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Ghostly screams and pleading are said to come from the woods just off the hiking trail around the pond. They are believed to stem from the 1970s murder of a runaway girl here; her killer was never caught.

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1068 Howell School Rd
Bear, DE 19701
United States

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39.573147, -75.70624499999997
New Castle County, Delaware
Nearest Towns:
Glasgow, DE (3.0 mi.)
Bear, DE (4.6 mi.)
Chesapeake City, MD (6.1 mi.)
Delaware City, DE (6.3 mi.)
Brookside, DE (6.6 mi.)
Elkton, MD (7.2 mi.)
Newark, DE (8.0 mi.)
Odessa, DE (8.4 mi.)
Middletown, DE (8.6 mi.)
New Castle, DE (9.7 mi.)

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  1. Ok so the other day I was at lums pond. I was just taking a walk in the woods looking down to be careful when I step when I feel something rush past me. I look up and see a dark haird boy sitting down reading. Then, I’m up at the playground and feel it again. The dark haired boy is swinging, reading. THEN, I’m by the lake and I see him again. I go up to him and ask “what are you reading.” He says “ghost stories.” I ask “why here?” He repays with something haunting. “Just trying to… Find my friends.” I look up and I swear there were three mysterious dark spots in the lake, each with a white core.ilook back at the boy, but he’s gone. This story is terrifiying and I will try to forget it.

  2. 2 summers ago me and my boyfriend and a couple of friends were at lums pond camping and we heard a crazy scream but we did not really think nothing of I just that it was really creepy and out of the ordinary, I just saw this, and I remembered it just like it was yesterday, now I know why we heard the scream!!

  3. I remember one time I came here, for a party. It was either 2012, or 2013 during around May. I went back on the trail with my sister, then she left. I was on the bridge and I heard a scream, I heard people say this place was haunted. When I was alone, I’ve felt somebody behind me and I saw ghostly figure running around the trail for 10 minutes.

  4. This is absolutely true. I was part of a ghost hunting group that came here in the late 90’s. We weren’t anything professional, just a group of young guys with a tape recorder and cameras. We never encountered much until we came here.

    One of us knew a little about the crime. The body was found in a stream bed, and the killing itself happened very close to there. There’s a part of the hiking trail where the path navigates a little valley and crosses a bridge. The spot is about 40 feet away from the bridge.

    Anyway, we were there at sunset, before closing, and did our routine for about half an hour. Took pictures, looked around, and asked questions next to the tape recorder in the hope of getting a ghostly verbal response. EVP, it’s called. Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen.

    Later, we reviewed the tape. Nothing but normal forest noises and our own voices for most of the way through. Then we heard heavy breathing, then a girl or woman sobbing and whispering something. We couldn’t make out most of the words except for ‘Please’, and ‘no’. Then we did hear a scream. Not really loud, more… muffled, like someone was trying to scream with their mouth covered. Then another similar scream, and then a third which cut off into complete silence halfway through. Nothing but normal sound after that.

    There were no women in our group, and we heard nothing of this sort during recording.

    My skin is prickling as I remember this. We went ghost hunting to hopefully see some cool things and gain some interesting experiences, but not for something like this. It was horrific. I can’t fully describe how awful it was. We never went out ghost hunting again after that. I’ve never been back to Lum’s Pond. The park closes at sunset and I would not recommend going to that region of the trail at night to ANYONE. For more than just legal reasons.

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