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Antioch Rest Cemetery in Grandview Texas has a long history of paranormal activity. People have reported that they have had rocks thrown at their cars when parked across the road or even when driving by with nobody around. We experienced this for ourselves, and while we weren’t able to officially document it, it was something that we couldn’t find a rational explanation for.

Other people have seen shadows and ghost lights. We were able to document some of this activity for ourselves on video, but could not find a conclusive source.

There is at least one known account of a possible dark attachment that was the result of an amateur investigation at the site. A woman with a group of friends became confrontational while trying to elicit a paranormal response; Later that night she began acting strangely and began having violent outbursts. Later that night a family friend with strong religious background came and prayed over the woman and the activity with her eventually ceased. However for months after that, other friends of the group who were present during the investigation, and the cleansing; began experiencing events in their own homes such as their children becoming suddenly afraid, screaming out in terror in the night, furniture moving on it’s own without explanation, and phantom noises when nobody else was home. After time the activity stopped on it’s own. But the people involved refuse to go back.

(Submitted by Ashton R)

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Geographic Information

9500 County Road 304A
Grandview, TX
United States

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32.30912885655226, -97.19364470234723
Johnson County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Grandview, TX (2.8 mi.)
Alvarado, TX (6.8 mi.)
Keene, TX (9.7 mi.)
Covington, TX (9.8 mi.)
Venus, TX (10.1 mi.)
Maypearl, TX (10.6 mi.)
Itasca, TX (10.6 mi.)
Cleburne, TX (11.6 mi.)
Rio Vista, TX (11.8 mi.)
Plum Grove, TX (14.3 mi.)


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  1. This place is extremely creepy, we drove by around 11:30pm on a Saturday Night. We didn’t see anything, but we also didn’t plan on stopping, but I definitely believe that place is extremely haunted. I recommend go check it out during the day time so you know your surrounding because at night it is pitch black and there are not lights around.

  2. I go there about once a year… I take groups who ask.. always park you car a distance down the road, AWAY from the train tracks and the cemetery itself. I have never been there without someone having a vehicle problem because they parked too close to the location. I have seen white fire like lights while in the cemetery. Also two starched apparitions kept us in the cemetery for hours once … it did not feel safe to leave with them hitting the gates…. thy came up from the tracks. Be wary of them. There is history in this cemetery ask around the town. Also go in groups only… sometimes there are late night criminal issues.

    • Interesting comments, I haven’t actually checked back here in a long time. I recently went back out of nostalgia since this is one of the first locations my group actually investigated officially. Over five official investigations, we were able to successfully debunk all the activity we had personally experienced there. The rock throwing is actually things falling from the trees hitting the car – I have parked right in front of that place at least 10 times and never had a single issue. Going in daytime gives a different picture – the cemetery itself isn;t near as large as it looks at night and it’s much closer to residential homes than you would think. The neighbors I talked to say they constantly jack with the kids who sneak in there at night by making noises and chucking acorns at the fence.

      I’m not sure what history you are talking about. It was once the site of a school that burned down when it was the center of town. But there were no reported injuries. The cemetery itself is a historical landmark for Johnson County. It’s beautiful and can be creepy at night, but nothing much else.

  3. My name is Lorettaprior I used to live on Antioch land where the school used to be at that burn down back in the day and there was deathfrom the school and how I know that it’s because my grandmother went to the school before it burnt down but she lives in the house that’s a teacher used to live in to this day I lived right down the road from Antioch Cemetery it is very haunted I know for a fact me and my cousin used to go over there at night time and her car would stop on the tracks and there would be stuff thrown at her car and I have been possessed a few times from going in there and herd things in my house after I did too

  4. I hope this can be proved to be scary but a lesson at the same time.Like this haunting were there was this girl, and she was at a hotel and she was going to commit suicide at the place someone else committed suicide.So she snuck up to the third floor and…what she saw was a dead man and she couldn’t move she said, ” It was like that person was trying to stop her from committing suicide.

  5. This place has 4 demons over it 4 in each corner of the place. I guess from 2 years now there was a group who did a satanic ritual there and sacrificed a goat on the property in the back right corner you can see remains on the blood thats been dried up.

  6. That’s a spiritual orb , maybe your brothers , I’ve seen 2 in my life one was my uncle Weldon and the other my children’s Pepaw Tom.

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