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At the end of Walkup Road in Pegram, Cheatham County, Tennessee is the bulldozed Pegram Family Cemetery.

About 1970, ruthless developers bulldozed an area along the Harpeth River which included the Pegram Cemetery which was partly in Metro Nashville, Davidson County and partly in Pegram, Cheatham County.

The developers also sold dirt and other materials from the site and the river as fill dirt. Many small houses were built on concrete slabs- In 1975, The River rose 30 plus feet and one of the last coffins popped to the surface in the yard of resident Archie Greer and the local TV was on the spot with “shades of poltergeist!” The coffin contained the remains of Mrs. Carrie Pegram Heath who was the Town’s first postmistress. Her picture can be seen in the Pegram P.O. at present. Metro Nashville would have nothing to do with the mess and had the County line moved so that it was not their problem….. Cheatham County and Pegram continued to allow building and put big up-front impact fees on new building which allowed them to build a new Town Hall which has been plagued with problems including legal fees for their own mistakes amounting to over $500,000. In addition, the people who lived in the “politically abandoned” subdivision called Harpeth Haven were again flooded in 2010….. Poor Mrs. Carrie was “pushed back down” into the ground….. Just last week, the Fire department was out and the local supermarket burned…. several fires that the Fire Department extinguished have “restarted” several times. The Town built a sewer which is much troubled and not much in the Town seems to work …. people just cannot be that incompetent without some outside help…. and scattered all over the area is the soil from the Pegram Cemetery site…. Yep, its haunted!

(Submitted by Art A.)

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Geographic Information

Harpeth Haven Dr
Pegram, TN
United States

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36.085256888319726, -87.03620840314943
Cheatham County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Pegram, TN (1.3 mi.)
Kingston Springs, TN (4.5 mi.)
Fairview, TN (8.6 mi.)
Belle Meade, TN (10.0 mi.)
White Bluff, TN (10.4 mi.)
Forest Hills, TN (10.8 mi.)
Ashland City, TN (13.1 mi.)
Oak Hill, TN (14.1 mi.)
Franklin, TN (14.5 mi.)
Brentwood, TN (14.6 mi.)


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  1. Haunted, it is more like weird or eerie…just go off the main road, anywhere into any of the hollows. Go into Cave Spring via Lakeview behind the Town Hall. Ask whatever happened to Grandma Grow???? Ask about their mission.

  2. Most of the “haunts” or “haints” in Pegram are living but some form of evil lives through those few who “run” the Town or “The Old Guard” as some call the perpetrators and planners of bad practices. I would call Pegram “POSSESSED,” abused or distressed but not haunted…. Scary? YES!!!!

          • Jason madden  |  

            Ok so I have a question. There is an old loop road on newsom station rd pretty close to mcrory lane. Anyway my brother and I have descovered an abonded cemetery in the woods right along the road side. Just wondering if anyone has any info on this cemetery? My guess is a lot of people don’t know it’s there. The short looked road is pretty much abonded as well. It appears that it’s just mostly a dump for people that have not enough respect to use a landfill

  3. I grew up on Zapata Drive 1978-1997. Definitely haunted. We found tombstones down by the river bed. There were always weird goings-on in our house and our neighbors houses

  4. 14 SEP 2014, 1044 PM CDT. My wife and I were both in bed reading when we heard a voice from the other side of the bedroom door. It said “Well, you think you’ve got it bad.” We both heard the exact same voice, that sounded like a man in his thirties. There were no computers, cell phones, radios, TV or weather radio on. Ther are only the two of us in the house that is up on Sullivan Ridge on Sears Road. I searched the entire house, every room, every closet, every electronic device, and checked every door lock. Nothing was on and the locks were set. There was no reasonable explanation for the voice. I have heard a man’s voice from the same area at the top of the stairs say “hello” once some months ago. My wife has also heard it. Maybe time to find out who lived in the house before.

    • Turns out the “ghost” was a relative of “Billy the Bass” known as “Charlie the Catfish” that was in a box in a corner at the bottom of the stairs. It was on, the batteries were fair, and the only mystery here is how long it had been there and not making any noise until Sunday night.

  5. I do not know how Davidson County was able to move the county line boundaries without the state legislature passing a bill. I have heard details of that area but I visited a friend there for over a week and I did not personally observe anyting out of the ordinary could be haunted or could not be in my case I am a military veteran of combat in Vietnam and the ideal of dead person’s do not really bother me.

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