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Lebanon Road is the stuff of legends to locals, who have nicknamed the place the Seven Gates to Hell. According to locals, those who drive through all seven bridges, going through the last one at midnight on the dot, will pass through to Hell. The area is said to be guarded by spectral hounds with glowing green or red eyes.

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Geographic Information

Lebanon Road
Collinsville, IL
United States

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38.673333151753965, -89.92741835110792
Madison County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Collinsville, IL (3.1 mi.)
Maryville, IL (3.8 mi.)
Troy, IL (4.5 mi.)
O'Fallon, IL (5.7 mi.)
Caseyville, IL (5.9 mi.)
Glen Carbon, IL (6.0 mi.)
Fairview Heights, IL (6.7 mi.)
Shiloh, IL (7.9 mi.)
Lebanon, IL (8.1 mi.)
Saint Jacob, IL (9.0 mi.)


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  1. A little after passing through Gate 6, I saw a cars headlights in the distance. There was fields of corn on both sides of the narrow road and nowhere else to turn, As we start heading towards to car we saw a glimpse of it then it disappeared. We don’t know where the car went since their was no where to turn at all. I was with a friend and we were both pretty freaked out. It was a quarter till midnight and a full moon was out if that means anything. We also heard some weird noises, like the noise a pot makes when you’ve been boiling water for to long. I also felt a weird presence in the car until we got fully out of the gates, I might have just been creeped out and imaging it but my friend agreed with me. Going more along the road, we found tracks in the road, we turned around to look at them closer and they were going straight into one of the cornfields by the bridge popular known as “Acid Bridge” and I heard later that week from a friend that apparently two kids were doing acid there and lost control of their car, but Ive heard many different theories about what happened there.

  2. I grew up ,and lived in Collinsville for almost 20 years. I’ve been threw the seven gates, countless times. It’s a stretch where people go drinking and get stoned. Think most is thinking your seeing something, because of the years of here say. It’s more legend than anything else.

  3. About a year ago I vividly remember that one of the more popular gates was shut down because a hole appeared in one of the supporting walls (at one point the gate was probably used as a train track since mining was one of the staples of the local Collinsville economy), my girlfriend and I were driving around the area. We drove the opposite way going back into town when we found the decapitated head of a dear. We don’t have much of a mountain lion or cougar population as far as I know but the condition of the head looked like it had been cut clean; there was no pool of blood or signs of tearing from a natural predator. I threw my car into reverse and got us out of there as quick as my car allowed me. Recently there have been signs of either satanic activity or just outright craziness. Along the way to Acid Bridge, a friend of mine showed me picture of a deer’s mutilated body on a stake along at the foot of the bridge. Crazy stuff out there but it doesn’t stop the local population from going on booze cruises or cruises to get high.

  4. My grand grand father was a sorcerer and was killed in early 900 by local
    He was tiyed on railroad and killed by train..
    I m looking for some info… my grandmother was sent to italy after this …

  5. Many things have happened to me out in the gates. First off I have also experienced the ghost car on acid bridge. A car full of my friends and I were driving around at night and another car was coming toward us on the bridge. If you’ve been there you know there’s no where to turn around. As we pulled over for them to pass the headlights just vanished and so did the car. We have also seen fires buring deep out in the woods and we’ve heard chanting while getting out on the back roads at the gates at night. We once got out on acid and heard something in the woods and a man in a KKK outfit was staring at us under the bridge. If you look around the gates you will see trash bags in the trash bags are dead animals they sacrifice we have found them. We used to drive out around there every weekend for fun and we ran into to some crazy stuff. My mom grew up in the 70s and claimed she was smoking out by acid and someone threw a bucket of fresh blood all over there passing car. If you get out you will have the feeling of being watched.

  6. Lived down the road my entire life, and only seen one strange thing. I was driving around with my boyfriend one night at like 2am, and if you go far enough through the backroads you find a place called the rock pile. Saw what we thought was an old lady broke down so we stopped…it was a young man dressed in all womens clothes, standing at the trunk of his car. All the doors were open, but the inside was spotless. I roll the window down and ask him if he needs help, and he gets this weird ass smile on his face and says “im fine, but you might need some.” We hauled 40 different types of ass out of there, but circled around to get a plate number. You can see everything from every direction on this road and the turn around we took, never saw headlights or a sign of someone pulling off, but when we pulled back up he was nowhere to be found. We even drove looking around, nothing. And i mean not one car, which is more strange as thats where everyone goes to smoke or anything.

  7. So last night a group of my friends and I did the seven gates because we heard rumors about it. when we started the gates it took us to this wrong neighborhood were this guy holding a sign said beware so we got out pulled into a gas station and researched a new direction to go. so finally after more research, we found gate 1 and started. when we started it was cold out so we had the heat on and when we went through gate 1 the heat turned off and every gate we went through after it did it. we went through gates 1-3 fine when we went through gate 4 a car passed us and disappeared. lastly, when we got to gate 6 we started to smell smoke not a pleasant wood smoke but of something other than wood

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