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Once a private mansion, Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is rumored to be haunted by apparitions of those who used to live here. Some stories say one apparition belongs to a maid with whom the mansion’s owner had an affair. When the maid became pregnant, he shunned her, so she hanged herself in the attic. Other stories say the owner became one of the apparitions after he shot himself in the basement. Other odd things have been reported, such as lights, electrical appliances and water faucets working on their own.

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700 Lincolnway W
Mishawaka, IN 46544
United States

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St. Joseph County, Indiana
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  1. I was using the restroom there. There were 2 stalls, I was in the one furthest from the wall. No one else was in there at the time. The door to the latrine was old and noisy. As I was doing my buisness I seen a pair of feet in polished dressed shoes walk by and I heard the next stall door open and close. I finished, flushed and openned the stall…looked over and seen the other stall open and realized I was still alone in there. I was kinda unnerved by this and at that point didn’t know the place was haunted.

  2. I went there several years ago with my husband and a group of friends to celebrate the graduation of one of them from college. While everyone was talking, I was looking around for our waitress. We were seated off to the right of the stairs. As my eyes panned past the staircase, a pinata came flying down the stairs at a very strange angle and landed at the foot of the stairs. Several waitresses ran over and looked up the stairs, then at each other. They didn’t say anything to each other, but one picked up the pinata and they went their separate ways. At the time, I thought it was maybe a drunk who threw the pinata, but now I wonder….

  3. I used to work there as a day time bar tender back n the mid 80’s. Back then it was open outside between the bar’s side door and the back stairs to the kitchen. There was also a walk in freezer where we used to mix all the margarita in a double 60 gallon take. I had a step stool made for me so I could reach the Margarita tanks to pour in the liquor and other ingredients. No I didn’t taste the mix. I was working. It was about 9:30 and I just finished making the batch for the day then left the freezer to get a big spoon I left in the bar area to mix with. As I was walking out I say a man walk in the walk in cooler. He was wearing turn of the century type cloths and a old work belt on, and was about 10 feet away from me as I walked out side. He looked very much out of place and then opened the walk in cooler door and went in. I yelled for the guy saying, “hey, you can’t go in there”. so I proceeded to go in the cooler to ask what he is doing. Well to my surprise i could not see the guy so I looked under and behind the big margarita tanks. No one was in there with me. That is when I knew I just saw a ghost. He looked just like you and I do. He was not transparent or ghostly. He looked like a normal guy in older work cloths.

  4. I was with my girlfriend on a date. Celebrating our 1year anniversary at the time. It was about 8pm or so. We where seated upstairs in the bar area. When I decided go wash my hands. I turned on the water & heard a door slam shut behind me. I was the only guy in the bathroom. I jumped for a split second & then looked back no one was there. I was in shock. I came back to my table thinking did that just really happen. I didn’t know the place even had a history. I didn’t really believe in ghost. But know I’m thinking something most be there in that house.

  5. I had a friend who worked there. She said she say a little boy run down stairs, weird things going on in the bathroom and more. I found it odd how she told me this same story about the maid. sp00py

  6. This is about the 100 Center Theater behind Hacienda, I ran the theater. The old man in the work clothes has been seen throughout the 100 Center complex. My wife and I got married in the theater on Memorial Day in 2002. Since it was a double theater, we decided all the lady wedding party would get ready in one of the theaters and the men upstairs in the projection room. My daughter was getting ready by herself when she saw a man in old work clothes sitting in one of the seats. She told him he couldn’t be in there. He didn’t respond. She had someone watch the door and went up and got me. I checked it out and no one was in there. The emergency exit was chain locked due to someone trying to break in. When I talked to owner of 100 Center, he said the same man has been seen there and Hacienda. I have pictures of the inside of the theater with orbs showing up. We also were broke into but nothing was taken because the teenager that the police arrested said an old man chased him out of the building. It was at two in the morning when no one was in the building. I went in and thanked him for protecting the building.

