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Passer-by’s in the street have reportedly seen the apparition of a young woman staring down into the street from the second floor of the historic building. The second floor is also haunted by an angry entity, accompanied by a cold presence. The aroma of perfume has been smelt by visitors to the building.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

115 South Main St
Cleburne, TX
United States

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32.3462862, -97.38583119999998
Johnson County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Cleburne, TX (0.1 mi.)
Keene, TX (5.0 mi.)
Rio Vista, TX (7.8 mi.)
Joshua, TX (8.0 mi.)
Godley, TX (10.9 mi.)
Alvarado, TX (11.0 mi.)
Briaroaks, TX (11.8 mi.)
Grandview, TX (13.2 mi.)
Cross Timber, TX (13.3 mi.)
Covington, TX (13.8 mi.)


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  1. Smells of oranges when something happens… I took a picture from the outside around Christmas prior to the remodel many years ago, in the photo is a picture of a little girl in the window. IT was in the middle of the night, closed, and no one was there. From the location of the girl in the photo she was in the middle of the window where no one could stand anyway. The story I got was a young girl was pushed or fell from an upper window and fell to her death more than 100 years ago.

  2. The El Chico’s Hot Dog store (that is now an Antique shop ran by a lovely woman named Rocky <3) is also haunted, and super close by. The plaza definitely gets your buzz going, but I can't recall experiencing much of anything out there. Now, in residential parts of Cleburne that's a totally different story.

  3. I was born and raised in Cleburne Texas, Our home was in a farming area called Goat Neck…..I left when I finished High School and now 20 years later I have returned……I feel like I have a right to speak about some of the places that are labaled as haunted given this is where my roots are. Cleburne is a very old Town however it’s now the size of a City. The many secrets the town holds some have been forgotten and some never will be as long as things keep going on. Cleburne was once ran by many families that became the rulers or rules and law for peace and keeping balance no matter the right or wrong of doing so or how it was done…….the Good Ol boy system is how everything was ran around there for a great deal of time. Trust in this everyone attended church , an eye for an eye was how things were delt with no questions asked. The woman at that time and up till maybe 20 years ago stayed at home and took care of the house and the kids period , while the men did as they pleased and what they felt was right to keeping the town safe. If you ever get a chance to research the history of Cleburne or Johnson County . You would be amazed at what you read. The people were the law and in some areas of Cleburne they still are to this day. There were a lot of unneeded deaths and some they way they died was very uncalled for and anything but quickly …….. but Ive said enough the rest is great research just know people then did think of humain ways to kill anyone or anything , cults were (some area’s still are) ran from the lowest kind of just shootig someone to hanging , burning, and tossinng people off anything high enough to cause both slow and quick deaths…..Texas the home of ”These People Are Crazy” even when they are sobor

  4. What about Johnson County Memorial Hospital in Cleburne? I have heard some stories about that place. It seems like they can’t do anything to the place without the people who are hired to work on it getting spooked and ran off. Not sure how true this is but it’s just what I have heard and it does seem like plans on it’s renovations keep getting change and it always ends up being abandoned.

    • Thanks so much for posting this picture! I was trying to find info about this hospital but there’s not much out there. I was born there in ’64. I live in the Chicago area now. The weird thing is my birth cert says the address was 102 S. Holloway but when I search on google maps just a house shows up. From the picture it looks like it’s in an open green space but when I scan the area on google maps, nothing looks like this. Does anyone know the address to this building? I’d love to see pictures of the original building. I’ve read the one and two story sections were torn down in 2006. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I have heard people walking on the upper floor and I know people don’t go up there often. I’m curious about it and think I might go up there at some point. I know a family looking for spirits trapped with the living have searched and have found EMF and things. In the summer, the whole building has a chill (I can feel it during the other times of the year as well) it just isn’t the normal sort you get from air condition or fans.

  6. Dee, I’ve heard all those stories about Cleburne. Eye for an eye, good ole boys, cults, etc. Cleburne is a very set in their ways kind of town. As people who come here notice when driving thru. Not a lot of change. There is a few, but only a few. Love Cleburne.
    Anonymous, the hospital is renovated, can’t get anyone to lease/rent it, bc it’s a bit pricey for a small town. I’m sure it’s haunted, it’s a hospital, I’m sure they had as many deaths as they did births. I have a couple of friends that were born there. I’d love to see a few people lease it, if 1 or 2 would start, maybe others would follow. Seems like it would get a lot of traffic, if for nothing else, than curiosity. Would make a great haunted Bed & Breakfast/Hotel. Maybe a Halloween haunted house. Just seems like such a waste just sitting there.

  7. i was able to get permission from the city hall to research the Place. After getting to the 4th floor, I felt the cold breeze and my partners felt the same thing but thought it was a normal breeze. Obviously it wasnt. While we got weird EMF readings, we all felt the most strangest sensation as if someone else was there staring at us.
    We quickly got our stuff and slowly went down… on the 2nd floor we heard a huge bang like if someone had dropped a bed frame on another floor. It was super loud and it was only us 4 in the building at the time. We will be more than glad to go back if more people want to join our adventure!! Other than that, the place is very creepy and you start to feel uneasy the second you enter the 2nd floor!!!

    • I must say that I would love to,I have been in the right place up stairs at night and have had alout happen.i used to be a casting director for the wright place when they put on haunted house for several years,I spent many hours alone up there been knocked to the ground, picture flying down in front of me , mostly after I read a friend’s cards that really made something mad.lol but I’ve got ton of story’s.up stairs at night you feel over powering energy,I loved it.i never seen a little girl but I have seen alout of other things.

      • There’s a lot of interest in going to check it out as a group but Not alone. At least to see how it is now vs 10 years ago…

  8. What’s the address to the Johnson County Memorial Hospital interested in checking it out see if I can get investigation there

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