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A scary apparition of a girl hanging from a noose has been witnessed at the Le Mans Hall bell tower. Legend has it that she committed suicide in that very spot years ago. Also, the infirmary on the fourth floor is said to sport blood stains resulting from a girls’ death.

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St Mary's College
Notre Dame, IN 46556
United States

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41.70729666349581, -86.25723290660704
St. Joseph County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Roseland, IN (0.7 mi.)
Notre Dame, IN (1.1 mi.)
Indian Village, IN (1.2 mi.)
South Bend, IN (1.7 mi.)
Georgetown, IN (2.1 mi.)
Mishawaka, IN (6.0 mi.)
Gulivoire Park, IN (6.5 mi.)
Granger, IN (7.3 mi.)
Niles, MI (8.5 mi.)
Osceola, IN (9.8 mi.)


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  1. When I was a kid I went to summer camp several years in a row there, and even stayed on the same floor as the room where the girl hung herself. They would have a paranormal ‘walk’ every year, and the one year I wanted to go I suddenly got too ill to go. It was odd, I was fine before. But I was very feverish and remained in bed for the rest of the night. I remember being alone near one of the balconies once, and looking down the hallway you could feel like you weren’t alone. It was during a rest period, so no one was out. Definitely pretty creepy. The councilors enjoyed telling us of the Faceless Nun, and the bell tower where the windows shattered every night at midnight. Then the pieces would remake themselves into windows. I always felt a sad air when I thought about the Faceless Nun, I was never afraid of her. I actually just wanted to help her. I remember getting the picture in my mind of a young school girl finding a weeping nun in the corner. When she the girl asks the nun if she is alright, the nun turns and has no face. Like a blank slate. There was also the legend that the shrine down near the pond has a portal to Hell, and if you saw a certain amount of black cats, your soul would be stolen. I remember seeing a few cats around here and there, all black oddly enough. Other than that my memories of the campus are of honeysuckle and riding horses all day long. One thing was for sure, you were never alone, no matter where you were in that building. The stained glass murals were beautiful, but the stairs seemed to go on forever. Like there was someone waiting for you at the very top, but no one was there when you reached the top step.

    • As well, I remember the statues that cried blood in the theatre. I can’t remember exactly why they did, but when we got there, the statues had rust-colored streaks along their cheeks. It was about 10 years ago, but I remember the sight of a blood stain to this day. I believe the damn things blinked at me once or twice, and they were crying blood when we left. Definitely not a nice thing to remember. The theatre was probably one of the creepier spots on campus.

    • The story of the Faceless Nun is actually out of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in Terre Haute, not Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame. The dorm at SMWC is called Le Fer; one of the dorms at SMC is Le Mans. I’ve attended both colleges. SMWC definitely has some spirits there, almost certainly of sisters who have passed. My friends and I sometimes snuck into the sisters’ cemetery at night (the sisters’ side of campus is off-limits after dark) and we would hide from security behind the bushes. We could see white mists flitting behind the gravestones, standing still, then running again only to disappear. I was never afraid, only intrigued. I can’t help but believe that these were spirits of Sisters of Providence, remaining on campus to watch over us young ladies.

      As for Saint Mary’s College, a group of students actually published a book about campus ghost stories a handful of years ago called “Quiet Hours”. While I’ve never really experienced anything myself, most of the stories I’ve heard come out of Regina, one of the residence halls. I have also heard this particular one about the woman hanging in Le Man, but I’ve never been to the bell tower or seen her from outside. The closest thing I’ve had to an experience was on my first tour of campus, when my guide took me to a model room around the corner from the infirmary in Le Man. I never saw anything, but I felt extremely strange, like a pressure was on my chest and shoulders, and it seemed as if my peripheral vision was being blacked out, and that the blackness was narrowing even more. I didn’t feel ill, just strange. When we left that particular area I was fine. Granted, the infirmary is on the fourth floor, so the height/altitude could have contributed.

  2. Does anyone have a picture of Mary? I keep having these visions in my dreams of her. I’ve had these recurring dreams since I was a child of being in a college and hanging myself. This specific college looks exactly like the one in my dreams. I never even knew of this until a few months ago. Now I’m seeing a girl with no face in my dreams. Please help put a face to her, please.

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