  7. Okay. Now, I can make sense of this…. I go there often, but whenever I do, I feel… odd. I personally have a thing with the supernatural.. and I felt that well, I felt something there. Every corner I felt something was going to be there. I felt lightheaded, and numb……. Ugh now I can’t stop myself from seeing them! Once I know for a fact they are there… well………. Ugh

  8. I worked there for a couple of years. I would open and close shifts. There is the upstairs bathroom, the lights and water would turn on and off on you. The man in the blue suit in the basement, I followed once into it and he disappeared. After we would close and lock up (looking up to see the attic light was off) and drive by later at night the attic light would be on again. As a closer I would inform servers to come and get me when they were ready to be checked out instead of calling for me. Too many times I would walk from one end to the other end upstairs or from the first floor to the upstairs only to quickly find out I was the only one up there. Super annoying. I still can’t believe they had me watch the training videos in the attic. It had a creepy, claustrophobic vibe up there. Now I understand why.

    • peyton and braden  |  

      I know the horrible death occurred in the attic.What happened was when the maid got pregenet.So the owner got very angry and yelled at her.So she got mad at herself and hung herself in the attic.Later when the owner knew that she hung herself because he yelled at her he shot himself in the chest.Later when there was a new owner one of the maids had a lantern and she dropped it and there was afire killing everyone.

      • The scariest place in the house is the basement. The farthest point in the basement. That is were the cases of beer was stored. Every morning I had to fill the beer and go in that basement to get the cases I needed. Very bad vibe down there.

  9. peyton and braden  |  

    Me and my mom and my sister were at hacienda. My sister said she had to go to the bathroom so my mom took her upstairs. My sister said to my mom as they were walking up the stairs “whos that”, and pointed at a bench at the top of the stairs. Who my mom asked? That guy smiling she answered. But yet there was no one there after we got home we asked her what the man looked like. She said he had black hair and had a black shirt on with blue jeans. She also said all he did was smile and not say anything!

  10. We were at Hacienda one evening. After dinner I went upstairs to what I was say was the third floor. A young girl was in there, she was trying to turn on the faucet. I turned it on for her so she could wash her hands. I never heard the door open or close but when I came out the water was still running and the little girl was gone.. The girl was about 5 maybe 6 years of age. When I first saw her I had this odd feeling about being there, usually that room is rather warm but not that night. Has anyone heard of a little girl being spotted there?

    • Georgia, I worked there back in the 80’s. I was the daytime bartender. I always came in before the place would open for the day to set up the bar. Many times I would use the upstairs bathroom before we opened. Often when I was in there the faucet would just turn on it’s own and the lights would go off.

  11. Just went there for the first time since moving to the area. Food and service was great!! But as far as any activity nothing happened while we were there, and didnt see anything. Maybe next time.

  12. My husband and I use to clean there at night/early morning after everyone was gone about 13 years ago. (Still work for the same cleaning company,just don’t clean this location any more). It was a weekend night because my son was with us he was about 8 at the time. My son and I were upstairs while I vacuumed while my husband was downstairs cleaning. I heard someone say “mommy” OVER the noise of the vacuum mind u. So I turned the vacuum off and asked my son what he needed. He was frozen stiff and said,”u heard that too!”. I’m said “that wasn’t u”? I could tell he was so scared. I left the vacuum and we ran downstairs. I told my husband what happend and asked him to go get the vacuum. When he asked where it was,it was right there by the bathroom. I have said if I am ever told to go clean there again, I will quiet first.

  13. My sister and I were up in the restroom, I had heard rumors of a haunting and I sorta mocked it…silly me! I was walking around the restroom and it was only my sister and I up there and I pointed to the ceiling making a silly remark saying “what if she did it there” because the ceiling was lower and slightly discolored then the rest. Then kinda chuckled my mistake because right when I did I heard a screech…no that doesn’t even do it justice a noise I had never heard before.. I looked over at my sister to confirm what we had just heard and it did it even louder!!!! We took off ran like the wind!!! This can’t be a rumor I have never experienced anything like that and will deff never mock a ghost again!

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