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Named because folks said a witch once practiced her magic here, Witches Hollow is said to be haunted by the deceased witch who once murdered her husband. She has been seen walking along the dirt road off Sandtown Road. Some reports say that to get there, one must go past Thunder Hill Lane and follow the faint dirt road at the right.

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Geographic Information

Sandtown Road
Near Cushman, AR
United States

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35.89235550776676, -91.71723389628823
Independence County, Arkansas
Nearest Towns:
Cushman, AR (2.5 mi.)
Mount Pleasant, AR (5.3 mi.)
Sidney, AR (8.3 mi.)
Batesville, AR (9.5 mi.)
Cave City, AR (10.0 mi.)
Moorefield, AR (11.9 mi.)
Guion, AR (12.7 mi.)
Evening Shade, AR (13.5 mi.)
Sulphur Rock, AR (15.6 mi.)
Melbourne, AR (15.7 mi.)


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  1. witches Hollow in Cave City, Ar. You never want to go alone male/ female. She’s will talk and yell. you can also hear her running to you. Its right of the dirt road. She killed her husband and gave herself to the devil! Sacurficed herself & projected her love to the devil. There is also and abbandon house and a old town. If your out there on a full MOON and 12 am – 4am. You can hear people screaming for help but as you think you are getting closer to helping the yelling is behind you… Its like they are they to get you lost. Don’t follow the voices and never go alone..

      • Me and a few of my friends went one night and there was only five of us there and right by the chapel I took a picture of my friends which would be four people because I wasn’t in the picture but there was a figure with no face but like a red looking shirt on that was standing behind my friends that showed up in the picture. We had pictures of lots of orbs that were there while we were driving. All of us got out to look around and take some pictures and our vehicle was turned off and when we got back in the car and turned it on one of my friends pointed to her window and thought one of us were playing a prank on her because there was a full handprint that seem to be smeared down the window and none of us had done that and when we looked at it closer we realized that it was from the inside and there was one on the back glass as well from the inside. They all wanted to go to the witches house that’s apparently back there it’s abandoned and off the road but I was just too scared to go. I started feeling this overwhelming Vibe that we had overstayed our welcome so we left.

  2. I just recently conducted an impromptu investigation at this site, being a local student. I drove down with a group of 13 and we all exited our vehicles and wandered down the road, audio and video equipment in hand. I’m disappointed to say, however, we came up with nothing. We also checked out a nearby cemetery and chapel also rumored to be haunted. We witnessed two flashes about 6 seconds apart, but, although everybody denies it, I believe it was someone taking a cell phone picture. Again, though, nobody has taken responsibility for taking a photograph.

    • We went and asked about it at the local general store. Honestly the whole town was creepy , we used a ghost box and it kept saying cult and get away etc. We were warned not to go on to the path that goes to the hollow because it’s private property and the owner wouldn’t hesitate to shoot. We did go to the cemetery and the chapel. The chapel was cool , the stairs were gone to the second story but there is an old bench you can prop up and climb. I did the upstairs was full of graffiti, you can tell teenagers go out there and hang out. It’s a cool place but the path to the hollow is marked so and we didn’t want to get shot so we didn’t try it. Also we hit a snake so big on the way to the cemetery it messed up my moms Jeep , I swear the thing had just eaten a freakin deer. It felt like we hit a speed bump going 90.

  3. Ghost may be real but if you go there and the ghost wants you to know your threw it will give you a repsonse or somehow tell you it’s there for example if it’s a warm day and you feel cold chills there might be a ghost present.\

  4. Went there last night and got a very strong smell of sulfur which is the smell of death and evil. Went on a group of six and we heard chains rattle

  5. Went to the chapel and cemetary and played w the oijui board. Talked to a witch and the devil and they said we weren’t safe.

  6. The directions are wrong. It’s way past thunder hill it’s behind Lee’s chapel cemetery on the right if your coming from Cushman on the Left from cave city. Don’t play the Piano it’s rumored that if you do she can latch onto you. It’s not private property.

  7. im from the area and was always told that witches hollow is a small deteriorating cabin off the edge of this small road directly off sandtown road on cushman end. its only a couple hundred feet off sandtown but blends in really well. after thunder hill on left and before sandtown makes a 90º lefthand turn is a small gravel road on right. the cabin is on the right as soon as you pull off on that gravel road, kinda to the south up the hill into the woods

    • This is the kind of stuff i dont mess with its stupid and there is no such thing as ghosts or anything like that.And if you do here things from the piano or anything else like that its a demon god said that there is no such thing as a middle ground you ether go to hell or heaven.

  8. The witches hollow is behind Lee’s chapel , we went there yesterday . The chapel is in surprisingly good condition, pews are still there and an old piano . There is a second story, but the stairs have been removed. There is an old pew around back witch I am guessing people use to prop up to get up there . I did , there is a ton of graffiti but the floor is sturdy and there is an old desk up there. I heard something while I was up there that made me jump , I don’t know what it was. If you go past the chapel there is a overgrown path that is supposed to lead to the hollow but we were told at the country store there that we might get shot . It’s posted all the way down the path to keep out . I would like to go down there but the people in cushman like their guns and there is no cell service so idk lol

  9. I closed the chapels heavy door from the top of the stairs when i got done looking inside last year and i heard what sounded like a deep growl come from the chapel itself and i freaked out and hurried down the stairs

  10. I’ve been going to sandtown, the hollow, and the small creek since 2008. I’ve seen apparitions from the upstairs window in the house and have been in the house. It’s boarded up now since it’s become a hot spot for thrill seekers. Don’t go in the gate at the house, that is posted as private property and used for deer hunting. Lee’s is a great night spot to hunt, set up in there for an over night stay just bring something to kill snakes and watch where you step. The spring is also haunted. That place is a ghost town with just a few people still living out there.

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