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At Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s Morrison Building, the apparition of a little boy has been seen walking around the basement. Apparently there used to be a pool here, and the little boy drowned in it. It is also said that a janitor died here under mysterious circumstances. And at the Shear Hall dormitory, a ghost is said to reside on the 3rd floor, which is kept locked. Rumor has it that a student shot several people and then committed suicide there, and now residents hear things sliding across the floor and unexplained footsteps.

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1405 N 4th Ave
Durant, OK 74701
United States

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34.00705439647367, -96.37879927462154
Bryan County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Durant, OK (1.0 mi.)
Armstrong, OK (3.6 mi.)
Calera, OK (5.8 mi.)
Silo, OK (6.0 mi.)
Mead, OK (7.5 mi.)
Blue, OK (8.6 mi.)
Kenefic, OK (9.8 mi.)
Caddo, OK (10.6 mi.)
Achille, OK (12.0 mi.)
Colbert, OK (12.8 mi.)

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  1. Been a masters degree student and have every class for the past 3 years in the basement here, never once have seen a ‘boy’ or heard stories from anyone else in the department.

  2. It was a little girl not a little boy. It was a professors 10 year old daughter. Also in that building is George. The campuses only named ghost and most famous! As for the Shear Hall, the original shear hall was torn down and a new shear hall stands in its place.

    I go to school here, plus they give an annual ghost tour!

  3. I worked the Summer Shakespeare festival and was a theatre student there in 1990, no other place I have ever been has set my hackles up like walking into that auditorium. The first time I walked into the room, before I had heard any of the stories, I felt a sense of foreboding and my hair stood on end.

    The sound of footsteps walking above the SR fly loft were a regular occurance during rehearsals and performances. And I once saw what I can only describe as a spectral hound pacing and watching me in the catwalks over the house.

  4. I was working for a summer program at the library here. My old boss and I experienced the elevator went straight up to 3rd floor without us pressing any button to go up there. She left me up there to work so when she left, I heard books being put up on shelves and no one I mean no one was up there with me. Couple days later, I was on 2nd floor all by myself and my hair got pulled while I was dusting the shelves. I swear the whole area of the college is haunted. My mom worked in the basement of the library and she ended up falling asleep on accident and her chair was pulled backwards and no one was there with her

  5. I went to school at SESOSU for 2 years part-time, and 3 full time, graduating in 2008. Not once did I hear of any “creepy” things going on anywhere at this school. I also never overheard anyone talking about any supposed “ghost stories” or “hauntings” taking place anywhere on the campus grounds either. None of my friends who attended knew of anything like this, and several of them had grown up in Durant,,so they should have heard of some of these things long before attending college there with me. Even now all these years later, I have cousins who attend SESOSU and they too have never heard any stories like this about the school or the grounds. I’m not calling anyone a liar, I’m just saying these accounts are clearly only known by a very, very, small number of people. I’m not sure when these events were supposed to have taken place, but there was no “ghost tour” the last of my friends graduated in 2010. I’ll ask my cousins if they know about it now…but I’m guessing not since they didn’t mention it.

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