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The 1911 hotel and restaurant is haunted by at least three apparitions. The first is that of a ghostly lady in white, who has been seen wandering the hallways of the inn and in some cases, has appeared in guests rooms. The second apparition is that of a man in a tweed suit who has been seen looking over the balcony at the front of the hotel. When he is seen, he vanishes suddenly. The third apparition is a ghostly youth who haunts the basement of the hotel. Voices and disembodied footsteps are heard in the hotel when no one is around.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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1549 Glendale Ave
Petoskey, MI 49770
United States

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45.38358770769702, -84.93716821074486
Emmet County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Bay View, MI (0.4 mi.)
Petoskey, MI (1.1 mi.)
Conway, MI (4.1 mi.)
Harbor Springs, MI (4.3 mi.)
Oden, MI (6.0 mi.)
Ponshewaing, MI (7.0 mi.)
Walloon Lake, MI (8.1 mi.)
Alanson, MI (8.4 mi.)
Horton Bay, MI (9.7 mi.)
Brutus, MI (10.7 mi.)

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  1. Yes! I knew it was haunted. We stayed there back around 2002 or 2003. You can feel it very strongly as you walk up the stairs. We stayed on the second floor. It feels as if you’re invading the ghosts privacy, until dinnertime. Then it feels joyous, like a party from long ago. We did not see anything out of the normal, except I saw a shadow type of flash in one of the mirrors in a sitting room.

  2. You can (or at least I did) feel a strong presence on the second floor in the hallway close to our room. Nothing bad, just a presence. In the room, I saw a black orb – the only one I’ve ever seen, and not so much an orb, but black, shadowy floating object. I have never seen anything like this before and I joked to myself it was a ghost. ooOOOHHHhhh!!! In the dining room during the evening I felt exactly what Jill F felt above, I felt like the dining room had a presence in it. It’s strange Jill mentioned the dining room. I clearly felt what I thought was the presence of a young woman in the room, maybe staff. Like the room was teetering on the verge of slipping back to a continuous event in the past.

    I don’t know why, but I mentioned the orb to the hostess on checkout and she was not at all surprised and said many guests have seen something similar. She also said the room I stayed in was next door to the room that has the most sightings. I had no idea the hotel was supposedly haunted. And she said some ghost hunters of sorts were scheduled to visit later that year. Sure enough, I did a search and there was a ghost investigation done after my stay. They posted a picture of an orb which is exactly like the one I saw. And they gave the history of a young woman who used to work there who just up and disappeared one day. Wild.

    Anyway, I’d love to go back. It is a really cool inn. Very clean, relaxing and full of character.

    • Pete, you mentioned you felt a strong presence on the 2nd floor near your room. Would you mind sharing the room # you stayed in. We are booked in 217Q over the 4th of July while we attend wedding in Charlevoix. We’re looking forward to a different and unique experience,

  3. We stayed there last weekend. I heard whistling in the hallway, late at night, and a distinct chime rang five times early in the morning. We found my husband’s toothbrush in the bathroom trash when we woke up. We stayed in the far corner room on the third floor, and there were no guests anywhere near us. Not really sure if it is haunted, but it does feel eerie, especially at night.

  4. It’s 5 AM and I’m at the Terrace Inn…2nd floor…just woke up and couldn’t find my phone anywhere. I went to bed with it by my head. Tore my whole bed apart, even knocked the bed off the risers in a panic. Found it across the room face down under a dresser up against the wall. As soon as I saw it there I had the feeling that a woman had thrown it. I agree with others that there is definitely a “feeling” on the second floor of the need to tiptoe around during the day and a more relaxed feeling around dinner, even when there’s no dinner being served. I went to bed sure that the rumors must be wrong as I wasn’t feeling much, but am not sure now!

  5. I just now called Terrace Inn and talk to a lady Belinda and the first I ask her was the place haunted. She said no. That the customers talk a little about it. But she said that she never seen any of them. That it might be people imagination. So I was really discouraged.. I was planning on getting two rooms on July. But that shoot me down
    I have just about all paranoral equipment that I cant use. I really wish it was haunted I was looking forward to going.

    • Belinda told me that as well. Other employees gave totally different accounts! My husband and I spent the night just recently and we had a couple unexplained things happen. I also felt like someone was following us the whole time we were looking around, especially on the stairs and on the second floor. I sat at the old piano in the lobby area and felt like someone was standing next to me and I hurried over to my husband. I couldn’t even go into the dining room at night. I was really creeped out.

  6. I was in a room on the first floor for three nights in September 2018 and heard a strange sounding voice in the hallway one night. The sound was on and off over about 2 minutes. Couldn’t understand what it was saying; it sounded like someone was speaking thru a cheap PA system, very fuzzy and metallic sounding.

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