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Rumor has it that it is not actually the small cemetery, but the surrounding woods, that are haunted. Phenomena experienced here include glowing lights coming from the woods, shadowed apparitions, and the sounds of footsteps, moaning, and other strange noises.

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Geographic Information

Tedrow Cemetery
Mount Ayr, Iowa
United States

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40.67137738478311, -94.12605443988116
Ringgold County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Kellerton, IA (4.8 mi.)
Mount Ayr, IA (6.5 mi.)
Beaconsfield, IA (10.2 mi.)
Lamoni, IA (10.6 mi.)
Delphos, IA (11.2 mi.)
Ellston, IA (11.7 mi.)
Benton, IA (12.4 mi.)
Tingley, IA (13.0 mi.)
Grand River, IA (13.3 mi.)
Redding, IA (14.5 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. If you drive into the cemetery and turn your vehicle off, it will sound like elephants are running circles around your vehicle and you might have trouble starting it back up when its done.

  2. Just like the website says the surrounding forest is haunted. As my two friends and I approached the gates of the cemetery we all heard what sounded like thunderous stomping of feet rapidly coming towards us from the woods. The sound started quick and crescendo in volume before ending right at the tree line. We immediately started heading back towards the car and heard it again this time quieter and less aggressive, but even closer to us at the edge of the woods. As we started back towards the car we noticed the cars dome light was on and saw movement in the car. We started to run towards the car because there was rapid shadow movement visible. It gave the impression that someone was in the car crazily searching and rummaging around. When we got to the car nothing was inside and my car door had been opened. No possible way it was a human. For the rest of our time there we heard soft creepy voices in the wind, barely audible moaning and groaning, indistinguishable sounds of conversation and rustling. When we prayed aloud an uproar of coyotes started yipping and then the sounds stopped. We got some pictures of orbs. None of the sounds came through on my camera recording of the event. We’ve gone back there a few times since then and had no more experiences.
    Be careful, whatever is out there isn’t positive activity. Make sure nothing attaches itself to you.

  3. This land belongs to my in-laws, and is where my husband’s ancestors are buried. They are the ones that manage the cemetery. The cemetery, nor the land around it are haunted. Trespassing, especially at night, is a very poor choice to make. The landscape is very hilly and there is a large drop off to the creek that could result in physical injury.

  4. I grew up in Mt Ayr and have family interred at Tedrow. As a teenager my cousins and I would go to the cemetery to try and witness paranormal phenomenon. Anytime we’d stay past sundown, we would indeed have car trouble trying to leave but no experiences of the racket claimed online. The weirdest thing I experienced was summer of 2005. I had driven a boyfriend to the cemetery one afternoon to try and creep him out with local stories. Cemetery was peaceful and nothing out of the ordinary but on the other side of the fence in the woods, there was some noise and movement in the tree tops. We walked to the fence line and strained to see what it was. There was no wind and it was a sunny day but the branches were concealing a clear view. Many large things, dark in color were…flapping in the tree tops. Like really big Bird wings only they didn’t have feathers. They were more fleshy wings, like leather. You could see the sun opaquely through them. We were not alarmed by it, just kind of puzzled as we claimed “what the hell is it, big bats?” Whatever it was moved away from us deeper in the woods and we left. I told my dad about it later in the day and he scoffed at my description of really big bat wings saying we must have been high because bats are nocturnal and it was probably buzzards. Well, it certainly wasn’t buzzards but i shrugged it off and never thought much of it again until tonight.

    • The feelings of being watched come from the trail cameras posted to catch trespassers. Zero proof of it being haunted, just a bunch of idiots making up stories online. Have some respect for the dead, civil war veterans, and founding members of Kellerton and Mount Ayr are buried here.

  5. My dad lives there. My whole family almost. Both sides. My mom passed away a couple years ago in my Ayr. She’s buried in Creston. But I’ve never heard them talk about it before.

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