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There are allegedly sightings of the ghost of a woman who killed herself in the cemetery after being jilted at the altar.

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2500 Palestine Road
Picayune, MS
United States

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30.533426920168278, -89.72928822076261
Pearl River County, Mississippi
Nearest Towns:
Picayune, MS (3.0 mi.)
Nicholson, MS (4.4 mi.)
Carriere, MS (7.4 mi.)
Pearl River, LA (10.9 mi.)
Sun, LA (12.6 mi.)
Slidell, LA (18.1 mi.)
Abita Springs, LA (18.7 mi.)
Bogalusa, LA (19.2 mi.)
Kiln, MS (19.5 mi.)
Lacombe, LA (19.8 mi.)


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  1. I have pictures of the bride …. with her dress and Veil still on Ann her face is nothing but a skeleton… very interesting..
    .. an she was in mid air i will post them

    • We went there and took voice recordings and pictures. We heard maybe…”stay awake or stay away” and …”she died in the parking lot “there were also alot of orbs in our pictures.

  2. Some friends and I went out here to get familiar with how an investigation should work. This cemetery is 100% visible from the road. If you go far enough in you will likely go unseen but this is not the most ideal place for late night skulking around. At the very least, check the moon phases; Don’t go on a full moon. Anyway, my friend brought her camera and took some pictures. We found that the camera would absolutely not work unless she was facing the church for the picture. It worked fine once we drove away. We scribbled that down under plausible evidence. I’m certain I saw a figure meandering through the stones and following us out the gate, but of course… No one else can back me up on that so it’s not permissible evidence. Some of the pictures we did get have unexplained lights in them but that’s really all. If it weren’t for the absolute feeling of being watched while I was there, I would be quick to call this place clean as far as hauntings go. But if my personal bias counts for anything, I’m going to go ahead and say that there’s something there. It doesn’t seem to active, but there’s definitely potential at Palestine Graveyard.

  3. A few years ago my friends and I went there 12 nights in a row and we saw her maybe 6 of the 12 nights she would stand under the street light until it went out the last night we went she did her usual thing until the light came back on she was standing by the fence first time I saw her do that ever and I went to see her a lot the light went went back off and when it came back on she was standing in the parking lot looking at us threw my passenger window I haven’t been back since or on any other ghost watching adventures

  4. So tonight my girlfriend, a friend and I went there. We were there for about two hours and we felt the whole time as if we were being watched. We have a recording of a whisper about a “girl in a dress”. We kept hearing footsteps following us and whispering the whole time we would walk around. The further we explored from the church the more we felt a dark entity watching us. When we got close to the back of the graveyard where there was less light almost completely dark we saw a light flashing at us. Not in a pattern but randomly so I wanted to debunk it as a reflector but the closer we got I felt like it was a bad idea to go check it out so I stopped and said no lets go back it doesn’t feel right we saw a tall white figure a few feet from where we saw the flashing from almost as if whatever it was was trying to draw us towards it but when we saw the tall white figure standing there I shined my flashlight on it and it looked like it was watching us and I turned my flashlight off and we turned around and left. We couldn’t explore any further that way bc of the intense paranormal feeling we got and what we saw. To me it didn’t feel safe. But if your new to wanting to see paranormal activity I recommend this place it’s not too bad but it will definitely make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and if you see something you’ll want to get out of there. But when we were leaving we all felt that someone or something was following us so once we got to the car I had to tell whatever was following us to stop and they are not invited to come with us. All and all we had a good time visiting this place.

  5. Me and some friends visited this place on a haunted road trip on Halloween night and was completely disappointed to find that every single entrance to this cemetery was locked at night. We had hoped to get lucky and get some pictures but could only look from the gate.

    • Lillian Marchetta  |  

      Are you sure the graveyard is locked at night time? It’s actually wide open now, we was there today and plan on going back tonight

