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Behind the cemetery, reports say, is a house that was once the home of a slave owner. Rumor has it that one of his slaves forced himself upon his daughter and got her pregnant, and the master killed the slave. The slave’s ghost is said to roam the house looking for his child.

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Geographic Information

Madison St and Miller Road
Clarksville, TN
United States

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36.500013309852406, -87.2422202824236
Montgomery County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Clarksville, TN (6.8 mi.)
Guthrie, KY (11.1 mi.)
Adams, TN (11.3 mi.)
Pleasant View, TN (13.6 mi.)
Cedar Hill, TN (14.0 mi.)
Trenton, KY (15.5 mi.)
Coopertown, TN (15.9 mi.)
Oak Grove, KY (15.9 mi.)
Fort Campbell North, KY (16.1 mi.)
Allensville, KY (17.9 mi.)


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  1. Long story, but does tie into Resthaven, I promise.

    A few years ago I watched my old best friends father drive past my home, look towards me up on my porch and wave. I waved back and didnt really think about it. I hadn’t seen her father in several years but I knew he still lived in town. I also hand’t spoken to my old best friend in a couple of years as she had moved and we lost touch. However a few weeks later I reconnected with her on Facebook and got her number. When I spoke to her I told her that I’d seen her dad recently ( driving by waving) and asked her how he was doing.

    Here’s where it gets weird. My friend got quiet and then got angry with me. She said that I was F*d up for saying that. I told her I didnt’t understand. Why? She thought I was being sick and hateful. She told me that her father had killed himself in his car ( gunshot) several months prior to me seeing him. I had NO idea. Now, I believe I have seen several ghosts in my life, but This was very different. When he drove by the car and himself looked REAL. It was the same very identifiable car that he’d been driving since I was a teen having sleepovers at my friends house. Her father was also an odd looking man and it was definitely him.

    So next I tell her that I was serious, that I DID see him and that I did NOT mean to upset her. I felt awful. Finally she believed me but was still pretty upset that her dad had showed himself to me and not her. It didnt make sense to me either, he’d been cool and all to me as a teen, but we were not close or anything, he was just my best friends dad. She said the rest of her family had moved out of state, and that she hadn’t been able to visit his grave in Resthaven since his burial. I felt bad for her, and my curiosity was piqued, so I told her I would go and clean/tend to his grave for her. She told me roughly where in Resthaven it was, and I went out and bought flowers. I drove to Resthaven (my first time ever going there) and parked my car inside the cemetary on one of those little roads that take you around it. I got out and found his headstone nearby. I cleaned it off, placed the flowers, and proceeded to speak outloud to the stone telling him that I’d told his daughter I’d seen him and that she was upset and hurt that I’d seen him. I told him that we didn’t understand why if it was possible to reveal himself at all, that it would be to me and not her, who missed him dearly. I finished and went back to my car. My normally reliable car was dead. The car wouldn’t start., as if the battery was dead. I Tried calling my boyfriend for a jumpstart, but my cell battery was also dead now. Neither batteries should have been dead. I’d parked pretty close to the back of the cemetary and was the only person there. I ended up walking up to the double wall by the road and sitting there for 3 hours until someone else finally drove into the gate and I was able to use their phone to call for help. When my boyfriend arrived we couldn’t jump the car off. We went to walmart and brought back a new car battery, which finally did the trick. I’ve never been back, and my old friend will not speak to me anymore. I have not seen her father since. I hate that this happened, but it DID happen.

  2. Hi this is Gracen I’m doing a speech on bullying and I found this well it sounds really serious and scary. I wouldn’t be able to understand that either. I lost my dad when I was in 1st grade and it was tuff I could understand what she would be going through but I would still talk to my friend no matter what. Every girl needs a father and every girl need a friend to look up to. If I was you I would go see her and talk to her and let her truly know how you feel, but I’m not say you have to but I would, I really hope that you do though. also one more thing never give up and believe in yourself.

  3. You would be surprised at what a fire place can hold. I will be going there since I live so close. I am a medium I hope I can help whom ever is there.

    • Hi Julia. I see you say you are a medium. I’m just wondering if you can give me an insight on why the bible says to stay away from them. Me and my estranged husband had went and seen one back in 2015. She had told us something was out to wreck us and kill us. We thought she meant to make us get in a wreck out on the road or something and be killed from it. Out marriage ended up becoming really bad. He ended up choosing meth over me and my son and decided to listen to his mother that had already always been very poisonous to us and his oldest son and friends…. I believe she was saying our marriage wasn’t going to last and maybe something played a part in all of it…. Just wondering if you could possibly give me any kind of insight or anything too… Thanks

  4. Went there to vist someone I once knew grave. While I was there I figured I might as well look for this haunted house that ive read is in the back behind cemetery. Like one person has mentioned this house is gone, theres nothin there other than pile of trees, pallets, concrete and basically dump for cemetery. Believe me youll be disappointed if you go just to see a pile of dirt, plus there is huge neighborhood currently being built beside cemetery and where this house once was….no good.

  5. Dont waste your time with this place. I went cause I wanted to visit someone I once knew grave and while I was there thought Id try to find the house in back behind cemetery. Like someone has already commented, its not there anymore just a pile of debri with pallets and concrete in it. Plus there is a big neighborhood being built directly beside cemetery now. This place should be removed from anything affiliated with paranormal.

  6. Went an was disappointed to find pile of rubble with pallets an concrete in it. This house is long gone plus there building a big neighborhood beside this cemetery now. That said this place should be removed from any paranormal site.

  7. I’ve been there. Probably 20 something years ago …it was definitely haunted. It was one of our favorite spots when we were teenagers. We were actually there right before it burn down. The next time we went out there was nothing left but the 2 chimneys that were on each end. The new neighborhood built around it makes me so sad. So many great memories of my childhood being scared out of my mind! You couldn’t get through the front door had to go through the window next to it. Things would fly across the room by themselves. Whatever it is out there is not happy, and did not like us out there. I 29lbs propane tank slid across the floor straight at our feet. That was the last time we were there before it burned. I have photos of it after the fire. It sure was a beautiful place.

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