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Along Cuba Road, a phantom black car is said to appear near a cemetery or an old house before vanishing away. Trouble is, that house burned down years ago. Also along the road appears a ghost woman carrying a lantern, who flags down motorists and then disappears when they stop for her. An apparition of a gangster chewing on a cigar also has been seen in drivers’ rear-view mirrors. The road is said to have been frequented by gangsters during the Prohibition era.

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Geographic Information

Cuba Road
Lake Zurich, IL
United States

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42.1826962, -88.02007029999999
Lake County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Long Grove, IL (1.2 mi.)
Kildeer, IL (1.7 mi.)
Forest Lake, IL (2.5 mi.)
Hawthorn Woods, IL (2.8 mi.)
Fairfield, IL (3.3 mi.)
Deer Park, IL (3.5 mi.)
Indian Creek, IL (3.7 mi.)
Vernon Hills, IL (3.7 mi.)
Buffalo Grove, IL (3.8 mi.)
Lake Zurich, IL (3.9 mi.)


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  1. Last night, two friends and I visited the cemetery. We decided to take a few pictures and wander a bit outside. Nothing happened at all. Back in the car, we looked at our pictures and noticed a glowing orb in one of the pictures. Thought it was pretty cool, but was disappointed nothing else happened. This morning my friend messed with coloring and filters on his phone of the picture with the orb. There is a hazy womanlike figure standing next to one of the orbs. We are convinced that we have seen a ghost through this picture. Plan to go back! Also will make a video talking and showing what happened! -GamerzDelightt (on youtube)

    • My first time going to Cuba Road was quite an experience if I can say. It was a day after church and we knew Cuba Road was near so we went down it(we being me my mom my sister and my cousins) . We saw a street called Rainbow road and we heard about this house on Rainbow Road that had burned down and nothing was left there but can still be spotted. So we decided to do some hunting. We first passed the White Cemetery which was foggy as usual then started the hunt for the house. We had eyes on each side of the road looking for a house any house that could have been it and this would be easy cause there are no houses on Rainbow road. We go down the road three times and we don’t see a house then we decided that we’d go down once more and if we see nothing we leave. So our last time down the road I’m watching to my left then someone says to stop. The car stops and we all look left there is a bonfire at the front which you felt like the fire was still going while you couldn’t see it going or feel it with heat. A shed next to the fire which was all burned up and a house far down which was also burned down but still perfectly intact and was a gigantic house bigger than I’ve ever seen. This is the house I believe vanishes and appears every so often to this day I still remember the house in perfect detail and that happened about 6 years ago.

  2. About 4 years ago, my entire soccer team and I went to Cuba road for a “team bonding” since it was almost Halloween. We had about 4 cars in total that night. Our first stop was Penny Road. We went near the lake but nothing really happened. The entire time we were there not much went on. I don’t know if it was because we went down a wrong road or because nothing just didn’t happen. But only one thing I can assure you of is the Phantom Car. We had a mysterious car follow us for about 10 minutes down the road. It would have it’s headlights on super bright and then dim them. This went on the whole time it followed. At one point we looked back again and it was gone. There was no way it turned anywhere else because Cuba road is one big, long, lonely street. The whole road was surrounded by tall trees. And sadly, we never found the white cemetary. 🙁

    • the cemetary is down the road a little bit. it will be past the train tracks and after the train tracks you will be passing 1 street light. after the street light you will start to see trees kind of caving in a little bit, and after you pass the tree, about 500 feet down the road, cuba cemetary will be on your right

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this as well! When we went to Cuba road that night, I was honestly not cold at all. That day I wore a thin sweater and joggers. But every so often when we drove down that road that night, the windows would begin to fog up! Every window. And we had no heat on or anything! We had the windows up the whole trip! And if you think all the body heat accumilated in the car caused it, well that’s wrong because not once did anyone complain about it being hot. I know because I’m one to always complain about stuff like that.

