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The 1905 Winchester Mansion is home to the ghost of former resident Nellie Knickerbocker, some say. Folks working at the businesses housed in the mansion have noted the attic light coming on by itself, objects falling off shelves, and strange sounds. Reports tell us that when Nellie Knickerbocker was alive, she was a bit quirky. She liked the casket she bought for her husband William so much, she bought one for herself and put it in the foyer.

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Harrison and Second
Elkhart, IN
United States

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41.6816383, -85.97232710000003
Elkhart County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Elkhart, IN (0.2 mi.)
Dunlap, IN (4.0 mi.)
Simonton Lake, IN (5.0 mi.)
Osceola, IN (5.5 mi.)
Bristol, IN (8.4 mi.)
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Wakarusa, IN (10.4 mi.)


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  1. Very creepy Stories with the Winchester my dad dads advertising agency used to be in that building always always had activity….Christmas one year they had a tree in the landing where the two sets of stairs come together as one….it flew across the room many witnesses to that there was always phantom breezes blowing papers of desks….noises in the attic all the time there would be someone running down the spiral stair case that goes from the attic to the basement I witnesses that first hand setting up for a party there one year….we ran to the stairs to find nothing or no one there was three people in the house at the time myself and two others all in the same room when this happened…..

  2. I had the misfortune of working at the Winchester Mansion for over a year. I absolutely could not stand being in there alone, at night. There had been many rumors of hauntings over the years and the fact that Nellie would sleep in her casket in the far south room was just too creepy. She had mirrors installed so that she could lay there in her casket and view herself. Many unexplained noises coming from the attic and the attic light being on for no reason. The help staff used to stay in the attic and in the basement. Glad I don’t work there anymore.

      • A couple from California bought it to use it as a venue. They are also living in it.

        I was there last Saturday for “high tea” as it was the day before Mother’s Day.

        It’s a beautiful place and I did overhear the owner saying the place was haunted. They had to take out the ceiling between floors to replace a beam. Not sure how that relates to her comment about it being haunted, but she did follow it with comments about the beam.

        Interesting for sure.

  3. Forgot to add that there is a hidden vault/room that only a few people have ever known about. Went down into it in the middle of the day and was scared out of my mind. The entrance to it is hidden inside a closet on the main level.

  4. Elizabeth Seyboldt  |  

    My dad has thrown two parties there for his record label, one in 1997 and one in 1999. I was 9 and 11. The first time, we were cleaning up the next morning and I was looking under the doors upstairs because they were locked. I promise I saw a long flowy skirt and black shoes worn by someone walking around. In 1999, one of my dad’s amps started to give feedback without being plugged in, and when myself, my sister and two friends went in the secret room I saw tons of orbs. I didn’t know what they were at the time.

  5. The stories of hauntings are real. I worked at the post office across the street and see the building frequently. The 2nd floor and the attic have a lot of paranormal activity. I’ve seen the faces peering out of the windows.

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