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Supposed to be haunted. Your guess is as good as ours as to how or the particulars as we have not been able to uncover much, or any, info, however we will keep looking. If you find any actual documentation on this haunting, let us know.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Fort McClellan
    Anniston, LA
    United States

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    33.7232933, -85.77870639999998
    Calhoun County, Alabama
    Nearest Towns:
    Weaver, AL (2.7 mi.)
    Saks, AL (3.9 mi.)
    Blue Mountain, AL (4.6 mi.)
    Anniston, AL (5.3 mi.)
    White Plains, AL (5.4 mi.)
    Choccolocco, AL (6.2 mi.)
    Jacksonville, AL (6.3 mi.)
    Alexandria, AL (7.1 mi.)
    West End-Cobb Town, AL (7.4 mi.)
    Hobson City, AL (8.0 mi.)


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    1. The reason this place is reported as haunted is because of the fact that it was a place for German and Italian POW’s at one time – there have always been reports of hearing people speak in a foreign language when no one is around. Now that the fort is closed, it still has buildings that are being overtaken by vines and falling apart. The whole area looks like a true Ghost Town. It even has a small animal cemetery in the middle of the fort which served as a place for soldiers’ families to bury their pets while stationed there.

      • I was a WAC stationed there back in the day. I remember always feeling creepy. I brought my partner back to a reunion and still felt that eerie feeling. I always thought that place was built on Indian burial ground. We found arrowheads there once.

    2. the area in question is a motor pool for the army my dad was station there in the building. my dad told me stories of seeing thing at night and hearing voices from the end of the shop. the building is now called IAC a former company i worked with and to this day if your real quite and no other loud sounds are near by u can hear screaming coming from the woods near building

    3. Not only is there activity from the former POW camp and around that cemetery, but all over the old base. I have spent quite a lot of time there over the years and there are some things I’ve seen that couldn’t be explained. I know there is documentation I found that shows of at least 7 cemeteries that were completely lost and only 3 have been recovered from when the army originally took over the land. There was a rather large Native American settlement on the property the base occupies, and there have been a number of soldier deaths there over the years, some due to natural causes, some illness/injury, and some suicides.

      It is common place, especially at night to feel watched in some areas and in some of the buildings, you’ll hear unexplained footsteps, whispers, and a host of other activity. Many photos of the old buildings that are boarded up now will have show unexplained faces/images in the doors and windows after they are taken. The activity isn’t limited to the old buildings though, because many people (myself included) have witnessed strange activity in buildings that weren’t even completed.

      There are so many accounts of paranormal activity on the base over the years, there was even a newspaper article published about every home one particular street near the traffic circle and rock fire station being haunted. If you don’t believe it’s haunted, just spend some time there and you will become a believer! That place especially comes alive about an hour before sunrise!

      Here is a link to the newspaper article about all of the houses on the same street on the old fort being haunted:

    4. Our National Guard unit was staying in the old WAC barracks in the 90s. I was sneaking off with a girl and went through a bay with around 20 bunks in it full of snoring men. Strange thing was is it wasn’t very late at all; most of us were up at that hour as it was a weekend. Probably nothing, but it always struck me as odd that a whole room of guys were all sacked out early.

    5. I use to work on Fort McClellan. The old hospital, now called Noble Training Facility, was the place where doctors mixed up oxygen with argon gas and killed several patients in 1983. While walking around on the different floors you can hear foot steps. In the OR there is a thicker air quality and you can still smell that OR smell. You can even hear a baby cry. Here is the link to the story.

    6. Was at FTX at end of boot camp in 1986. There’s a stone grave marker shaped like a table there. Early 1800’s young girl died…maybe 17 years old. Saw a white hazy apparition at a wood line near there. Maybe her? Dunno but saw something.

    7. In the 1960’s teenagers would go on the fort property from the back side on Bain’s Gap Road. A favorite parking spot was under an old wooden bridge. Several people, including myself, heard someone in heavy boots walking back and forth across the bridge. There was no sign of anyone for miles around.

    8. I have had a couple of experiences at the old motor pool building also! Hurricane ivan came through and killed the power all the third shift employees are all gathered around the breakroom me and 2 other coworkers were making shure all the bay doors are down when we got to the back of the building we started to hear talking and wispering we just stopped and looked at each other time to get back!! Another night i was working on a machine in the back the machine has a plexi glass window and through the reflection i saw what i thought was somebody coming up behind me when i turned around nobody wad there! Me and the coworkers call them ghost soldiers.

    9. Ft. McClellan is now the site of the Noble Training Facility run by the Dept. of Homeland Security and FEMA. The staff there believe that the hospital is haunted by the ghost of a woman named Charlotte who died when a tank of argon gas was mistaken for oxygen. They report strange things happening all the time. As I write this I am currently in one of the barracks. Yesterday at the main training building the lights started flickering for no reason. The instructor simply sighed and said “it’s just Charlotte “. As for the screaming in the woods, there is a very large population of coyotes who are quite vocal before dawn and at dusk. I have heard them all this week.

    10. I live maybe 10 minutes away from Fort McClellan and I’ve even taken pictures there. It’s not haunted in my opinion.

    11. I live on fort McClellan in the old apartments and sometimes my dog, man, and I been hearing strange things in our apartment.. like things will move around, or things will sound like something dropped on the floor and we look and nothing is there.. we are on the second floor.. I looked to see if anyone was home around me and nope I was the only one there.. plus when I be sleeping sometimes I feel like someone is touching me and I wake up and no one’s there.. I am not crazy, my dog hears these things too. He even growled one time it scared him.. so it just might be a lil haunted..

    12. I was stationed at Ft. McClellan in 1970 with the 111th MP company. A drunk soldier was in custody waiting for his commander to pick him up. The sargent said he heard a clatter come from the holding cell and when he came back from checking, he said “that ole boy done hung his self.” The MP station, only on the night shift, would hear that same clattering noise around 2am every night until the day the Ft. McClellan decommissioned.

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