Haunted Places in Taylor County, Iowa

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Taylor County, Iowa. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Iowa.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Taylor County, Iowa.

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    Villisca Axe Murder House

    Villisca, Iowa

    19.7 miles from Taylor County, IA

    In 1912 an entire family was murdered here by axe, and it is said that the house is still haunted by their spirits. The house has been investigated and featured on the TV show Ghost Adventures.

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    Tedrow Cemetery

    Kellerton, Iowa

    30.2 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Rumor has it that it is not actually the small cemetery, but the surrounding woods, that are haunted. Phenomena experienced here include glowing lights coming from the woods, shadowed apparitions, and the sounds of footsteps, moaning, and other strange noises.

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    Terre Haute Cemetery

    Decatur City, Iowa

    42.9 miles from Taylor County, IA

    The spirit of a little boy can be seen playing on the swingset behind a cabin adjacent to the cemetery. He may motion for you to follow him into the cemetery, where he is buried. Once at his grave, he disappears.

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    Davis City Cemetery

    Davis City, Iowa

    46.5 miles from Taylor County, IA

    It is said that visitors to the cemetery may exoerience a sudden feeling of pressure as they enter. Shooting lights also have been reported streaming across the grounds very late at night.

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    High Creek Cemetery

    Watson, Missouri

    48.4 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Upon finding this website, I was shocked to find this location was not listed, as it is "well known" by locals to be noted as haunted. The experience I had there happened about 10 years ago. A friend and I were hanging out one night and decided to ...

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    Malvern Manor

    Malvern, Iowa

    49.9 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Built in the late 1800's as a hotel initially to service the railroad. Was eventually turned into a nursing home and then a group home for the mentally handicapped. It serviced everyone from those with Down's Syndrome to the more exotic of diseases like multiple personalities and schizophrenia. The building ...

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    St. Mary's Cemetery

    Hamburg, Iowa

    51.3 miles from Taylor County, IA

    A mysterious spirit, that of a woman, has been seen kneeling at the feet of three of the cemetery's Virgin Mary statues. Also reported have been wailing sounds coming from the statues.

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    Meriwether Lewis Dredge

    Brownville, Nebraska

    55.4 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Dredge Captain Meriwether Lewis, built in 1931, is one of the few surviving examples of its type built to control flooding along U.S. rivers. It contains a museum that is believed to be haunted. Employees say the ghosts have long been a part of the museum's staff. Perhaps most notably, ...

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    Captain Bailey Museum

    Brownville, Nebraska

    55.8 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Civil War Captain Bailey's seven-gabled house now holds the museum of Brownville artifacts, and is rumored to be haunted by the captain himself. Among the proof, witnesses say, are doors that won't stay closed and the sound of piano playing late at night. Local tales say the captain died as ...

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    Eliza C. Morgan Hall - Peru State College

    Peru, Nebraska

    57.3 miles from Taylor County, IA

    The Morgan Hall dormitory is said to be haunted by Eliza Morgan herself. Legend has it that she once lived in the house that makes up the center of the dormitory, and she died in the basement.

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    New Virginia Cemetery - Beymer Cemetery

    New Virginia, Iowa

    58.7 miles from Taylor County, IA

    This is the gravesite of New Virginia's first settler. As legend has it, the gravestone has been replaced at some time over the years. Locals say an eerie glow will come from the stone at midnight, a protestation from the ghost, angry about the change.

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    Union Cemetery - The Devil's Chair

    Guthrie Center, Iowa

    66 miles from Taylor County, IA

    It is said that those who sit in the cement chair will receive a spell of bad luck. The Devil's Chair has no markings, and sits between the Peterson and Miller graves. According to reports, the chair has been believed to be cursed for at least 35 years.

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    Old Highway 83

    Shelby, Iowa

    66.2 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Different witnesses have reported seeing two young girls playing in the middle of the highway late at night. They wear flowing white dresses and are bathed in a glowing light.

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    Glore Psychiatric Museum

    St. Joseph, Missouri

    66.7 miles from Taylor County, IA

    The Glore Psychiatric Museum is rumored to be haunted by long-dead patients who are still hoping that their mental illness can be cured. Apparitions seen here include a sharply dressed man and an elderly man, and in the basement, the motion detector is often set off when no one is ...

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    The Van Meter Creature

    Van Meter, Iowa

    66.9 miles from Taylor County, IA

    First seen in 1903, the Van Meter Creature is a monster with batlike wings and a horn on its head that glows with blinding light. It may also manifest as a hovering spot of light. Shortly after it began to terrorize the townsfolk, strange sounds started coming from a coal ...

