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Bellwood Mansion is reportedly an abandoned mansion in the middle of the woods, and it’s a magnet for local legends about ghost sightings and witchcraft.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

Bellwood Landing Road
Indian Mound, TN
United States

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36.512757585794745, -87.76574038947143
Stewart County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Dover, TN (4.4 mi.)
Cumberland City, TN (10.9 mi.)
Tennessee Ridge, TN (13.9 mi.)
Erin, TN (14.0 mi.)
LaFayette, KY (14.2 mi.)
Fort Campbell North, KY (19.6 mi.)
Oak Grove, KY (20.8 mi.)
Slayden, TN (22.3 mi.)
Clarksville, TN (22.6 mi.)
Cadiz, KY (24.6 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Too much to type up but it was at least 5 yrs ago. Let’s just say I ran down the steps from the bedrooms upstairs on my knees and ran out of the house down the driveway. Creepy thing is when pulling up near the house we didn’t encounter any animals. Then when I ran outside there were 4 donkeys running around on the side of house making all kinds of noise. But I do have Alot to tell. Maybe the others who were with will too

    • Tell more about what you experienced please. Me and my husband are looking for a haunted place to check out and we are using the reviews to determine where to go.

  2. Went there this evening. Wasnt familar with the area so got lost. But when we did find the house we pulled up in the drive to check things out. We heard screams, which at first I thought might be some sort of rigged up alarm system designed to keep people out. We waited few more minutes and two horses came running out from the left side making all sorts of noises. We figured we spooked them and decided to leave to not disturb the neighbors. We started back down the road and decided if we drove this far we better just stick it out. So we went back. Pulled into the driveway and parked right by the gate. The two horses had calmed down. So we sat there for a minute just sort of watching them. Then out of no where appears this huge “horse”, not sure what it was, we dont agree on what animal we saw, my wife says donkey and i say no way that was a donkey that thing was HUGE !!! What we do agree on is this it was grey almost white, his eyes were fixed on us and he was headed right towards us, the other horses spooked again, but the grey/white horse was charging at us. Strangest part was whatever it was it wasnt touching the ground. We got out of there. On way back to civilization we started looking this up online. I found a media clip taken by a neighbor of the noises he has heard and what he has recorded is very similar to what we were hearing.

    • Do you have a physical address for this place? Or do you know who owns it to see if maybe its for sale interested in purchasing the property.

  3. my friend and i had entered inside the house via thru the window. once i had opened the window and stuck my arms through to get in the window fell on my arm. once we were in the house we had walked around and saw shadows moving around inside the home. i love scary houses and this one was one of my favorites. i got vibes from that house that i dont get with any normal house. i really does have a strange feeling as soon as your on the property. as far as the horses and donkeys yes they are there i live not far from this house. i love just going by the house. i myself have gone by myself on to this property and was surrounded by the horses and donkey. it was very scary but i never went into the house by myself. there had been a previous fire there that was left from a tree stump. only guessing someone had been up there that day. the house is owned by someone but haunted i still dont know about that.

  4. I own the Place Adjacent to the Bellwood Mansion, Trust Me I Have Stories Best to be told while setting at a Campfire looking at the Old Mansion that’s visible from my Land.

    • Cowboy Tilghman……dude is there any way you could gimme directions there i just want to check the place out while I’m out road tripping, I live in Martin Tn, not far from Dover apparently 1hr18min is what my gps is staying, anyways dude if you could/would contact me my phone numbers 731-332-1664……or is my Gmail address if you email… be awesome if you’d help me out bro I’m jus wanting to go out exploring and love searching and looking for haunted or scary places…..plz and thank you, my name is Jake Cope by the way i have Facebook as well

        • If you want to go in, GET PERMISSION. Michelle Earnhardt lives nextdoor and it’s her grandmother’s house. She said you can contact her through the tax records at the Stewart County Library and go into the house the right way with permission. We did not, got caught, and talked to her about all this. She is very passionate about keeping the house from being trashed by people who just don’t care. Be polite and ask!

