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The famous legend of the Bell Witch has been written about for over a century. Many movies and stories have been based on this legend as well. Some say this story of the Bell family being haunted by a poltergeist or witch is unsubstantiated and a hoax. Other reports say the story is true, and she still lingers in the nearby Bell Witch Cave, sometimes choosing to appear briefly as a ghostly little girl in a green dress. It is said that the witch fled to the cave after leaving the Bell family’s home and lives there to this day.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    430 Keysburg Rd.
    Adams, Tennessee
    United States

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    36.589859180069766, -87.05925625561576
    Robertson County, Tennessee
    Nearest Towns:
    Adams, TN (0.6 mi.)
    Cedar Hill, TN (4.3 mi.)
    Guthrie, KY (7.2 mi.)
    Allensville, KY (8.8 mi.)
    Springfield, TN (11.2 mi.)
    Coopertown, TN (11.7 mi.)
    Adairville, KY (12.7 mi.)
    Pleasant View, TN (13.6 mi.)
    Trenton, KY (14.6 mi.)
    Elkton, KY (16.1 mi.)


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    1. My friends and I visited the Bell Witch Cave a couple of years ago and the hair stood up on my arms. There was a photo taken where you can see an outline of a figure…..will email the pic

    2.  |  

      I went there late 80s ? Before I knew of the story or before movies. I got out the car and was looking at the historical marker. I have no idea what it was..but it was vicious. It was a large rabbit..jack rabbit or wild boar but it sounded like a dog. It ran upon me and I screamed. It vanished. Manu years later when I watched An American Haunting I was floored by the same image ! I think some kind of portal is there…

      • Yes it is said to be a portal over there. And before the bell family was disturbed by this witch they would see a dog with a rabbit head and many other strange animals and strange noises.

    3. Rebelgamer995  |  

      I am a relative of the bell family and visit the cave once every year. My great-grandfather is buried in Bellwood Cemetery where the Bell Family monument is. When we visit the cave and even the monument, strange things happen. When I visited the site a year ago on the anniversary of my grandfather death, we took a look at the monument. As we read and traced back the history, my mom and I could hear people whispering and footsteps in the grass. Later I could swear that a man was leaning against one of the headstones. I never found out who he was. Next, when we visited the cave footsteps and noises could be heard. When we entered the back of the cave where the large rock that looks like the face, you know what I’m talking about if you’ve been there, my mom took a picture of my sister and I to post on Facebook. We had been taking pictures all day in the cave but when we got back in the car and she was ready to post all the pictures, one was missing. The only picture missing was the one taken at the back of the cave but I saw the picture before my mom put her phone away and never touched it again. The strange thing was that in that picture, there was a strange black shadow in the corner. I go to the cave every year but this was by far the strangest experience but the one that frightened me the most was when my little sister said she used to be visited by a girl in white who called herself Elizabeth, who was the Bell’s youngest daughter and was one of the ones most tormented by the Witch.

      • No you buy tickets there. It’s usually open from May to Oct, but sometimes they close it because the cave is prone to flooding, so I would call first to be safe.

    4. if anyone can help me i am doing research on Paranormal activities and sightings this one is very intriguing to me if anyone would like to share stories and pictures via email please let me know its for research only

      • My husband and I went in September 2014 and we have a picture of what is the Bell Witch. We rather not show it to just anyone because of the reality and the creepiness of it. I guess you could say we are keeping it in case anyone ever says where’s the proof?

    5. I had never heard of the Bell Witch cave but last Summer I had to be in Clarksville for a few days and my husband suggested we go. It’s basically someone’s home with a cave on the back property and it’s neat, it was a nice break from the heat. I’m impartial to most things and I can reason away a lot of strange things however while walking through the cave literally out of nowhere a ball of what looked like white mist appeared right before my face and then disappeared. I understand the temp difference and the whole breath theory but it wasn’t that….this came out of nowhere and hovered for a moment then just poof…..gone. No strange feeling or illness or anything out of the ordinary…I was literally walking and there it was. I have tried to explain it….can’t.

    6. I have been there as well–back when you could take tours inside the cave itself. Creepy is an understatement. I was a skeptic, and I think there are things that can be explained, but there were two things that happened to us when we were that that I simply cannot explain. One was an obvious dog barking in the back of the cave. Then we heard voices-just whispers- and far too low to make out what was being said, but there were voices. To my understanding, there is but one way in and one way out and at that particular time, the cave was barred up to where you could not go but so far into it. I can attest that I saw no visible signs of electrical wires or speakers (as that was my first thought). The tour guide was petrified and it was very evident that the barking was not expected, but the voices really got to him. He swore he had never heard anything like them before. Our tour did end rather early and we were offered our money back as he got us out of there quickly and refused to go back with any more tourists. He quit. Yes—THAT was creepy. I’m still not 100% sure of what happened there, nor can I explain it. Maybe a case of some pretty good and convincing acting and some speakers being turned on at the right place at the right time??? IDK……..

    7. I went to the Bellwwood cemetery with a friend and his mom. She was collecting some dirt and lit a candle. on the video recorderi had at the time i was at the back corner of the fenced in area and i caught 3 glowing orbs/flames in right in front of the tree line they seemed to be rotating. Soon my firneds mom called for us we said our goodbyes to the graves and left.

    8. Living in logan county, where adairville is. Located right on the state line we all grew up hearing the legend. I heard that the witch conjured an enity that terized the bell family. Never knew why just heard the stories from our residence brave enough to sneak on to the property. The site is just outside a naboring town in tn. My couisin claims he has a native American woman protector there. Never been there but from what i here if u go be careful there may be demonic activity there.

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