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Those traveling this road claim to often hear screams and roars from the surrounding forests throughout the length of Rolling Acres Road. A few have seen a bright white ghostly figure walking up and down the road. Locals refer to her as “Julia”.

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Geographic Information

Rolling Acres Road
Lady Lake, FL
United States

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28.904679907433252, -81.93685199999999
Lake County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Lady Lake, FL (1.2 mi.)
The Villages, FL (2.5 mi.)
Fruitland Park, FL (3.5 mi.)
Wildwood, FL (6.8 mi.)
Leesburg, FL (7.4 mi.)
Lisbon, FL (9.2 mi.)
Silver Lake, FL (9.4 mi.)
Hawthorne, FL (10.7 mi.)
Coleman, FL (10.8 mi.)
Okahumpka, FL (11.1 mi.)


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  1. Scott Stephenson  |  

    I was out there on 4/07/14. I didn’t see, hear, or feel anything. But I did get a chance to speak with a local resident who attested to hearing faint screams in the woods as well feeling temperature changes which are not limited to a specific area. It moves around a bit. Even though did not experience anything, I am very thankful to have had that conversation. Thank you!

  2. Scott Stephenson  |  

    I’ve been out to Rolling Acres several times since April 7th and the experience has always been the same. My recent trip out there was on the 7th of May at 1:30 AM. I did take some EMF background readings out there during the day and at night. The base EMF reading, I established to be about 1.5 Mg. The EMF highs and all notable spikes were generated by powerlines and underground cables. I picked up the strongest readings about halfway between Lake Ella Rd. and the dead end of Rolling Acres. Some people who are sensitive to EMF could percieve this form of energy as being a presence. I would be interested in hearing about the investigations others have conducted in the area.

  3. In high school my best friends mother was killed in a car accident at the rolling acres and lake Ella intersection. She tried to make a right there doing about 60mph and rolled her car and was thrown thru the windshield. The corners around lake ella are very dangerous and lives have been lost there as well. A close friend of my husband and mine was in a police chase on October 15 2013. He wrecked in the curve doing 100+ straight into the trees. We erected a cross down the hill there in his memory. I wonder if there would be anything to find there. He is not the only one to lose his life in those curves.

  4. This is funny how big this story got after i made it up years ago when i used to luve on this road. Yes i typed this story out and didnt realize the impact it would have. Apparently its in books too! Crazy stuff.

  5. alicia,kloe,and kylie  |  

    On 10\31\14 at 11:26 a.m at rolling acres apartments back gate our little was walking down the street to diffrent neighbor hoods on our way back we saw a white figure that looked like a little girl she was crying we walked toward the figure and turned and looked at us and it started screaming and it started running toward us. We ran and turned back and it was gone since then I never traveled on that road.

  6. It’ s been awhile since I’ve been out there. I chose not to go back because I heard someone telling me to leave and that there was nothing to see out there. I’m assuming it was someone who lived on that road. I guess if you saw someone walking around at 1:30 – 2am, you would tend to wonder exactly what they are up too. If I go out there again, perhaps I should let someone know that I’m going to be out there. Anyways the last time I was out there; about 10 months ago, I picked something up on my camera that I never found an explanation too. While reviewing the video I took, an orange ball of light appeared on the right and left side of the video screen. Both lights were stationary and level with one another. Through out the video, these small circular lights would fade in and then fade out and disappear. The light on the left appeared once. The light on the right appeared three or four times. I have no idea what it could have been.

  7. Last time for me  |  

    I was at a friends house the night before and learned about this. He explained about Julia, the bearded man with the cloak and the cars breaking down. The next day I was going by there and had to go take a look. I was in a new truck and went as far as the drive just before the gate. I put my truck in reverse to leave and a cloud of white smoke came from under my hood, I had lost power steering, brakes, etc. I popped the hood and there was power steering fluid everywhere. I had thrown a serpentine belt on a new truck. I had to be towed. I personally won’t be going back.

  8. Back in high school some friends and I went to have some fun we heard of this legend went out at midnight put the car in neutral and waited. We did see the woman and as we were leaving my friends van blew a head gasket we had to be towed. I find all paranormal activity amusing. So no this was not made up or a myth.

  9. I had a paranormal experience happen while my boyfriend, his niece,her husband,and I went to go check out the possibility of this being a real haunted place on Halloween of 2009.As soon as we turned onto Rolling Acres Road I got a very bad feeling and begged my boyfriend nieces husband to turn around but he refused because he is very much into paranormal activity.I tried to hold myself together when a of a sudden I felt like I was being stabbed in my side,I believe it was my left side, and I began to convulse and there was no medical reason for me to have any convulsions at that time other than I truly believe Julias’ ghost wanted me to feel what she went through because I already connect very deeply to emotions.Im not 100% sure how she was murdered but I believe she was stabbed to death and my 3 co passengers said that I was saying her name and saying exactly how she was murdered.We also heard the screams.This is the first time I have ever told anyone this outside of our family because I knew no one would believe but I know Rolling Acres Road is haunted by Julia because her soul cannot rest. I have been terrified of even driving by Rolling Acres Road ever since and I have not even stepped foot onto the road since then.on top of what I went through on rolling acres road,we took photos and when we got home we looked at them on his large screen TV and there was a huge orb surrounding me through the whole experience.i can’t make this shit up.

  10. I drive down rolling acres twice or more a day/night and never experienced anyone. Im usually really sensitive when it comes to the paranormal. No screams, no entities and no uneasy feeling like i usually get when around paranormal

  11. This road is not haunted I travel this road everyday as I live at the end of it and am even walked home on it at night no paranormal activity at all ever.

  12. I was at the stop sign waiting to turn right at the end of rolling acres road when I heard the LOUDEST scream in my ear I have ever heard in my life!! It was roughly 1am on a hot muggy summer night. Just before the scream in my ear, I felt the coldest air come through the window and it gave me chills. I will NEVER forget that scream and how it made me feel!! It was literally in my ear and not at a distance.

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