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Along this stretch of road, dozens of people have lost their lives. One of the most famous cases along this road involves a little girl who is seen walking around. Other cases involve people walking or standing around who immediately vanish. One team of investigators picked up an EVP of a child stating: “We like to cause crashes”.

(Submitted by Chris)

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Geographic Information

El Evado
Coalinga, CA
United States

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34.48968468941672, -117.3466730126529
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Victorville, CA (3.2 mi.)
Mountain View Acres, CA (3.4 mi.)
Adelanto, CA (4.4 mi.)
Hesperia, CA (8.7 mi.)
Apple Valley, CA (9.6 mi.)
Oak Hills, CA (11.4 mi.)
Phelan, CA (15.3 mi.)
Pinon Hills, CA (18.8 mi.)
Wrightwood, CA (20.8 mi.)
Crestline, CA (21.3 mi.)


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  1. I would say you are off by quite a bit in location. The haunted area is El Evado by Coalinga. A little girl has been heard by a family member over there screaming, “Help Me”. My family member nearly went off the road. Another family member slowed down to let a person cross the intersection, it was dark so the person looked like a dark silhouette, no other car on the road except one across the way. When the figure reached the middle of the intersection, it disappeared. Also, when I was a kid, many people were hit on El Evado, all south of Palmdale Rd. The other El Evado is relatively newer in the scheme of things.

  2. Am interested in checking this road out. Looks like something of a major road? Would it be worth it to attempt to investigate with standard ghost hunting equipment?

    • A couple of nights ago when it was real real windy outside I was in my shed in the backyard it was two or three in the morning I was smoking all of a sudden I heard I was right outside the door or in was in there with me I thought was a cat at first but it wasn’t I can tell by the feeling it gave me I couldn’t move and the one was crying and g tree growling and the same time it was trying to talk to me it was supernatural it was her it the ghost and she sounds so sad it s she asking me for help it felt because I was in the shed because it wicked windy a ND d wicked cold outside I was the only one outside that when they really come out when it’s reel reel windy it has something to do with that it was the most weirdest thing that s ever happens to me and I thing it’s living in my backyard now because when it went away the direction that it went in my backyard as the sound slowly faded off there’s a weird baseball size hole there that wasn’t there before don’t know how it got there perfectly round hole strait down can’t see the bottom and it looks like you can see a crawl down in it and the next day I had these two weird scratches on my hand and on my leg I haven’t gone in the shed since and I don’t like to go in the backyard at night time anymore I live one house away from el evado on coalinga rd I know real people who say it’s not there just scared ghost are real and when I heard the cries it so cold I barely able to make it back in the house it was freaky but I’m stupid because I like that kind of stuff it definitely made me appreciate my life more but it’s do sad to hear her cry like that I wish there was a way to help her because I could almost understand what she was saying and it like she was reading my thought and as she went away she crying and growling it was some scary sound Ino doubt it was real I like to get it on a recording but I wouldn’t do that alone no way andrew

  3. Where the location is marked and where Linda says the actual location is, is only a couple blocks away, I live on snake river drive so I’m just s few blocks away, I have a new app I want to try out so I’ll just investigate from La Mesa to coalinga, I’ll post my results here, I got pretty good EVP from other investigations, I got great results at the cemetery in Claremont, no permission needed, the gates are always open, best time is from 12am to 1am, it’s very quiet at that time, the south west corner and the north side children’s area are hot spots, watch for the blue Man who has been seen by several investigators walking around in and out of the cemetery.

  4. I use to live at on Ann Street I believe it was a century I use to see and hear voices as all the time and I have pictures too

  5. I have seen the little girl we were passing dos Palmas it on as after midnight and I thought I was tripping I told my boyfriend as I turned around to see if what I saw was real and the girl was gone…I said I’m losing my mind I sware there was just a little girl like 2 or 3 years old standing on the side of the road not for years later would I read these articles and know what I seen was really a ghost of the little girl that died on el evado crazy stuff but 100% real

  6. If you are interested I would like to do an overnight investigation for/with you as well as audio recording I will bring my cctv surveillance cameras as well and in the end Tru to help the spirits move on that’s probably the help they want … text me at 442-219-6850 if interested email @ armydocl1974@outlook.com

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