  4. Years ago myself and a friend drove down Cuba Rd. I was driving and it got really hot in the car. I rolled the drivers side window down as we were driving. As soon as we hit the curve on Cuba road the lights started to flicker out and the window would not roll up. It all the sudden became super cold and the car started acting like it was going to die. The car was sputtering. I had the gas pedal all the way to the floor and we were going about 25 miles a hour. As soon as we got to the end of Cuba Rd. the window went up and the car was back to normal. I have never been so scared in my life and I live for a good thrill but that was unforgettable.

  5. This website shows a map of Cuba Rd, but that’s not near where White Cemetery is. The actual location is 42 10 33.8, 88 08 45.6. I’ve also seen what I think was the disappearing house. I think where it’s located is 42 10 31.2, 88 07 07.0. I went back to see if that’s where it really is, but of course it disappeared. Actually I found the foundation at one time but when I went back, it was gone too. MY thought is that there 2 paths leading back from Cuba Rd that look similar – one lead to the house and the other one didn’t. Last time I saw the house was in 1975. Last time I saw the foundation was around 1985. My guess is the house was torn down between 1975 and 1985. And after that nature took ofer and covered up what was left.


    I grew up on Cuba Rd and have always heard the lore of weird things there…Many nights we would go hunting at the old asylum near Rainbow Rd. One night we were there we saw a glowing light like a bon fire and we went to investigate. As we wlalked towards it, it dissapeared and was seen behind us. So we turned around and it dissapated and started in a different place.

    Then the most scariest thing started….MANY, MANY Loud footsteps in the woods all around us. One of us turned to the North and saw double red orbs, like eyes appearing, so we looked and they were starting to manifes not only to the north, but all around us….

    We all just BOLTED, most of us got to the cars and left….The others were fine but pissed, oh well eh….

  7. I have wet on kuba rd dozen times and nothing hapend there.we drove ninty miles on the three hills jumping three onbkuba rd every year and nothing ever went wrong I did not se nothing or hurdbanything.and starred for bigging from kuba rd all the way to northwest.hwy did not se anything there we would get out cars and walk by the cemeteries.and still nothing.every time we went out there webhad fun

  8. i have been down this road numerous time over the years and although i haven’t experienced anything on the road itself i did while i was exploring the cemetery.. i was there with one other person quite a few years ago, and while we were in the cemetery at about 5 pm i personally heard a woman in high heels walking on the road, the tapping of the heels and when i went and looked there was absolutely no one there.

  9. I went to that cemetery almost two years ago with two friends. We drove down Cuba road and there was headlights behind us for about 2 min but no car.

    The thing I remember most was the sound of heels. We were on the grass and no one was around. It freaked us out so we left. I’m surprised not more people have noticed it, I thought maybe we just made it up.

  10. Ive been to this cemetary alot. i go there to vape in my car with my buddies and have windows rolled down, most days nothing happens, but on the few times something did happen, it was pretty spooky, my friends and I were hanging there around 3:00am, (if u wanna see stuff i recommend you do it at the devils time at 3:00am) but we were there, and i felt my car moving, and we were in park, well it wasnt windy it was quiet, after the car stopped shaking a little, we saw a shadow walking thru the entrance of the cemetary, the gates are closed by 3:00am and it walked thru the fence, after that we saw nothing else, but we did hear foot steps. and we never saw anyone walking besides whatever that figure was that could magically walk thru fences.

  11. A friend of mine lives just off of cuba road. her yard backs up to some swamp land there. She had a bonfire in her backyard one night and kept hearing twigs breaking and it just felt tlike there was someone else there. She lives on a cul du sac, so there’s only one way in/out. At one point, head lights came down the street, but never passed the house. The police were informed that there may be trespassers wandering in the woods, but they didn’t find anyone. Later in the night twigs started breaking again, but closer. Something made everyone look toward the neighbor’s house and, for a split second, there was a dark dark shadow of a huge man standing on the other side of the fire. Then the neighbor’s flood lights shut off and everything was dark. Everyone jumped up and ran into the house and the police were called again and they patrolled the area all night. There was no sine that anyone had ever been there.

