reports of ghostly animals. It’s said that there have been many suicides within the base which could account for some of the activity.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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35 14 47 N 116 40 55 W
United States

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35.26130413562456, -116.6899149005859
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Fort Irwin, CA (0.3 mi.)
Barstow, CA (31.3 mi.)
Barstow Heights, CA (34.1 mi.)
Baker, CA (34.7 mi.)
Lenwood, CA (35.4 mi.)
Tecopa, CA (48.2 mi.)
Searles Valley, CA (53.2 mi.)
Johannesburg, CA (53.8 mi.)
Shoshone, CA (54.5 mi.)
Randsburg, CA (55.1 mi.)


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  1. I just got stationed here at fort irwin about a year ago and we moved into our house. So everything was fine for a couple weeks then our animals would stare at a spot at the crawling located right under our bedroom corner. My animals continue to stare there and once my wife and I talked about it we started to see this shadow in that exact corner. So naturally we turned our light on to find nothing there. We turned it off and boom… it got even closer. Wesleepin the guest bedroom now and don’t see anything but every time we try and sleep in the master we see this shadowy man in the corner staring at us

  2. We moved to fort irwin about 3 years ago and at my old school there was a murder about 15 years ago in the girls bathroom and any time we go in there it gets cold and we will see a ghostly 11 year old girl in the bathroom screaming help help and then dead.

  3. At first it started out with glimpses of shadows and negative heavy feelings. Which progresses over the (3)years we been here. It’s completely changed me as a person and not for better. I’ve become easily irritable and have a short fuse.

    When I was pregnant with my son, I felt a sad and upset presence. I would see a shadow walk back and forth at the end of the hallway from our living room. When my son was born, he would be upset and refuse to sleep in my room. I just thought it to be newborns during the night. However, my daughter i just gave birth to, is also the same way but they both would sleep perfectly fine anywhere else in the house.

    Over the years, I can’t tell if it’s two women or one with two sides (one being spiteful towards me and the other playing and being nurturing towards my son.)

    When my son started to walk, he would stare at the ceiling, smile and giggle running around. Which I made myself ignore because it doesn’t feel malicious.
    I think she wants my children for herself.

    Now that my son is two, he’s started to push boundaries and learning new things. While we were all going to bed, we just hear my sons door open. We hear our baby gate open and him giggle. He’s never been able to open doors let alone a baby gate. We opened the door and he’s already upstairs with a knife from the sink. There is NO WAY my child who just turned two was able to do all that. (Yes we have taken extra precautions to prevent this from happening again. He was fine.)

    There was another incident while rotation was happening and my son was asleep in my room with me. He would trail the room and get giddy. He started at the door, trailed his line of view across the room and each time he stops to stare at a spot he jumps up in excitement. He then proceeded to trail the room, shot his eyes at the door and got excited again.
    He then stares behind me and smiles (which he does a lot)

    The women who I’ve been seeing would stand over my husband while he sleeps. I’ve felt a lot of anger from her. I don’t think she’s a succubus. It almost seems like she is obsessed with my husband and is jealous of me. I think it’s a 30yo women who lost the love of her life to another women. She might be stuck. I wonder if my husband looked like him and she thinks im the other women.

    My husband would wake me up in the morning and ask about the night prior. Saying we had sex (which has happened many times.) I have no recollection of any sort of actions he talks about. I’m not normally a heavy sleeper and would have woken up if someone was doing something physical to me. I almost feel like she has possessed my body.

    I’ve woken up to an old raspy sounding man heavily breathing in my ear. Which turns out to be a 50-60yo man who’s obsessed with me. He jerks off to me and watches me while I get dressed and shower.

  4. Michael Culberson  |  

    We’re at camp dallis right now doing our yearly rotation, and at night me and a couple other soldiers have herd footsteps by our cots with no one around us. I have seen in the corner of my eyes shadow figures or strand lights in the corner of my eye.

  5. So quite a while I was on a training rotation in the box at fort Irwin. I was a Stryker driver for my unit at the time, and we were on our third consecutive day with no real sleep and pulling out of an observation post when I saw a soldier in Vietnam era uniform and kit walk across my field of vision, stop, and look me dead in the face. I called up to my truck commander, “Sergeant! There’s still a soldier out there!” SIlence for only a second followed by “Albertson, there’s no one out there. Wake the f*ck up and move this truck!” I turned back to look and the soldier was gone.

    As I said it had been a long while since we had really slept, and I could have just as easily have imagined the whole thing, but at that point in my enlistment NOTHING would have made me bring the attention of an NCO on me except the absolute certainty that what I was seeing was real and needed fixing. I know a lot of people have passed there and I imagine it’s been happening for years. I can’t imagine its that outlandish that some of the people who passed there stuck around.

  6. The barracks are haunted as F$&k.I was stationed there in 2009-2010 and my shower would turn on by itself. Once I was in my room with a buddy and had dinner rolls fly off the stand. I didn’t think it was a real negative presence but it wasn’t super happy. One night was real bad and some of us were all down at CQ because of noises and feelings.

  7. Honestly as of the time of this post, I’m doing staff duty at 1/11th ACR. No kidding after about midnight, as my ncoic is doing checks the second runner and I have seen someone walk into the big conference room only for it to be empty. Then we are hearing things being moved around in the offices to find a chair has been moved to the middle of the room. There has been nothing but shuffling in the hallways to things getting knocked on or shifted for the past two hours. Things are moving back there and I’m staying right where I’m at!

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