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Fort Washita, established in 1842, was overrun by Confederate forces in 1861. It now stands in ruins surrounded by ghostly legends. One is about a ghost who resides here called Aunt Jane, thought to be beheaded by thieves or soldiers. She appears headless and wearing a white gown, searching for the gold she hid. Another legend is about Chickasaw Indian Charles Colbert, who was given the remains of the fort were by the Chickasaw Nation. He made it into a house for his family and his 32 dogs. But on the first night they moved in, all 32 dogs were gone. He spent the next day rounding them up, but they were gone again the next morning. So they moved away, and a doctor named Steele moved in with his sister, who saw strange things around the property, including a headless woman, and had a nervous breakdown. No one has lived there since!

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3348 Oklahoma 199
Durant, OK 74701
United States

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34.1011567, -96.54543079999996
Bryan County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Bee, OK (2.1 mi.)
Silo, OK (5.8 mi.)
Mead, OK (7.3 mi.)
Milburn, OK (9.7 mi.)
Kenefic, OK (11.0 mi.)
New Woodville, OK (11.0 mi.)
Armstrong, OK (12.0 mi.)
Tishomingo, OK (12.0 mi.)
Kingston, OK (12.2 mi.)
Durant, OK (12.4 mi.)

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  1. Jennifer trueblood  |  

    I had a very crazy thing happen to me here. I actually came to ft. Washita in 2010 or 2011 I believe there had just been a good rain so the ground was soaked, but with me was my oldest daughter and my boyfriend at the time who was extremely abusive to me. While touring the old cabins my boyfriend started getting angry at me for no reason and I felt nervous about going home. But before we left me and my 10 year old daughter at the time visited the log cabin behind and to the left of the museum. The cabin had glass around it so me and my daughter got as close as we could to see inside and snapped a couple of pics. When I got home and looked through the photos, the pic I took at the cabin had changed. You could see in the reflection of the window there was a very clear soldier standing behind us in a uniform, he had on wire frame glasses and looked like a satchel across his side. He also had an old military type hat on. It seemed he was watching over us and I so wish I still had the picture but my kids accident my erased my SD card. It was just so clear. I could describe the guy to the T.

  2. The only personal experience I had was when we went on their Halloween tour. I was staying towards the back of the group to take flash photos and to stay away from the noisy children. It was the last tour on the last night they were doing it. We had just walked by the stables when I swore I heard a male voice whisper in my ear. I turned to look thinking it was my boyfriend only to discover he has walked ahead of me and I was alone. Here’s the photo of the stable.

  3. Pretty interesting place. Has a lot of history. There’s actually an abandoned town just north west of the fort and there are two cemetery’s between it and the washita river.. there is another fort called fort mcolough located about 15 miles east through 12 mile prairie.. thousands of acres of history around both places.. use to know the owner of the washita ranch and would go metal detecting and find all kinds of neat stuff.. I’ve been running around these areas my whole life I’m 31 adventuring hunting fishing and just driving around and I’ve seen and heard several of paranormal phenomenon.. from screams to physical apparitions..

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