    On another night, I was driving down Cuba Rd and, out of nowhere, there where headlights coming at me and I could hear a loud car horn blarring. I slammed on the breaks, but the headlights and horn were already gone.

    My brother saw the disappearing house last summer.

    • Would you share the name of the street where your friend lives? Not to drive there but I am currently looking into buying a house and would like to stay away from scary places 🙂

  12. Over the past summer, my friends and I decided to drive down Cuba Rd on the night of a full moon. We have driven down Cuba numerous times before without any occurrences but the most bizarre thing happened that night. As my car became parallel to White Cemetery, tears began to flood out of my eyes without any explanation but as soon as I passed the cemetery, the tears ceased instantly. I still have no idea what happened that night but it definitely turned this haunted Cuba Rd skeptic into a believer.

  13. Have been there a few times in the last couple months and have seen nothing until we went there a couple days ago. Everytime we pasted White Cemetery, the lights in my car would go on and off. We also saw blue lights hovering in the trees above. There were shadows in the woods that would disappear as we drove closer. We also went off Cuba Raod to Rainbow Rd where the asylum is. By the asylum, things got much more interesting. There were many bright blue lights hovering the water, owls hooting, and the greatest encounter we have had so far. Upon leaving, the five of us in the car saw a transparent gravestone on the other side of the road by where the asylum used to be. It was not there when we drove down the road and it has never been there before. We hurried out of there after that. We also heard loud banging noises coming from the trees where the old asylum was and the sound of horses. Overall, will be back there again. We could now say this place is absolutely haunted.

  14. Back in the 70s we would drive cuba rd. We would always go to the Christopher Columbus statue. I never drove and never really paid attention to where it was…it was always at night. Where is it located?

  15. I saw the Italian gangster in my rear view mirror ten miles away from Cuba Rd. I’ll never go back and disturb the peace again. Yes, he lit up a cigar.

    I hit the cabin lights and drove with the cabin lights on all the way home.

  16. I was driving on Cuba road with an emf reader and the lowest I record was 0008 it jumped quickly back up then down to 0008 and that’s when I knew I found a demon as I was driving through Cuba the roads haunted since I left Iv felt shivers going through my body that roads haunted but if you ever get a emf reading of below 50 and it drops into the 20s and below there’s a demon.. so my experience has been accomplished

    • Alex King, yep finally someone with EMF……… i think its people getting microwaved here in Long Grove IL …….. evil “unit 731” NO DOUBT FOR SURE……. ps why only most recent phenomenon.. long grove il is a communist totalitarian developer evil mafia corporation, is wet dream to plow trough tick and rodent flood plain with expansion of 53,,, invested heavily to anything stands its way for its human cattle cage protical

  17. The first ghost story my mom ever told me was about her experience back in the late ’70s, early 80’s on Cuba rd. (Before she knew that it was so prevalent for being haunted). She and her friend were driving down Cuba rd during the day time, cruising and talking. Cuba Rd is an extremely populated and suburban area now as it stretches through about 3 towns and is no longer farm land. But picture it back in that time where it was all open farm land. All of a sudden a black car comes racing up behind them and riding their tail they weren’t really sure what to do and tried speeding up to get the car to let up. When they turned around the car was gone. There was no turn offs, no houses, there wasn’t any high corn for the car to turn in and disappear it was flat. They never could explain what happened. When I turned 13 and did a research about Cuba Rd and told my mom how many people had the same experience she finally got confirmation of her experience. Love Cuba Rd, love driving through there because of my moms ghost story but sadly very populated now. I’m not sure the black phantom car would even be regarded as being a spirit or just another Barrington jerk thinking he owns the road lol.

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  19. My parents live on Ela Rd. I have a video of candles lighting themselves. I always feel nauseous when I go there….it stops the moment I exit the cemetery.

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