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Claims of screaming, eerie noises and other ghostly events. Considering the amount of graffiti and evidence of teen partying littered about the place, there might be a more mundane explanation for the noises coming from the place, but take a walk in the woods and decide for yourself.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Queen of Peace Pkwy
    Covington, LA
    United States

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    30.52984256713933, -90.06313559192654
    St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
    Nearest Towns:
    Abita Springs, LA (3.9 mi.)
    Covington, LA (4.4 mi.)
    Folsom, LA (10.1 mi.)
    Madisonville, LA (10.3 mi.)
    Mandeville, LA (11.9 mi.)
    Sun, LA (13.1 mi.)
    Lacombe, LA (16.6 mi.)
    Pearl River, LA (21.5 mi.)
    Bogalusa, LA (22.1 mi.)
    Nicholson, MS (22.3 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. MY GOD!!! This was an experience my friends and I will NEVER forget. Went here to this nun school a this weekend with a few friends around 6:00pm just out of curiosity. The remains and presence of this building is very unsettling.. Walking through the hall its as if you can feel the presence of women scolding you. We stayed in the building for about 3 hours recording, taping and asking questions. The presence of a women/women watching you though-out the whole place. While in a bathroom, my male friend felt as if there was a loud ringing in his ear (he described it as if someone was in his head directly screaming into his ear) as soon as he walked into the bathroom with me. after searching around the building we finally found the cemetery and came upon what looked like a grave someone tried to dig up we were in disgust. How could anyone have the nerve to do that?? We did a little recording session there and walked back through the building to leave and just before we walked back out the door all 4 of us heard what sounded like a loud whisper neither male or female saying NO in a desperate tone. EVERYONE of us broke out in tears we were completely terrified. We jetted as fast as we could to the car. Now here where it gets REAL! We listened to all of our recordings and looked over all of our video, nothing on video but we have voice recording. We caught vulgar voices through out the house and behind us talking of the something saying the “F word” Calling us &”CU–S”. I had asked if what was this place used for I got a voice of a female saying “home” . I also asked did you die here and got a voice saying “behold”. My friend also has a recording where after saying i bet something really bad happen here there is a voice in the background saying “unnerving” that is all we could make out of the evps in the building. Now by the grave sites we asked what was the cause of death and got a womans voice saying “frightful” “Im murtle” AMAZINGLY SPOOKY! Note: All 4 of us went in with nothing but respect for the place and its past. And will NEVER go back.

      • My team and i would love to investigate this place.we’re only an hours drive away. But, it would have to be a weekend night. can anyone go there w/out being arrested for traspassing?

        • As a resident of the subdivision … you will be trespassing – you will be arrested – we and the owner of the property (now being renovated) will prosecute. The past group of trespassers have been caught by the Sheriffs Dept, and the list of all of them are being considered for prosecution. Repeat offenders especially!

          • Dave, why do you have to be a buzzkill man? Most people just want to check it out and have a little fun. I mean God dang, is that too much to ask? Some of my best memories could have been there, and you’d really be killing the mood.

          • Candance Boettner  |  

            Dave, I run a paranormal investigating group called Ghost Angels, we would never trespasse and want to do everything in compliance with the law and the owner. We treat everyone and every place with the up most respect. We are wondering if you have the owners information or who we need to contact to see about investigating there please email us at ghostangelsgroup@gmail..com would love to speak with you..Thanks Candance

          • Who are the owners of the property? I’m in a legitimate paranormal team paranormal swamp investigations team. And would like to get permission to go do a investigation of the property.

      • This sounds exactly like what my group [GPI ]Guillot Paranormal Investigations loves to investigate.we live just an hour away. would we be allowed to investigate there w/out getting in trouble?please message me on our group page Guillot Pranormal Investigations if you can. thanks.

    2. I visited the nunnery during a hurricane a while back. Other than getting injured by my lack of balance, the place was in awful shape. I don’t recommend trespassing there because of the actual problem it has with the chemicals and what not, it’s completely ruined by a bunch of teenagers. It was creepy but not so creepy to where I was scared or nervous and for whatever reason I wandered off by myself to only find myself trapped in an area where I couldn’t escape without help because it seemed like all kinds of crap was being moved and got lost. Considering I live in what many people consider to be a “haunted” house, I am used to that weird presence of having people around me when I am alone whether good or bad. But, because of the way it was trashed over the years of being visited I wouldn’t go for safety reasons. And they are getting tighter on their police rounds. The people who live on the private property in which needs to be trespassed, are not happy with the amounts of teenagers and people who mess up their yard and cause a fairly annoying amount of chaos. So now police scout the area and building frequently and patrol on weekends. I loved the history and the actual nunnery, but because of the safety hazards, I wouldn’t recommend visiting.

