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Lincoln Theatre is believed to be haunted by a prankster ghost. An apparition of a ghostly child has run up and down the stairs, a woman has appeared in the balcony, and tricks are played in the projection booth. Reports say there are seven ghosts who call this theater home.

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103 E Main St
Belleville, IL 62220
United States

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38.513929, -89.98265700000002
St. Clair County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Belleville, IL (0.4 mi.)
Swansea, IL (1.4 mi.)
Fairview Heights, IL (5.2 mi.)
Shiloh, IL (5.7 mi.)
Rentchler, IL (6.1 mi.)
O'Fallon, IL (6.6 mi.)
Millstadt, IL (6.9 mi.)
Freeburg, IL (7.0 mi.)
Smithton, IL (7.3 mi.)
Scott Air Force Base, IL (7.4 mi.)

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  1. A teacher of mine in High School said she worked there as a teen and one night, as they were cleaning up after close, they heard a man screaming and cursing in one of the two second floor viewing rooms. They ran up to the source to hear continuous ranting and banging coming from the projection booth. Upon entering the LOCKED room, they found it to be suddenly quiet and empty. Years later, I went to see a movie with a friend. We were the only two in the room upstairs to the right of the stairs, in an aisle halfway up. A good chunk of the movie played and I started getting weird gusts of cold air and a static feeling on my left calve(I was the one sitting on the side of the stairs). Then I see the black figure of a man standing at the end of the aisle, facing toward the screen. I continued to see that same figure walking first down the stairs, then up. For some reason, my friend had no idea what I was talking about, other than the gusts of air. I’ve also felt my shirt tugged in the lobby and something weird happens in the ladies room. Like, noises or coughs in the stall next to you when there’s no one there. It’s one of my favorite places, but it is definitely haunted.

  2. a few years ago my family and I decided to go see a movie when we entered the theatre a weird feeling came to me. I’m not sure how to describe it but it wasn’t a pleasant feeling and something felt off, we sat down in our seats and watched the movie there wasn’t anyone else in the theatre but my family. towards the end of the movie, my mom felt something brush against her leg, she said it felt like a very cold hand.

  3. James Costello  |  

    I believe the year was 1979. I know it was right after High School. I went to the Theater with my Girlfriend. I had to use the Men’s room. At that time it was down a creepy staircase into a dank Men’s room in what might as well be the Basement. I’m standing at the urinal doing my business when someone walked in behind me. I heard them clear their throat. I finished, turned around and no one was there. I quickly made my way up the stairs and no one was in the lobby either. I had chills when I was in the restroom. Definitely a Spirit.

  4. When I worked here, I’ve had instances of feeling someone touch my shoulders, when I was one of two people in the building – the other literally across the room where I could easily see them. I’ve seen figures, out of the corner of my eye, quickly move by. I’ve heard the organ a time or two. I loved that job.

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