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It is reported that spirits still linger from a disaster in 1979, when Flight 191 exploded into flames on the runway, resulting in the deaths of 271 passengers and crew members. According to some sources, flying phantom aircraft also have been seen at O’Hare.

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Geographic Information

10000 West O'Hare Avenue
Chicago, IL 60666
United States

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41.98032000000001, -87.90231299999999
Cook County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Rosemont, IL (1.4 mi.)
Schiller Park, IL (2.3 mi.)
Bensenville, IL (2.6 mi.)
Franklin Park, IL (3.6 mi.)
Des Plaines, IL (3.8 mi.)
Park Ridge, IL (3.8 mi.)
Elk Grove Village, IL (3.9 mi.)
Norridge, IL (4.0 mi.)
Wood Dale, IL (4.1 mi.)
Northlake, IL (4.4 mi.)


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  1. Flight 191 did not explode on the runway.An engine fell off after takeoff and the plane crashed killing 271 people on board and 2 on the ground.

  2. You’re also forgetting that in order to expand they had to move a cemetery…
    as for flight 191: yes, not a runway explosion, they were mid-takeoff

  3. I was in one of the bathrooms around 2am. I was near terminal 11. I was the only one in the bathroom and I was sure of it. I was in the stall closest to the door. Out of no where I herd a noise! I swear it sounded like a middle ages women. I tried hurrying so I can get out. I thought that it was all in my head. I realized that I accidentally went into the womens bathroom. I finished up and when I was washing my hands I looked up in the mirror and I saw something move. I practically ran to the door and something tugged my pants down! I screamed and pulled them up, grabbed the door handle and made it back to my seat. I have never been so scared in my life!

  4. Flight 191 did not crash on the runway! It lost a engine during take off ( literally, it fell off damaging vital controls) and rolled in air and crashed near a mobile home park in a field on Higgins.

  5. When i was 12 i was in ohare with my family. We were flying home. I remember getting this strange feeling like sadness then i looked over i saw a man standing against the wall.He was not looking at anything. His outfit looked outdated. My mom asked me a question and when i looked back at the man he was gone. I would have seen him walk away.

  6. I was arriving today in terminal 3 and I was waiting for my husband outside the men’s bathroom leaning on a column. I felt like a pins and needles sensation on my right shoulder then I thought I’d something slightly shocking me on this pole so I moved from the pole and felt same tingle but I started to feel like someone was grabbing my shoulder. I wanted to freak out but there were so many people around I just moved my shoulder up and down trying to make it stop. I started walking but it wasn’t anything I was around or leaning on it went with me. I stopped tried to use my other arm to look like I was trying to scratch my back to get it off but nothing helped. I kept thinking hurry up in the bathroom I need help but didn’t want to look like a crazy person so I tried to play it off and stay calm. My husband came out and I walked up and said is anything on my shoulder? All of a sudden it just stopped. He said no why. I was like this is so weird and explained. I just thought well it stopped so oh well. But the feeling of what was that kept nagging me. I thought did a ghost grab me in a busy public place? Couldn’t stop thinking about it. Got to hotel and thought let me look up what people say it feels like to be grabbed by a ghost. Then looked up is O’hare airport haunted and found this page. Thought I’d share this. I had no idea there was a crash in 1979. But I wonder what terminal flight 191 flew out of. I was at Terminal 3 when this happened.

  7. When I was at The Haunted Hanger 2 At Ohare Where They Burried The Passengers From Flight 191 American Airlines And When I Got There I Saw A Person Walking Towards The Toolbox And The Person Went Behind The Toolbox And When I Walked To The Toolbox Then The Person Dissapeared!

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