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    The Social Parlor

    St. Joseph, Missouri

    67.5 miles from Taylor County, IA

    The Social Parlor is a century-old building that held small businesses, such as a furrier's shop, which catered to the town's wealthy in the late 1800s to early 1900s. The ghost believed to haunt the building is, in fact, a furrier. Reports say the building is not currently in ...

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    Barbosa's Castillo

    Saint Joseph, Missouri

    67.7 miles from Taylor County, IA

    A Mexican restaurant specialising in authentic cuisine is housed inside this 1891 historic castle, which was formerly owned by a J.B Moss and his family. Staff nowadays working at the establishment have reported various instances of poltergeist activity, but little else is known about the hauntings and their origin. (Submitted ...

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    Van Fossen Cemetery

    Adel, Iowa

    69.1 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Since the 1850's, the Van Fossen cemetery has had many names, from Rodenbaugh Cemetery, the Old Adel Cemetery, to the "official" name recorded by the state, the Gibson Cemetery. Along old highway 6, the cemetery is sometimes just called the Bilderback Cemetery, after the massive headstones that mark the ...

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    Elk Grove Cemetery - Union Township Cemetery

    Coon Rapids, Iowa

    69.2 miles from Taylor County, IA

    According to local legend there is a small headstone with an eerie ability: If you position yourself the right way in front of it, after a few minutes it will begin to glow.

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    Jordan House

    West Des Moines, Iowa

    75.8 miles from Taylor County, IA

    This museum is allegedly haunted by the ghost of the young daughter of the original owner. She died when she was three years old after falling from the stair railing she was sliding down and breaking her neck. People claim they still see and hear her playing throughout the ...

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    Des Moines International Airport

    Des Moines, Iowa

    77.2 miles from Taylor County, IA

    There are two ghost stories around this airport. Some offices are haunted by a flight attendant, usually in the fall season. The offices used to be the site of a restaurant called the Cloud Room, and the flight attendant wanders there as if looking for her flight. Also, laughing and ...

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    Air Lanes Bowling Center

    Des Moines, Iowa

    78.2 miles from Taylor County, IA

    According to local legend, behind the bowling alley is an upstairs area that was used for illegal gambling in the 1920s. Reports say if you gain access to a room down the hallway, you may hear people talking, dice rolling, and you may even hear a ghostly disembodied voice calling ...

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    Smelly Ghost of University Avenue

    Des Moines, Iowa

    78.9 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Locals say a cloudlike presence occurs here, and it smells of kerosene. Sometimes within the cloud is the form of a man or several tiny flickering lights. Reports tell of a man who died nearby in 1881 as a result of his kerosene-soaked clothes catching fire.

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    Drake Municipal Observatory

    Des Moines, Iowa

    79.2 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Dr. Robert Morehouse was the first chairman of the Astronomy and Physics department, and he discovered a comet in the 1920s. He also haunts the observatory, according to local legend, perhaps because the remains of Dr. Morehouse and his wife are buried in the entryway wall. Students working in the ...

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    Terrace Hill

    Des Moines, Iowa

    79.9 miles from Taylor County, IA

    At this 1860s historic building, home of the governor of Iowa, the ghost of a little girl has been seen. She is transparent, and some say she likes to work the elevator, even though it is only supposed to operate by the use of codes.

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    Merle Hay Mall

    Des Moines, Iowa

    80.5 miles from Taylor County, IA

    The mall and its tower are rumored to be built over a monastery that was closed in the 1950s. According to the stories, some nuns became pregnant and had miscarriages, and the babies were buried in unmarked graves at this site. Reports say ghosts of both nuns and infants have ...

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    The Earling Exorcism

    Earling, Iowa

    80.9 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Earling is famous for a 1928 exorcism that lasted more than 3 weeks. A local Franciscan convent was the setting for the ceremony; the target was the demons inhabiting Emma Schmidt. As Roman Catholic Capuchin Theophilus Riesinger worked, Emma is said to have flown across the room and clung to ...

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    Spooky Table at the Weaver House

    Des Moines, Iowa

    81.6 miles from Taylor County, IA

    Local legend has it that when the Weavers purchased a table in 1937, they bought a ghost along with it. The table is said to have made rapping noises and caused other disturbances until a minister's wife quieted it by reading from the Bible. A spiritualist consulted by the Weavers ...

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    Old Red Horse Armory

    Des Moines, Iowa

    81.8 miles from Taylor County, IA

    This old cavalry armory is now the housing for city school buses. There have been reports that members of the National Guard, when they occupied the building, heard ghostly sounds from long ago: clopping of horses' hooves and jingling of harnesses. An apparition of an older man in cavalry garb ...