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Our team went out here after just finding the cemetery at random. We were actually trying to film an episode somewhere that had no history where we thought we wouldn’t find much of anything. We were trying to have an episode where we could debunk a lot of typical things people usually find in a graveyard. What ended up happening is we left in a big hurry.

The night started out pretty normal, but once we started moving towards the back of the lot we started hearing noises. Naturally we assumed it was an animal and cautiously started trying to find eye shine. We kept hearing the noises from a very distinct area, but nothing would shine in our lights or show up on our thermal camera. When I tried to approach the area something growled very loudly at me. We were getting ready to pack up because we assumed we had just invaded a pack of coyotes scavenging ground. But then three of us all at the same time saw a shadowy figure walk passed the back entrance where nobody should be.

It made no noise; but I could make out a torso, another person actually saw a face, and another saw legs. It did not look human, but it was human sized and upright. We stayed as long as we could stand it trying to debunk what we saw, but started to feel very threatened. We would have probably ran out, but I had about 2 grand worth of equipment to pick up. We very quickly turned on the cars headlights, and anything else we had and quickly packed up our things.

I didn’t get anything on the video, but I did get some very aggressive EVPs. We went back during the day to look for signs of animal or people screwing with us, but nothing was there. We will eventually be going back for a follow up investigation.

(Submitted by Ashton R)

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8333 Retreat Blvd
Cleaburne, TX
United States

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32.195544, -97.48983099999998
Johnson County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Blum, TX (6.5 mi.)
Rio Vista, TX (7.2 mi.)
Cleburne, TX (12.1 mi.)
Covington, TX (13.6 mi.)
Morgan, TX (14.0 mi.)
Pecan Plantation, TX (15.7 mi.)
Glen Rose, TX (15.8 mi.)
Keene, TX (16.9 mi.)
Godley, TX (17.6 mi.)
Walnut Springs, TX (17.9 mi.)


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  1. We went, did not see anything, nor hear anything, but the graves of the kyles and the old our house torn down in the corner, place is very vegetated, so I recommend if you go take protection with you.

  2. Have been several times..last month was different. And i took live video. The things i heard weren’t on camera, they were replaced with a high pitched sound. There was also growling that i could not hear while i was there on the audio, but the other person who was there with me WAS hearing the growling

  3. My friends & I went in May of 17. It was the craziest paranormal event I’ve ever been in. It was like 11 or 12 at night. & we heard coyotes vert very close & they weren’t leaving when we ss trying to scare them. That went on for about 10 minutes. I get a very sad feeling from this place. I know there is alot of children & infants buried there. I showed nothing but respect bc I just lost a child. We were just talking to them & what not trying to get a distinct response. We did catch a very very weird laugh that was none of ours. Something attached itself to my boyfriend. He has suffered anxiety & severe depression ever since. I’m gonna seek out a shaman for a cleansing. This place is very beautiful, & peaceful. At the same time in the middle of the night it’s scary as hell. This is still an active cemetery so don’t leave your stuff or damage anything. It is theirs.

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