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Witnesses say a ghostly wind blows the flags on the graves, even when there is not a single breeze in the air. Unexplained noises and voices are heard here, and some visitors say they experience a feeling of dread.

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Geographic Information

Stewart Road
Mountain View, AR
United States

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35.825220890269456, -92.15060855449337
Stone County, Arkansas
Nearest Towns:
Mountain View, AR (3.5 mi.)
Fifty-Six, AR (9.9 mi.)
Guion, AR (13.6 mi.)
Shirley, AR (15.0 mi.)
Greers Ferry, AR (17.2 mi.)
Fairfield Bay, AR (17.5 mi.)
Higden, AR (17.6 mi.)
Big Flat, AR (18.9 mi.)
Concord, AR (20.3 mi.)
Calico Rock, AR (20.3 mi.)


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  1. I visited the Fredonia Cemetery with some friends yesterday, just as the sun was beginning its descent to the horizon.

    It’s a beautiful little spot, just a quarter of a mile from the main road, back into the woods. You can tell that it’s VERY well taken care of, with a mowed lawn and new flags stuck into the ground by the graves of the veterans resting there.

    So, for short– is it haunted? I would say no. We didn’t experience anything, as we heard no noises and with such a strong breeze blowing, we couldn’t debunk the flags moving on their own. None of us felt a sense of dread either. Personally, I felt very at peace standing in the cemetery. Perhaps these “haunts” might be revealed to someone more connected to the place and the people resting there.

  2. I visited there today with a friend, and I did not feel anything sinister at first. However, I began noticing oddities left and right after a short while. I had my small dog with me who is usually very well behaved, and often even accompanied me in local shops and stores. Today, though, he acted strangely all the time we were there. After a little while longer, I noticed he was shaking and shivering, so I put him back in the truck to warm up. But when we got home later (after dark, no less), he ran around outside in the cold for an hour and was not showing any signs of being cold upon return.

    As for the flags, I personally witnessed it today. The first flag was off in the distance 20-30 yards probably, and the wind was calm as could be. I told myself that maybe there was a slight breeze blowing over there but not where I had been standing. Later, a nearer flag did the same thing, to which I responded by further assuring myself there must have been a breeze present over where it was as well. A few minutes later, I stood in the calm, still air, when I noticed something out of the or er of my eye: It was a small American flag mere feet away from my right leg, blowing in the complete lack of wind.

    My friend and I loaded up, and as we sat and looked I noticed a first upon having visited cemeteries for fun drinks years now: to my surprise, I noticed there were ZERO CROSSES on the grounds. Not a one. Don’t get me wrong, I am of no religion, but thinking back on it I don’t really know what I believe. The place felt very off, and I got huge chill bumps, and I don’t even believe in such things!

    There were other disturbances, but I shall not speak of them. I just want to say that I feel the place is not right at all, and I will not return to it EVER AGAIN, and I strongly advise against visiting it yourself. As I live and breathe, that is not hallowed ground, and the residual haunting from something terrible done there in the past at some point was palpable.

  3. I think it’s an evil piece of ground. When my mother passed away in 2008,it was my duty to find her final resting ground. I called the lady who was in charge of arrangements for Fredonia cemetery that your supposed to contact to request a burial plot. I will not say her name on here but she was extremely nasty and rude to me during my terrible grief of the loss of my mother. She informed NO,I could not bury my mother there because it’s for family and relatives only. She didn’t even ask me who I was “kin” to which I found odd. I was already heartbroken over my mother’s sudden death but her cruel way of answering my question of no way could I bury my sweet mama there was actually a blessing in disguise indeed. My mother lived a few miles from Fredonia cemetery so I assumed it would be a peaceful final resting place. I felt it was so strange because my mother wasn’t related to anyone buried there was the reason this lady said she could not be there. I found her a wonderful and much nicer cemetery for her that has wonderful people buried near her we knew when they were alive. There are no crosses at Fredonia cemetery at all which is in itself bizarre and I realized it’s not where God wanted her to be laid to rest. The road you take to Fredonia cemetery is a dirt road that does have a very evil feeling I never noticed till I drove down it years later. I’m so happy my sweet mother is not buried there!

  4. Douglas Killian  |  

    I live just about a mile and a half away from this location. IV been here dozens of times at several different times, both alone, and with company. There IS something strange about the place….but nothing that with a little thought can’t be explained….still a nice place to walk through and give respects to those who may not have had any one visit in a while .

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