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The 1920s Landmark Theatre is haunted by three ghosts. Witnesses have reported apparitions, a blue light, voices, and eerie things that show up in photos. The known haunted areas are the back of the auditorium, the Red Room, the Walnut Room, and the basement (called the catacombs). One of the ghosts is believed to be a former actress named Clarissa who died when she fell from the balcony. Her apparitions has been seen and she also manifests by a phantom lilac scent. A stagehand named Oscar who was accidentally electrocuted here also haunts the theater; his ghost has been seen tinkering with the lighting board backstage. The third ghost is Charlie, a former janitor and caretaker who died of natural causes in the building. His ghost has been seen taking care of the theater as he did when he was alive.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    362 S. Salina Street
    Syracuse, NY 13202
    United States

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    43.0474268, -76.15225900000002
    Onondaga County, New York
    Nearest Towns:
    Syracuse, NY (0.2 mi.)
    Lyncourt, NY (2.7 mi.)
    Solvay, NY (2.9 mi.)
    Galeville, NY (3.1 mi.)
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    1. One of my favorite places. have had many experiences here including smelling Lilac perfume, hearing my name being called, catching the dog barking on EVP, among other experiences. I’ve been here more than 18 times and there is not one time i left here without an experience.

    2. Years ago working in the theater during shows, cold breezes down in the very basement where the stage floor lowers. Paper towel suddenly pulled out of my hand in the lower mens lounge that stuck to the wall. High heel walking sounds in the upper ladies room near the dressing rooms. when no one was in any of the other stalls. Several artists that had experiences and relayed stories. Shadow up in the balcony. and on the cat walk. Lovely ….. wonderful theatre.

    3. Is the basement the place where there are extra bathrooms? I used the ladies room down there once – no one down there and I was all alone. It was probably twenty-five years ago and I still remember it. I had no concept of “hauntings” at the time, but I felt like someone was following me and had a very eerie feeling. It was pretty intense because – why else would you remember using a bathroom so many years later!?

    4. I worked at The Landmark for about 10 years starting as a bartender and then as the Bar Concession Manager. One night while setting up a bar area for a wedding I was about to lift a heavy bin of ice to the bar. I reached over and grabbed the left side of the bin, but something caught my eye and I paused. Then the bin was in place and I turned to my bartender to thank her for assistance, but she was on the other side of the room. Someone/thing lifted the other side. One winter my car had broken down and after a show I awaited a couple of crew members for a ride. I was sitting on steps in the catacombs for them (under the stage through the door from the downstairs mens’ room)) and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and asked, “Ready?” No one was there. There is a room off the ladies room downstairs with mosaic walls and a huge mirror. After sweating it out setting up I would go there to clean up and use the “Red Room” as my dressing room. I never experienced anything there but two of the original people who started the “Save the Landmark” back in the 70’s claim to have had seen “Clarissa” there on many occasions. There was a Landmark Theatre group that was rehearsing on stage and several of the actors claimed to have seen “Clarissa” sitting in the Mezzanine watching them. They all saw her at the same time. One night we got done late after a concert and it was snowing heavily and visibility was poor. I unlocked my office and the liquor room and we all sat downstairs imbibing and waiting for the storm to lessen. The power was in and out but there was a 12′ candle holder at the landing on the stairs. At one point the power went out again and the candle blew out. There was absolutely NO air shifting. On a lighter note; Martin Landeau was performing on stage in a production of “Dracula.” There was a point where a fake bat was “flown” across the stage. At the same time two LIVE REAL bats flew into the audience. They thought it was part of the show, but Boris and Natasha as we called them actually lived in the theatre. 🙂

    5. DeWitt Brewer  |  

      This may sound strange and after 41 years I was doing a show called “Show Me Where The Goodtimes Are” and I had brought my dog “Wiggles” to the stage door. I attempted to coax her down the stairs to a well-lighted area and she stopped suddenly and refused to go any further and actually pulled back. Gave me the chills

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