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Split Rock Quarry was a hazardous munitions plant that suddenly exploded in 1918, killing more than 50 men. Left today are nothing but rock and The Crusher, an defunct piece of mining machinery. Witnesses say the place is haunted by the past victims, citing unexplained voices and footsteps, and the phantom sound of The Crusher revving up.

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Geographic Information

Onondaga Boulevard
Solvay, NY
United States

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43.024589026108735, -76.24264884012518
Onondaga County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Fairmount, NY (1.6 mi.)
Westvale, NY (1.9 mi.)
Solvay, NY (2.9 mi.)
Camillus, NY (3.3 mi.)
Lakeland, NY (4.5 mi.)
Syracuse, NY (5.1 mi.)
Marcellus, NY (5.7 mi.)
Galeville, NY (5.7 mi.)
Liverpool, NY (5.8 mi.)
Nedrow, NY (6.2 mi.)


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  1. I don’t believe in this stuff…..but I built a house on property that is very close to the quarry and was once owned by Sennet Solvay (owner of the quarry at that time)….things have happened that I can’t explain.

    • I’m with you on this,there’s no such things as ghosts.In spite of what some say,advising against going up to split rock quarry at night,I’m tempted to go by myself’if for no other reason but to put the theory there’s no such things as ghosts to the test.Now that I’m older I’m no longer scared of the dark like I was as a kid.At my age I can say with conviction that I’m not afraid of anything.Some people,if they heard me say that,might say that I’m crazy,that I’m brave to the point of stupidity,and maybe they’d be right,everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

  2. My Friend Brian and I are “Psychic” spiritual absolutionists, My main strengths are empathic healing, soul reading, and spirit absolution assistance among others, Brian’s main strengths are pre – cognition, soul reading and spiritual absolution assistance. On 7 July 2015 we went there and had a strong feeling that we needed to absolve the spirits to pass on. So on the new moon of 16 July 2015 Brian and I went there and did a spiritual absolution to save and allow the spirits to pass. After 20 minutes the spiritual density seemed to have been lifted of all eerie feelings. On the Next full moon we intend to do the final ritual to free the remaining spirits. If anybody wishes to have a haunting absolved please feel free to contact us at Masteroftheminorkeys@hotmail.com.

  3. I’ve been to this quarry and trails around it many times, both alone and with friends, at night and during the day, halloween and blood moon, I’ve never seen orbs or flashes or figures. I have also never heard anything with my ears, once walking through the structure, I recorded a voice saying go down. But that’s about it, just the one voice once. Other than that bats and more recently coyotes. Beautiful place though

  4. While in syracuse for the summer, myself along with 3 friends visited split rock quarry, the famous “13 curves” road (twice), as well as Woodlawn cemetery. In all three experiences there was absolutely no sightings, lights, orbs, spectres, or anything of the sort. Anyone that believes they hear voices or footsteps from the quarry Is mistaking a ghost for a person. The grounds are littered with countless blunt wraps and other smoking paraphanelia as well as alcohol and shotgun shells. Highly disappointed overall with syracuses paranormal spots.

    • To add to this persons mention of the litter at this historical site, i too have been there years ago and i cant even find the right words to describe how sick it makes me to see this place that so many man tragically lost there lifes at be treated as a dump. Exscuse my language but what the fuck is wrong with people would you go to ground 0 (the world trade center in NYC) and throw trash all over and spray pant crap on the site where so many inocent people lost there lifes, no ypu wouldnt because you may know someone who died that day or someone who lost someone, so now people respect ground 0 but what about 200 years from now will people still have that respect, i say sadly no and i know that is the sad truth, history repeats itself if we dont learn from it, and all over the US people treat places like split rock like a dump they can leave trash there and vandelise structures that remain there that are ment to memorialise the tragedy that took place there and make sure the people that lost thier lifes will not be forgoten, well they are not forgotten but whats happening is even worse then being forgoten they are being disrespected, and honestly in my opinion i would rather have people forget about places like split rock beacuse atleast then no one would go there and spit on the memory of lifes lost

  5. Me and my team have been to Split Rock Quarry many times and we”ve had rocks thrown at us, we’ve had the same names come through our PSB-7 Spirit box numerous times. The names we have heard are the same names on the memorial for the people who lost their lives. The memorial is located just inside the gates of Oakwood Cemetery on the South side in Syracuse NY

  6. We visited last night. Definatly an active site. Walking up the path it was about 50 degrees out. We kept walking into patches where it would get to like 90 degrees then cold again and we just couldn’t explain it. As we started walking up to the crusher we were overwhelmed with the smell of cheery Tabacco smoke and the feeling someone was there so we turned around. Walking back we all of a sudden hear voices like people partying for maybe a min or 2..then silence. Then as we were walking stones were being thrown behind us. Definatly a scary experience. I’m not sure I can go back. I had been there once before but experienced nothing like last night.

  7. My friend and I were trying to spot some ghosts and I went to go take a selfie and upon inspecting the picture later I almost peed my pants because I saw this weird figure in the back!

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