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Tippecanoe Place is a restaurant within the Studebaker Mansion, once owned by Clement Studebaker of automobile fame. Studebaker’s child and nanny were seriously injured when a fire broke out in the nursery and he killed himself not long after. Employees see things moving from the corner of their eye and occasionally see things move on their own.

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620 W Washington St
South Bend, IN 46601
United States

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41.67580147071992, -86.25787380338807
St. Joseph County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
South Bend, IN (0.7 mi.)
Notre Dame, IN (2.0 mi.)
Roseland, IN (2.8 mi.)
Indian Village, IN (2.9 mi.)
Georgetown, IN (4.0 mi.)
Gulivoire Park, IN (4.4 mi.)
Mishawaka, IN (5.2 mi.)
Granger, IN (8.5 mi.)
Osceola, IN (9.4 mi.)
Lakeville, IN (10.5 mi.)

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  1. Was at the Tippecanoe Place Restaurant approximately three years ago for brunch with my wife and daughter. Walked in to an expansive room where I approached the greeter and told her “party of three’. She said it would be about eve minutes and as I was standing in the middle of the foyer looking at nothing in particular, I was physically moved a good foot to my right. Not a hard move, just as if someone had put their hand on my lower back and gently pushed me out of the way. I turned to annoyingly ask my wife what she wanted , thinking it was her, but my wife and daughter where thirty feet away. There was no one within 10-15 feet of me. I have never had anything like that happen before or since and do not know if I believe in spirits or not, but I could not explain what happened. It happened so fast, it was difficult to analyze but I somehow got moved and at 6’4 240 I am not small.

  2. My wife and I went to Tippecanoe Place in May of 2015 to celebrate our oldest son’s graduation from Notre Dame. We were with 6 other families who also had graduating students. My youngest son and I wandered off to give ourselves a ‘self-tour” through the extremely interesting building. We wound up in a library — it had windows but only one door to enter or leave. while we were looking around, my youngest son and I both saw a shadow just sort of hanging behind an overstuffed leather chair. We both also smelled a cigar — a very heavy smell. No smoking was allowed in the restaurant, of course. Suddenly, the lights just seemed to become sort of dim, and it became very cold. We left the room and told the staff about our experience. They said that none of the employees will go into the library alone.

  3. I’ve never actually been inside. We have driven by quite a few times. I knew I didn’t like this place. Sometimes I feel like a have a sixth sence. Like where I just moved into…..someone’s watching. But I don’t mind spirits too much when they play nice. With this specific mansion. It gives me the total creeps. I probably won’t ever go in.

  4. My family went here for Easter dinner back in 2007. There were 11 people in our party. The waitress lead us to a tablw on the second floor. Near an huge window with a nice veiw. My daughter and I asked the host who the woman was sitting along the sill dressed so nice. The host replyed no one is there. We looked again and she was gone.

  5. While heading upstars to use the mens restroom I caught a glimpse of a woman wearing victorian clothing entering the ladies room. I was curious enough to hang around in the hallway for a few minutes until another patron entered and upon their exit, questioned the patron who had mentioned they were alone ….wow did the hair stand up then! Yes it’s haunted!!!!!!!

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