  6. I live two miles from this graveyard. I have my whole life. When i was 11 a friend and i had finished at church wednesday night. Our parents still had quior practice, so we decided to go play around in the graveyard as we did all the time. Nothing had ever botherd me before at all, but this one night we had gone extremely far back near the bluff that runs along side of the graves, we started to get cold and we turned to go back toward the church and saw the figure standing there under the huge oak. It was the figure of a civil war soldior! It did not frighten me, it made me sad because he was very young. Infact for me to be 11 he may at the most had been 15 or 16 . I was a child regognizing the sadness of another child . It felt ad though he wanted his mother. Ive gone to that church my intire life and most of my family is burried in there so the hundreds of times of me being in this graveyard YES IT IS HAUNTED!!!! BY SEVERAL LONESOME SPIRITS! As i said before they dont scare me, i feel more of a sense of sadness. If you stand looking at the gate from middle to all the way left i feel is extremely more active, especially at certain times of the year. Usually around the time of autmn and fall time. I have also clearly seen the lady. She does exist, shes very clear. I was 23 had gotten out of my car to go to my grandfathere grave one afternoon to water the flower i had planted, i went over to the water faucett to fill the jug up and as i turned the faucet off i turned and looked up and over to the far left and saw a women that looked to be in her early twenties as well, she was in a lavender dress which looked to be from the earlier error in time, like the 20’s or so. She was just walking past the graves and i really just assumed this was a real women because she was that solid and clear to my eye. I thought she was in there walking as people do everyday there, even though her clothes were strange for that day in my time, so i went on about my business and sat down on the ground after i had watered the plant to spray his tombstone off so that it did not become mildewed , so as i looked back up which had only been a min at the most she walked right pass the graves and disappeared out of nowhere. It startled me to the point of confussion. Especially in the middle of daylight! I went home and told my grandmother what i had seen and she told me i had seen a SPIRIT OF THE LADY THAT WALKS THE CEMETARY! I justreally looked at her and said nanny tell me really have you ever seen her, and she said yes she had when she was in her 40’s she had gotten done on a sunday with church and she was the last one leaving the santuary and as she went outside the bells had started to ring and chime when she was walking to to the car there was a women in the parkinging lot in a purple dress and my nanny asked her if she was ok and could she help her, the women shook her head No but she smiled and my nanny smiled back and proceeded to get in her car and the women was no where in sight not at all and she had just disappeared into thin air. So i know there are the spirits of PALESTINE!

  7. Most of my moms side of the family is buried at Palestine cemetery. It does have good and bad spirits in it. I have felt them, and I have seen some of them. The first time I learned I could feel emotions from others including spirits, I was about 8 or 9. My Grandmother said it is an Indian gift that God gave to her families tribe. It is passed down through the female side of the family. I remember my mom, Grandmother, sister and I went out to the cemetery to clean around our family graves. We always went out there at least once or twice a month to clean up around them and to make sure that they are still doing good. My cousins showed up with my aunt and uncle, so me and the oldest out of them went out in the edge of the woods near our families plots to play. We loved going up in the edge of the woods, you could find some interesting things. It was all fun until we came upon some very old tomb stones. There is a lot more of the cemetery that is covered up by the woods. Not long after we stumbled on the tombs, is when I could feel strong emotions, first ones that wanted me to cry, then ones that made me fear for my life. It was like something was grabbing at me and trying to pull on me. My cousin felt got scared as well and we ran back to our parents. I told my Grandmother what we had found, and she had my uncle go out to check it out. Sure enough there are several very old tombs that has been lost to the woods. From then on, every time we would go out there I could feel eyes on me. I could feel their cries, and their anger. It was not the feelings that a child should be feeling when they are in a cemetery. Now that I am grown, I still go out there and check on the graves. I can still feel all the different emotions that the cemetery has in it. If the ones that say they felt an evil kind of spirit, are talking about the back corner of the cemetery to the far right if you are facing it from the road, then that is where the old graves are. There are a lot more then I thought there was. I have went up in the woods around my families plots, and moved the dirt and leaves around. You can find old tombs that are broke and laying on the ground. It is like their spirit is crying out for someone to help save them, or save their graves from being lost. I know I may sound like a crazy person. That is ok, I thought the same thing about my Grandmother and my mom, until I started getting the feelings, I am also able to see death, and birth. I am able to know when something bad is about to happen. It is not something I like, or enjoy. I try to medicate it, I try to ignore it, and I try to act like it is not there. But it is. Just like there are lost graves all in the woods around the cemetery. And the new complex that was built behind the cemetery, is built on several of the lost graves. If you go late in the evening, and walk toward the woods to the right of the cemetery, near the busted graves, in the edge of the woods, you will hear whispers, and you will see red eyes that seem like they are looking into your soul. I have not been back to the cemetery past a certain time of the day. I know what is in the woods, and I am not scared of it, I just don’t want anything to do with it. I feel so bad for the lost graves that is all in the woods. I have even found very old baby dolls that it seems like they were left for a babies grave. The clothes on the dolls were rotted, and the dolls were old, ones you do not see around anymore. I made sure that the dolls stayed right where I found them. I think this is why, when I was a kid I would find things back in the woods and not know why or how they got there. That is what is really scary. I have to say that the cemetery has some activity going on in it. And that the woods around it, is very active.

  8. My oldest son used to love going here after dinner all the time just to fix the flowers and walk around . One night when we was leaving in the parking lot he started scearming (excited) saying Mommie I just seen a lady in a lomg whit dress. He was about 5 years old when this happen . I said oh really about week later Im reading about different hounted places and came across Palestine and read a story about the lady in the dress. Crazy . But cool My son has that gift . I guess.

  9. Lillian Marchetta  |  

    I attend Palestine church, now after reading these comments posted, I’m gonna be looking at the graveyard every time I’m there for church service! I’ve always felt an uneasy feeling myself about the graveyard- and not to mention, all my deceased FAMILY and friends are buried there!!!!

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