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A narrow tunnel on McFall Road in Jacksonville Alabama where you can park your car and turn the headlights off. It is rumored that there are black figures that fade in and out of the shadows as your eyes adjust.

(Submitted by Braden B.)

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Geographic Information

McFall Rd
Jacksonville, AL
United States

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33.84938942106435, -85.78943650431029
Calhoun County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Jacksonville, AL (2.9 mi.)
Weaver, AL (6.8 mi.)
Alexandria, AL (7.6 mi.)
Nances Creek, AL (7.6 mi.)
White Plains, AL (9.1 mi.)
Saks, AL (10.8 mi.)
Glencoe, AL (11.1 mi.)
Hokes Bluff, AL (11.2 mi.)
Piedmont, AL (11.5 mi.)
Blue Mountain, AL (11.8 mi.)


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  1. Me and a group of friends were sitting inside the tunnel with our lights off. All of us kept hearing footsteps behind us but no one said a word until after we left. Very spooky stuff.

  2. Ive been through there its the one with all the graffiti its pretty spooky. Anyone heard of Heartbeat Bridge? Not sure where exactly where it J’ville but I will find out and post

    • Is this the one that like you say, has graffiti on all sides, a creek running through, and people have to go through all the time to get home? Oh and can get there by turning on that road near the soccer field /jermainia springs?

  3. i live close to it and me and my sisters walked up their we where walking our dog and we went throughout about half way we heard a man screaming above us so we went above the tunnel and nobody was their my sister was freaked out

  4. A couple of friends and I have been there a few times. Late at night, usually around 12-3am we went in, turned around, and turned our lights off for 5 minutes without saying a word. We heard some footsteps through the water the first time we went, and that was about it. The second time, I tried using a trick one of my friends had shown me to contact the dead, and I was able to. We asked a few questions and when I asked one question, we got a disturbing answer and my friend in the drivers seat jokingly said “what a bitch!” And all of a sudden a big splash followed by a woman’s groan came from behind the car. We were out of there in seconds and haven’t been back since.

    • I don’t believe you. Go again. And this time, sit Indian-style in the middle of the tunnel. Make sure all lights are out and the time is between 3:00-4:00 a.m.. With your eyes closed, reach out your right hand and say the following: “I come in peace with love and light. To all the spirits in this tunnel with me, in the name of God, I demand you show a sign of your presence!”. I guarantee after you’ve done everything I just told you, you will have made contact with the spirits haunting the tunnel. Don’t be a wuss and may God be with you!

  5. i went here by myself because my friends said this place was to scary but they came with me to the other places but not this one i said its not that bad until has i stayed at this place for awhile i saw a shadow run past my car i got very scared but stupid of me i got out of the car and check what is was then as i got close to the tunnel more my car headlights turned on by itself which i dont know how so then i left the place because i did not want it to get to bad

  6. Me and my husband (which his from this area) he had tookin me to this spot I have heard kids and felt the car shakin trust me when I saw this it is haunted……

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