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The Cahokia Mounds, located in the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, were part of an ancient Native American city (circa 600 to 1400). These landmarks are said to be haunted by the spirits of the ancient Native Americans who used to live here. Visitors have reported seeing unexplained shadows and balls of light.

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Cahokia Mounds State Park
St. Clair County, Illinois
United States

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38.650544093810666, -90.06728336190184
St. Clair County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Fairmont City, IL (1.4 mi.)
Washington Park, IL (1.7 mi.)
Caseyville, IL (2.4 mi.)
Collinsville, IL (4.7 mi.)
East Saint Louis, IL (4.9 mi.)
National City, IL (5.1 mi.)
Alorton, IL (5.1 mi.)
Madison, IL (5.3 mi.)
Brooklyn, IL (5.4 mi.)
Centreville, IL (5.6 mi.)

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    • Me and my family used to enjoy evening walks around and up the mounds. One evening we heard drums as well. It seemed very distant at first but we soon realized it was almost as if it was coming from in our heads. Absolutely couldn’t figure it out. Its a very special place and is absolutely “haunted” in my experience. Cool to hear someone else say they heard the drums. Thats something ill never personally forget.

  1. I have been to this location several times.With my experience, there is an ominous feeling at the top and side of the mounds.I have always had the feeling of being watched by something unseen.

  2. I was driving back to Pontoon Beach from St Louis one summer night on business and a major storm was rolling in. The wind was whipping like crazy and there were bolts of lightening in every direction. I was on my trusty GPS navigator, as I wasn’t too familiar with the area. My GPS told me to exit about 5 exits before I was supposed to and it took me directly to the middle of this Cahokia State park and dropped me there. The sky was an eerie green and I felt like my little car was going to get blown away at any second. I knew this area wasn’t in the safest neighborhood, so I was freaking out. Luckily my navigation picked back up its signal and got me to where I actually needed to go, but driving through this ominous area during a raging storm was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever encountered. The feeling of spiritual activity and existence was intense.

  3. When I was a little girl I spent a lot of time there as a kid. I would ride my bike there with my friend and there were cold spots all over. I had no idea that was paranormal as a child but I felt them all the time.

  4. A while back I was at Cahokia Mounds, I’d gotten there fairly late in the day and so I walked around a bit planning on coming back the next day, going to the museum and properly checking the place out.

    As I walked between two of the mounds I got the creepiest feeling I’ve ever had in my life, it was really bizarre. The next day in the museum a model showed I’d been walking next to a burial mound.

    I’d walked past a number of mounds and had no strange reaction, just to this one. I’d no way of knowing it was anything different, but only with that one did I get the creepy feeling.

    That experience is one of the ones that convinced me there is a lot more going on then we understand.

  5. This may not be exactly a ghost siting story but here we go. I have been there maybe three times. Driving past the mounds you feel like something about the land is still alive not the wildlife but something out of the ordinary, then again i went into the museum where they have said that the Native Tribe did disappear. Nowhere to be seen.

    walking the trails does give you the vibe you’re not alone and you feel the presence of something or someone there. But it’s not a deathly thing but it is rather a feeling that has something to do with what or who use to be there. They have found bones and skeletal remains of some of the dead.

    So, of course, people are gonna be wondering if this place is haunted or not. Do I believe this place is haunted? I don’t believe it’s haunted. What i do believe is that there are memories of the past here and that there is more than just that. You can feel it. You sense it. But your brain will react to what you want to see. I feel like this place has big spiritual outlook on things. To others, it’s haunted and to me, i feel like the land is still alive with everyday things.

    My biggest question. Is where did they all go?? I know there is another native area for about two hours from here. Maybe they went there? But still. Are there any ancestors to the ones that lived here? I like to know. But maybe we’re better off not knowing.

  6. I went there a few years ago with some friends. While walking up the stairs to the top, we took a video as we climbed and counted the stairs. We got to the top, looked around, and then went back down and left. The entire time we were there, no other visitors came. However, later on, I watched the video we had taken, and as we’re walking up the stairs, a little girl is seen skipping down the stairs on the other side. Probably 7, 8 years old, completely alone. Just skipping down the stairs. But we were the only ones there. Still creeps me out to this day.

  7. When I climbed Monks Mound, I was surprised I wasn’t getting tired as I am 70. Then I noticed what felt like unseen hands lifting my feet from one step to the next. I usually can’t climb a flight of stairs without being winded. The next day I discovered that skeletons were found nearby missing their hands.

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