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The spirit of a little boy can be seen playing on the swingset behind a cabin adjacent to the cemetery. He may motion for you to follow him into the cemetery, where he is buried. Once at his grave, he disappears.

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Geographic Information

Terre Haute Cemetery
Burrell, IA
United States

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40.68371508875025, -93.87967550763278
Decatur County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Decatur City, IA (4.7 mi.)
Davis City, IA (4.7 mi.)
Lamoni, IA (5.1 mi.)
Leon, IA (7.9 mi.)
Kellerton, IA (9.1 mi.)
Pleasanton, IA (10.1 mi.)
Grand River, IA (10.3 mi.)
Beaconsfield, IA (12.4 mi.)
Van Wert, IA (13.6 mi.)
Blythedale, MO (14.6 mi.)


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  1. Me and a group of friends went there and was told that native americans were buried there. so one of my friends knew an chant and did it in the middle of the cemerty. when he was done there began to be native americans apairing out of the woods. When we walked closer to them they disappeared. But when we started to leave there was a line of them across the enterance.

  2. I used to live right up the road from this cemetery, would take my dogs there for a walk and never saw or heard anything. There’s a creepy disgusting guy that lives in a trailer next to it but nothing happens there, even at night. It’s right next to the interstate. It has several stones from the 1800’s but there’s nothing scary about it.

  3. In 2010 a group of us went to terre haute. Got lots of pics of orbs and mists. The most alarming stuff was captured by our evps. We we’re told to leave numerous times by different voices and was able to capture a little girl laughing and saying over here as if she was playing hide and seek. Very cool experience

  4. I went to the cemetery today, in the day time. I didn’t experience anything weird but there is a blank tombstone near the deer hunting stand. Someone scratched “blessed be” on the tombstone and left a golden charm bracelet there. I’m assuming this is “the boy’s” grave, but if anyone knows better please let me know.

  5. While filming a school project video there, some creepy things were seen in the surrounding trees by me and the people I was working with on the project.

  6. My hubby has ancestors in that cemetery! His uncle was always going to take us there but we never got there before he passed away. Hope to find it some day.

  7. Where the cement pad is that was once a home, I saw someone walking/pacing, before they ran into surrounding woods. I also saw a young boy looking over headstones and “playing” with us visitors there.
    On a property not far away, experiences can also be had with hearing sounds and seeing things as this is a former small town outside of the old county seat in Decatur County.

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