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13 Curves Road, aka Cedarville Road, is known for a ghostly Bloody Bride. According to her legend, it was more than a century ago when a horrific car accident took the life of a newlywed couple on their wedding night. Their car veered off the road on one of its 13 curves, right into a creek. Both were instantly killed. Now, locals say, the ghost of a bride with glowing eyes, sometimes carrying an orange lantern, wanders the road’s curves.

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Geographic Information

Cedarvale Road
Onondaga, NY
United States

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42.939841799346524, -76.23034858712344
Onondaga County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Nedrow, NY (5.1 mi.)
Marcellus, NY (6.3 mi.)
Fairmount, NY (7.4 mi.)
Westvale, NY (7.5 mi.)
Camillus, NY (7.8 mi.)
Solvay, NY (8.3 mi.)
Syracuse, NY (8.6 mi.)
Skaneateles, NY (10.1 mi.)
Lakeland, NY (10.4 mi.)
Galeville, NY (10.8 mi.)


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  1. The first time I went down Thirteen Curves it was around 7PM on a fall day. My friend just told me about the legend and I immediately wanted to go there. We drove there, put all of the windows down and drove pretty slow. It was quite eerie just because you’re in the middle of nowhere. At the 8th curve, through the trees on the right there was the orb floating through the trees. It kept coming closer and it disappeared after a ten seconds or so. It was incredibly bizarre and something I’ve never experienced before and I’ve had quite a few paranormal experiences. I’m not sure what exactly it was but it wasn’t any kind of eye trick or anything, my friend and I both saw it and then it just vanished. We went down a second time and nothing happened.

  2. It’s Cedarvale road. I’ve been down this treacherous path many, many times. One incident I experienced was quite bizarre. A friend and I headed down about 430 or 5am. On the left hand side of the road, there was a dirt path winding up through the hill. We’d never noticed it before and didn’t think much of it. We came back later that day when the sun was out, and there was no path to be found.

  3. I think it is just a hoax like any other urban legend because I did not see anything unusual on that road at around 11 pm last night (Halloween 2015). It was dark like any other isolated road but nothing unexplained happened. My next stop is Clinton road in NJ around Thanksgiving.

  4. I’ve been up and down this road many times after hearing about the legend, I’ve driven extremely slow, sometimes fast, once my headlights were flickering but it was just some friends messing with the windows. I’ve walked this road as well, hopeful for any kind of encounter, the most I’ve felt is just that same old eerie feeling like something is watching you. I haven’t seen orbs, or figures, or lights. Once I heard a scream, but it was very very distant and could’ve been coming from a local area.

  5. When my friends and I were on our way home from my cousins house for a cook out it was around 10:30 or 11 o’clock and my mom told me the legend and I told her go slow through here I want to see if I can hear anything and around the 9th curve I heard a yell saying “Help us” and I thought I was hearing things so I said nothing about it, but then my friend mentioned it and around the 13th curve we say 2 Orbes just floating around. I’ve been down there plenty of times after that but I haven’t seen or heard anything else.

  6. Hi this is John with Shadow warriors paranormal investigations I actually have captured the picture of the Bride of thirteen curves the accident that she was in with her husband did not happen by car there’s so many stories out there about 13 curves but if you’re interested in learning the true story of 13 curves and wanted to know a little bit more about the paranormal research on 13 curves give me a call 315-551-5804 your paranormal medium John

  7. Me and my friend found this road on a website and decided we wanted to see if it was real, when we went down the road we didn’t hear or see anything but I thought I might’ve heard some whispers but wasn’t sure if it was real or just the wind from my car windows being down but not even 7 minutes down the road we got lost our gps started messing up and we went in a circle twice then we stopped at a church to make sure we had directions bc my phone was dying and my car broke down at the church when I tried pulling out it wouldn’t go faster and fluid started leaking out, and my car hasn’t been acting up which was weird becuase I fixed it a month ago or so and now this and if wasn’t making sense, and then I got home and my bf motor cycle acted up to.

  8. Being from that area, I have been through there thousands of times and never seen anything. But my mom has had 2 experiences in which a large mist was in the middle of the road. Once, when she drove through it, she heard a scream and it tried to force her car off the road. She said out loud, “I’m sorry.”

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