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This 1899 hotel is said to be haunted by a woman who committed suicide here in 1902. She has been seen in the garden looking toward the lake.

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Geographic Information

100 Lewis Street
Petoskey, Michigan 49770
United States

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45.37612388973815, -84.95423884299163
Emmet County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Petoskey, MI (0.2 mi.)
Bay View, MI (1.3 mi.)
Harbor Springs, MI (4.3 mi.)
Conway, MI (5.1 mi.)
Oden, MI (6.9 mi.)
Walloon Lake, MI (7.7 mi.)
Ponshewaing, MI (8.0 mi.)
Horton Bay, MI (8.8 mi.)
Alanson, MI (9.4 mi.)
Boyne City, MI (11.4 mi.)


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  1. a couple of years my wife and I were on an anniversay weekend in Petosky. Never been to the area before. We saw the Perry Hotel and it looked interesting. We explored the lobby area and we were just looking around. I saw a woman dressed in Victorian style garb walk by me and go down some stairs. She was transparent but very easy to see. I called to my wife and we followed and once she reached the bottom of the stairway and turned she was gone. About a year later I was reading about haunted places in Michigan and Perry Hotel was listed. Now I am sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me.

  2. I was going to dinner at the Noggin Room in the hotel and heard that the library was haunted. So I was excited and went up there with my 8 year old twin cousins and my 11 year old twin sister. We were waiting for something to happen and all of a sudden the phone rang. We were both freaked out so we didn’t answer. Then about 5 minutes later it rang again. This time I answered and the phone said hello. I said hello back and hung up after. After that I called the front desk asking if they just called us. But they didn’t. Now we just took out a game and started playing it. Minutes later the phone rang again. This time it said help me. This time I thought it was a joke so I kinda joked around and said weird things and hung up. This time we were all laughing and we just decided that we should go check if our food was ready. Just as we were leaving the phone rang. Everyone else was downstairs but I answered. It sounded like gurgling and I listened and also heard you didn’t help. I was freaked out and ran downstairs. When I checked the front desk to see if they were joking but nobody was at the front desk. Scariest time of my life.

  3. During my wedding weekend I took an extra flight of steps to my room and ended up in the library. It’s very easy to get turned around in the Perry. I felt a breeze and saw a white flowy dressed woman in the reflection of the glass door leading out into the hallway. I wasn’t familiar with all the ghost stories from the Perry. When we were checking out I joked with the staff explaining what I saw. That’s when I learned about the ghost…glad I didn’t know the story before I saw her!!!

  4. I stayed at the hotel back in the early 1990’s with my husband at the time. One night while laying in bed I was awakened by what felt to be an energy in the room. When I looked to the ceiling I experienced a soft shimmery white flow of light that appeared to be a spirit body. I never believed in ghosts but that experience left me feeling otherwise. It wasn’t until I read an article online about top haunted hotels that I decided to see if the Stafford Perry Hotel was on the list. It wasn’t but then I did another search for just the hotel and got this article. I do believe this spirit does exist and I’ve never experienced it ever again.

  5. Heard this hotel was haunted after I booked a room. Decided to bring an EMF reader and cameras. First night there I went into the hallway and just took a short walk down the hall. About half way down the meter went off. I immediately starting asking yes/no questions and it responded. I asked “it” to following me back to my room and it did. I continued to ask questions standing in my doorway. I told it to please stay outside. My friend, being a smart ass, told it to come back and visit tonight. He later regretted this invite. I asked the spirit if they wanted to go to the library, because I had heard it was haunted and it responded yes. So we took off and it followed. My friend took a picture and in the picture you can see a blue orb behind me. Once we got there, it went quiet. So we stopped and left. Thanked “her” for talking. Fast forward to bedtime. We were sound asleep and he started screaming in his sleep. I woke up and immediately felt a presence. I tried walking him up, but he kept screaming. It took several blows to his arm before he finally woke up and told me about his nightmare. Which was about this ghost. In his dream the ghost was standing at the door, and the phone was ringing and she kept getting closer and closer and he was terrified. I believe he was haunted by her because he invited her back. We continued to have the EMF reader respond to spots in the hotel. Especially in the dinning room.

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