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Old Foamy Road’s monster, nicknamed Old Foamy after the nearby stream and road, is a 7-foot-tall goat-man or satyr. According to local lore, those who park on Old Foamy Road near the stream, turn off the lights and honk three times will call up the monster. The legend is believed to come from the many murdered bodies that have been found in this area.

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Geographic Information

Old Foamy Road
Cleburne, TX
United States

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32.30432840714483, -97.39633995301119
Johnson County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Cleburne, TX (3.0 mi.)
Rio Vista, TX (5.1 mi.)
Keene, TX (7.7 mi.)
Joshua, TX (10.9 mi.)
Blum, TX (11.2 mi.)
Covington, TX (11.9 mi.)
Godley, TX (12.6 mi.)
Alvarado, TX (12.9 mi.)
Grandview, TX (12.9 mi.)
Briaroaks, TX (14.8 mi.)


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    • You can drive down it, it’s not located in private property. just becareful when you stop on the bridge at night it’s only wide enough for one car. I used to live in Rio Vista the town next to Cleburne. So when you go make sure to keep an eye out for other cars.

    • The legend is true. 100 %. Backnin 2010 my date thought it ve funny to being me here. He did as the legend says and I heard goat sounding foot steps. And he threw things at my date’s truck. It was creepy.

  1. I drove down it at 3am in my 2015 Ram, windows down blaring, “Die Walküre”, with my HK .45 in the air elbow resting on my center console. Besides an eerie feeling nothing. Turned around after a minute, I think all I managed to do was freak out a car of hippies parked at the beginning of the road smoking pot as I quickly got back on the highway haha

  2. Same, only I had my Benelli 12 Gauge armed and ready while playing some old latin curse on my stereo. Nothing happened but I did notice a light to my left and thought it was a car. i sat there and no car had passed by. i even stayed anither hour for it but nothing.

  3. My friend and I have been there late at night many of times… Once we saw and took pictures of nueses (roaps tied in circles) hanging from the tallest trees next to each other.. This was many years ago and we had photos of it. I will contact her to see if she has them anymore to post. But the next weekend going there they where gone! And that was Erie considering how high up OVER the stream of water they where… It would have been impossible to get them down with out a crain or something… Especially since nothing around it(tree limps) or rocks where disturbed… So we brought our OUIJA board out there at 3am and had a flash light on the board asking it questions, IT ACTUALLY talked to us! We asked if this place was evil… It said YES also asked who are you? Answer spelled out…”Mother Milldred”…. Ironic because me nor my friend using the board knew how to spell MILLDRED before this nor ever heard of the name…. Proof we weren’t just spelling it out ourselves. Also asked “how did you die?” The tool used for the spelling (a triangular tool) then did not spell out anything, but simply moved in circles fast then abruptly stopped and the point of the triangle was turned around 180degrees pointing twards the tree that previously had the roap hanging from the top!

  4. One of my family members believed this legend and one night while riding with a car full of teens (They were all teens at the time), turned off their headlights and drove down this road, coming from the opposite side another car full was driving head first into the other car. Both cars were driving without headlights so they couldn’t see each other, sadly a few kids lost their lives in this accident.

  5. If you want the TRUE STORY HERE IT IS: The Nolan river was damned up to make The General Pat Cleburne lake an it had backup into the creek by the old foamy bridge, there was a graveyard there by old foamy bridge an the graves was suppose to have been moved but not all the graves were found! Which added to the story of old foamy being haunted. As the story goes we heard a young couple was out just kissing late one nite an parked on the bridge they heard a scratching on the roof of the car, the boy got up enough nerve and opened his driver side window an climbed out on the roof, as time pasted the girl stayed in the car all nite til morning an through out the nite she heard a thumping noise on the roof, she was to scared to move an when he never came back in the car or yelled out to her an never came back in the car when light came she felt she wasn’t so scared and she rolled the window down an looked up and seen him hanging from a noose tired around his neck, his body had been swaying from the tree limb and that was the noise she heard all nite.Something had killed the teen,

  6. I lived in rio vista at the time of the accident in February I was driving through old foamy one night to go the the gym and I found a empty suv and what appears to be going off the bridge like they lost control. I stopped got off my truck and started recording. The suv was empty but the back was open and I looked back at the video and see a pitch black figure going out of the suv into the forest. Still watch the video and can’t explain what it is

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