  5. I live in Dover and have driven by the mansion hundreds of times before FINALLY working up the nerve to go in. I went with a few friends just as the sun was setting. We parked about five minutes down the road, walked to the mansion, climbed the gate, and went in. There were no signs of any horses or donkeys, but there were a ton of birds and/or bats in the home. The back door was open, but the floor was rotted away, so we had to do a lil hop to get in. Our goal was to explore the home, take pictures, find the rumored basement, and leave. Out of the hundreds of times driving the road to the mansion, I had only seen other cars/people a handful of times. So I wasn’t too worried about getting caught. There is a sign that says the property is being video surveillanced 24/7, but I didn’t see any cameras so I’m pretty sure it’s just there to scare people off. Anyway, we go into the mansion through the back door. It was a fairly windy night, but once we were inside it was dead quiet (even though doors were open and windows were busted), but I didn’t think much of it considering it is an abandoned house. So entering through the back door takes you into a small room which then leads into what I believe would be the main entrance room (I have no idea what else to call it. It’s possible it was a living room but I’m not sure). The main entrance room connects to a bathroom, a dining room, and the stairs to go up. So we are in the main entrance room and we hear this noise. I thought it was the wind and I still believe it was just the wind, but two of the three friends I was with swear that it wasn’t the wind and the third friend was skeptical. But we just ignore it because nothing else weird had happened. Then we hear it again a few minutes later. Again I say it’s likely just the wind and the leaves rustling and branches hitting the house. By now, one friend is terrified, one is freaked out, and the third is on edge. I tell them that if we hear anything else then we will immediately leave. We all agree and continue going through the rooms I mentioned (main entrance room, dining room, bathroom). Then one friend and I say we want to go upstairs. The other two immediately said no and that we should leave. The friend that also wanted to go up started walking up and I followed. We stopped halfway up. The friend could slightly see upstairs, but I couldn’t see anything. We all get silent. You could have heard a pin drop in this moment. I whispered and asked her what she could see. Then, a loud noise came from upstairs. To me it sounded like a washing machine, but too loud for a washing machine. The friend that was also on the stairs runs down, the two friends still downstairs are already running for the door, I run after them. We decided to leave. I had taken one of the friends to many places like this. As we were walking back to the car they tell me that they have never ever felt a bad vibe from any of the places we’ve gone, but the moment we crossed the fence they felt something there. Also as they are telling me this, we are walking down the driveway (the other two already ran off and crossed the gate and were waiting on the other side) and four vehicles drove past and we hid in the bushes. I just thought that was weird considering I never see anyone on that road. The next day I was reviewing the photos from the mansion and nearly every single photo is blurred/out of focus. I remember checking the photos as I took them and I remember them looking decent. Pictured is the “main entrance room.”

      • I’ve been in it with the blessing of the owner who was there to show around. She has passed, so I’m not sure who has it now. The basement has shackles that held slaves. She was superstitious so bricked it all up but 1 brick, to let spirits out. It was rundown then, spiral staircase, slaves galley upstairs balcony, was dry rotted so I couldn’t get a good picture. It’s an odd place, just a feeling. Not negative vibe. There are also caves around there that were used as hospitals during the civil war.

  6. I have been to this mansion multiple times. I have never been inside though. There are clearly marked signs that say no trespassing, so I have not gone over the fence. However, there is something just captivating about this mansion. From outside the gate, you just get this weird feeling. I have ghost hunted at many places and never once have I felt the way I did at this mansion. It seriously haunts you. I am curious what the history of it is. It is really hard to find credible information regarding this house. From the gate, the house looks to be in really bad shape, but still beautiful. The Bellwood Furnace is right up the road, but does it have anything to do with the mansion? Is it also haunted? Does any one know when it was built or the history surrounding the house.

  7. There are trail cans. The house is not haunted. I knew the Anna Ray, she was a very Christian woman. She didn’t want anyone investagating anything. She once told me the only spirit that was there was the holy ghost. Please respect her wishes and stay away. The family lives just down the road and will prosecute to the fullest extent for trespassing.

  8. Mr. Smith Keel and my dad were good fishing buddies. Mr. Keel lived there back in the 60’s until he was very old and moved back to Clarksville, TN.

  9. A friend of mine told me about the Bellwood Mansion and I’ve heard rumors about this place being haunted and I would consider myself an amateur ghost hunter and when I do go to these type places I always armor myself with a blessed rosary can’t be to careful need divine protection, well any ways we went a few weeks ago with my K2 meter and his recorder on his phone we were getting hits off of the K2 lighting up to orange, then I had asked if there was anyone in the car with us because I was getting a feeling that someone was standing outside the window were I was sitting where the K2 had been lighting up all the way to orange we caught an intelligent immedient response to the question which was in an African American southern accent voice say “NO” and then there are 3 faint “I cant’s” towards the end of the recording I couldn’t believe we had caught something of course you want to catch something but we were not really excepting to either.

  10. Does anyone know who owns the Mansion now and how to contact them? I would like to do a paranormal investigation but won’t go in without permission.

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