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Many people claim to have seen many different ghostly things, primarily people in old-fashioned clothes walking the road, a possible former slave being hanged from atop an embankment. It is rumored that somewhere along the road is the site of a former slave quarter, from which horrible screams can be heard.

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Geographic Information

Ladiga St. SE
Jacksonville, AL
United States

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33.81339859145665, -85.72491574283049
Calhoun County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Jacksonville, AL (2.1 mi.)
Nances Creek, AL (5.0 mi.)
White Plains, AL (5.0 mi.)
Weaver, AL (6.5 mi.)
Alexandria, AL (9.6 mi.)
Piedmont, AL (10.1 mi.)
Saks, AL (10.3 mi.)
Choccolocco, AL (10.7 mi.)
Blue Mountain, AL (11.2 mi.)
Anniston, AL (12.3 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Dump Road-Old Chief Ladiga Trail. I’ve experienced “shadow people” darting from left to right on the road, near the gated area. Several friends that we with me experienced the same.

    • The place has changed a good bit since this story was shared. The old “cliff” is now leveled off and is the entrance to Choccolocco offroad park.

    • There’s a gate to the sheriffs shooting lodge, a gate blocking the road for the off road park, a gate to the off road park. There’s three gates within 200 yards of each other. I’ve lived in the neighborhood at the foot of this mountain for over 30 years and in Jacksonville for close to 35. I’ve personally never seen or heard anything up there and walk it at night fairly regularly.

  2. My moms uncle told her of people walking in old fashioned clothing up there. I used to party up there bout 15yrs ago a lot but never saw anything weird.

  3. so one day i was with my couzin and we was walking and on the other side of the road their was a native american women and she was wearing old raggedy clothing and she was crying we heard a scream behind us looked back their was nobody and then we looked where we saw the women and she was gone.

  4. Yall no where big momas beach is? 2nd bridge in vigo.. A few years ago me and a buddy was sitting in our car by the bridge at night. I saw like a tribe of indians some walking some on back… Scare dafuaq otta me lol

  5. There is a old story about an old black man named TYAWAF. He is said to appear out of nowhere and is said to chase people when they are camping or sleeping. He is said to have a feather in his hand while he chases them.Legend has it that he was an indian who was abandoned from a tribe when he was a child. He used to play pranks on the elders of the tribe and they became fed up with him. They named him TYAWAF because he would chase everyone including the elders around the teepees and camp area. He always had feathers in both hands and tried to tickle their a$$ with the feathers. He became sick and died alone in the woods. There have been many reports of a young indian boy running around tickling people’s a$$e$$ with feathers while they are not expecting it. Go check this place out, but be aware that your a$$ make get tickled.

  6. I went to JSU in the late 90’s. My friends and I would go to Dump Rd. to shoot guns and drink. There were times we’d hear disembodied voices talking around us. We couldn’t understand what was being said. It was just a bunch of gibberish. We would yell out and they would stop. Onetime, we were leaving and just before reaching the gate at the bottom, we turned around to see three old fashioned dressed men walking up the road with sticks in their hands. They had their backs turned and going the opposite direction. They were there and then disappeared once we turned our heads back around. There were always abandoned vehicles on the side of the road. Dump Rd has always been sketchy and believed to had murdered bodies dumped there as well. It’s not the place you wanna be at night.

    • My parent’s house is right at the bottom on Louise when you come off the hill. Crazy shit up there. There is a canyon up there and when I was a kid we found a pentagram made of animal skulls and bones. Also found our first stash of old 1980’s porn mags up there.

  7. An old man named Wince Snyder from the Jacksonville area told me that near the intersection of this Forney Road and Rabbit Town Road east of Jacksonville was called Shell Hill after a family named Shell and was haunted and it was said that a head could be seen rolling across the road at times.

  8. Decided to go with my friend to show her the trail. It was a spontaneous adventure. It was after I showed her the mountain. We got milkshakes at Cookout and said, ‘why not?’ because, seriously, why not. We pull up to the gravel end by the gazebo and get out of the car, turn our phone lights on, start walking. It’s almost 10:30 at night. The only lights around are the pole lights by the street. The trail is completely dark. We start walking, get close to the bridge and my friend mentions how creepy it seems to be getting. I told her not to think about it or say that, and then we BOTH see this orange figure “zombie walking” towards us. Tall male figure. No face. No colored clothing, but you can tell it has clothes on. Just a figure. She says, “what the heck is that?!” and I say, “I don’t know!” We turn around and start darting towards my car with no head turns. Get to my car and just stare. There’s nothing there anymore. Literally nothing at all. We hop in and wait to see if there’s a person still walking on the trail and no one comes out. We discuss what we had just seen and realize we both saw the same exact thing. Can’t make this up!

  9. Friends and I visited this place last week. We started walking down the trail and out of no where comes the headless feline… I have absolutely no idea what it was. It just kind of walked across the street. We kept going down the road and a few minutes later we hear tree branches cracking and all of a sudden this “hung body” falls to the ground and started chasing after us screaming for help. We took off and ran back to the car but it wouldn’t open. We had to throw rocks at the window to break it so that we could get in and start the car. This thing was still running and screaming at us. Then as we leave, it jumps in the car with us and starts strangling my friend. We were so scared. I prayed the Lord’s Prayer and then he disappeared. Never going back again. We almost died. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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