    3. Went there and saw a trail of blood leading up to a bloody shattered mirror. I didn’t really think the place was that creepy until we were standing in the main part and a plastic bottle just flew at us from nowhere

    4. i have pictures from when I went and least to say this place isn’t really haunted from what I experienced its just really eerie. The place is in bad shape and ruined by kids. But watch out if u go because me and my friends do believe there is homeless people there, since we found a half used roll of toilet paper and considering it rained three or so nights ago it was put there recently. If you do go there though find the room with the all the white and red children’s handprints, it’s unsettling I’ll put the picture on here 🙂

    5. Pretty fun to walk through haven’t seen much that was unsettling I’ve been twice before and the only thing I’ve seen both times are bare footsteps that weren’t ours more the size of a child’s foot. I really want to find the old grave not the new one.

    6. I’ve been there a couple times, and the feeling is incredibly uncomfortable and almost surreal, as if you’re being followed. Eerie. I wouldn’t recommend going alone, and it is very easy to get lost in there…A bottle flew across the room by itself too.

    7. just got back from there and i dont feel like it was haunted, we went at night and my friends were being chicken so we had to leave early but the place is trashed and tagged all over, if youre going to go there for a thrill, go there at night. the place is very creepy but not haunted, the only place that i would say gave me a feeling of being watched and overall just a creepy unsettling feeling was when we went to the graveyard. it was cool to see/read the old headstones though. but if youre going to go, definitely go at night. btw i went in that room with all the handprints and it really freaked me out, dont go in that room!!! and i have respect for this place because it was a place of God. so no, i didnt tag it or do anything disrespectful in it, just walked around and took pictures

    8. Hi, I noticed that I would need permission in order to gain access to the grounds. I have been searching the internet for hours, but I couldn’t find anything. Is there any way any of y’all could help me out and get in touch with the owner of the grounds?

      I am just a person looking to explore cool places and learn about history near me (textbooks can only do so much for me, you know?). I want to explore as much near me before I graduate high school, and I am a senior right now.

      Thank you very much in advance.

    9. The owner of the grounds is Kenneth Lopiccolo. I live in the new subdivision by the property. I am interested in the nunnery and the house out front of the property. I see the owner making improvements often in and around the nunnery. I may ask him about it one day.

      I’d believe since he is the owner and due to insurance reasons, he would prefer people to stay out. But I will ask him when I see him.

      His contact: kenrichprop@yahoo.com

    10. I went there yesterday on an Instagram live and all my footage got deleted, another thing is, right when I got there my phone was on 30% and when u got there it almost immediately dropped to 2% and stayed at that number for the rest of the time I always have my phone on low power mode even when I’m at 100% so I don’t know why that happened. Another thing is something or someone was in that house which made me just completely dip out of there when I saw it. Seems like a great and fun place though I would definitely go back.

      • So many great memories here!! My Grandpa was the caretaker for the nuns for 40+ years! Sad to see how people destroyed this beautiful convent after it was sold and the nuns moved to new convents! Spent so many years running up and down these hallways before and after the nuns left. I know it’s fun to think places are haunted and i love haunted places but sorry to ruin it for others but this place is not haunted and the story of nuns burning alive there is just not true! People love to trespass but be careful bc cops patrol this place a lot bc it’s literally falling to the ground almost and the new owners don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting hurt.

    11. I used to frequent this place in my late teens. I got in before the main alter was completely demolished..i have an original carving of kane and able that I was able to salvage and save feom being completely defaced like the rest. I’ve had it for 15-16 years.

    12. A few things. First and foremost, the owners of this property is responsible for what happens on this property. Regardless of how curious you are, you are trespassing. It would be wildly irresponsible for the owner to allow just anyone on the property without legal documents that would prohibit someone from suing them if someone got hurt. This is Louisiana. There are PLENTY of public places you can legally visit without the chances of getting hurt, getting arrested and flat out disrespecting the owners. From everything I gather, this place is too hazardous to go for thrills.

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