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Schweppe Mansion was built in 1917 as a gift from Mr. and Mrs. John G. Shedd to their daughter Laura as a wedding present for her and her new husband, Charles Schweppe. Tragedy struck in 1941–Charles was found dead in his bedroom after he shot himself. A note on his dresser said, “I’ve been awake all night. It’s terrible.” The full reasoning behind the suicide is a mystery. After Laura’s death, the mansion was empty for 46 years. Well, almost empty. Folks say the ghosts of Charles and Laura as well as several servants still resided here. In 1987, the mansion was purchased, restored and inhabited by private owners. Reports say it was recently listed for sale at $15 million, reduced from $18 million.

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Geographic Information

405 North Mayflower Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045
United States

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42.24660478630848, -87.81872516883595
Lake County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Lake Forest, IL (1.4 mi.)
Lake Bluff, IL (2.4 mi.)
Highwood, IL (3.3 mi.)
Knollwood, IL (4.4 mi.)
Bannockburn, IL (4.4 mi.)
Highland Park, IL (4.6 mi.)
Green Oaks, IL (5.3 mi.)
Deerfield, IL (5.4 mi.)
Mettawa, IL (5.6 mi.)
North Chicago, IL (5.6 mi.)


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  1. Me and a friend tried opening the door to the mansion at 11 pm on Christmas and after i let my hand off the knob a loud knock came from inside the door. We started running away and my friend dropped his keys right next to the fountain, then we got in his car and floored it after getting his keys. We will be returning and follow up with more info.

  2. I went here with my friends on new years day 2015. We were all taking pictures and every single one of my friends who had their phone out, all of a sudden drained and turned off. So insane.nes

  3. Im here to see if this place is still in use. If not can u get back to me asap i wanna take a trip and find the paranormal so i wanna know if it is abandoned thank you for the help.

  4. Me and my cousin went to visit this house, got out of the car, and both went in the fountain at the front of the house (obviously not being on) and the front door opened by itself. we ran.

  5. One time me and my cousin and his friend snuck in the house through a third story window we climbed up to. We got inside of the house nothing to spooky happened but walking through this massive house at 2 am wasn’t very fun I do not recommend trying this because it is extremely illegal and although the home has been abandon for years they still have security systems and care takers who look after the home

  6. I was all gacked up on the whoop chicken one night, stayed in the fountain pretending I was a large mouth bass but nothing really happened.

  7. My cousin and I snuck in through the window, as soon as we got in we heard a loud bang come from the top floor! It was super creepy and as the white folks we are, we went up to check it out. Now my cuz and I had to be careful of the security cams so we tried to be on the down low moving around. We walked up the steps and my cousin screamed, down the hall we saw a big white fat woman-looked like a ghost, turns out it was just the maid who watches the mansion… we ran out but before we did, we took a good ass photo in front of the fountain!

  8. Our realtor showed us the property this was before it was renovated, I don’t know what to say about all this trespassing I’m sure it turns off potential buyers! As far as it’s hauntedness I knew nothing of the property before I moved to Lake Forest 11 years ago, at the time I saw the property I did feel a chillingness while there and overwhelmed by the darkness of the structure seemed to cast over the property, my good friend lives next door she seems to feel the same I’m sure her kids were in and out of the place on Halloweens growing up.

    • Hey i hope you are having an amazing day. Not sure if you will have this info but would you know if this place is open for people to take pictures or is it only accessible by a realtor?

  9. This home recently sold in July 2020 (after being on the market for 13 years) for $5 Million dollars (down from $18 and $15 million). It is a 28 room 25,500 sq. ft. Brick and concrete Tudor and Georgian style mansion, sits on a 5.4 acre lake front property. (Originally 15 acres) The current buyers / owners are not publically listed.

  10. carter ragsdale  |  

    i was here the day before the fourth of July 2021 with my Best friend and i saw at the top window of the house a faint bride like figure holding flowers then as i was ready to make a run for it but she slowly moved away from the window. Then i had enough

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