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The Crowne Plaza is allegedly haunted by ghostly footsteps, strange shadows and feelings of being watched or followed. Note: this hotel has been rebranded to “Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk.”

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

111 E. Pecan St
San Antonio, TX
United States

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29.4288403, -98.49265600000001
Bexar County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
San Antonio, TX (0.3 mi.)
Olmos Park, TX (3.5 mi.)
Terrell Hills, TX (4.1 mi.)
Alamo Heights, TX (4.2 mi.)
Balcones Heights, TX (5.4 mi.)
Castle Hills, TX (6.7 mi.)
Kirby, TX (6.9 mi.)
Lackland Air Force Base, TX (8.1 mi.)
Leon Valley, TX (8.9 mi.)
Windcrest, TX (9.0 mi.)


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  1. I stayed two nights in this hotel back in 2003. It was my honeymoon night. Both of us heard a woman crying loudly in the bathroom. My wife even claimed she could feel the woman’s presence in the restroom with her. When I went to the door of the bathroom it was clear there was a woman in there crying incessantly I don’t think she liked us being there. We were not alone in that room. We felt like there was a presence on that floor and we were not looking for that. We tried not to let the unwanted guest ruin our visit. It was a very memorable experience.

  2. I didn’t stay in this one but in the crown plaza airport. I went to bed slept soundly through the night. On awaking I found five 2 1/2″ scratch marks across my stomach laid out as if someone had scratched me maliciously with with one hand. I do knot
    Move in my sleep, I do not have nails capable of scratching, and they were located at an angle I can’t easily reach. When I took a shower they were deep enough that they stung quite a bit.

  3. We decided on a spur of the moment trip to San Antonio. So my husband and my two sons and I were asleep when I am awakened by someone sitting on my legs and then the weight is gone and I hear footsteps and then crying. I look around the room as soon as I feel the weight on my legs and my husband is snoring as well his my son and the other is also in the bed sound asleep. I asked if anyone was awake and I got no response. The crying faded. We are in room 621.

  4. Me and my family are staying at the WYNDHAM. When I seen this hotel it made me think of a Crowne Plaza I been to in NYC, not knowing it used to be until about 10 min ago. All day I have been anxious and chills but didn’t know why. Me and the others decided to explore the hotel around 11:00. We end up on the 3rd floor and my anxiety spiked and it’s freezing up there. Nobody was on this floor and we found a piano in a dark corner and heard knocks. While we were looking around I was taking pictures to send to my mom. All I know to say now is.. I got a picture of her.. the weeping girl people have claimed to see. I never knew anything about this place but looking up stories I am not able to sleep, especially after this photo. None of us were waring white.. none of us have black hair. Here is the zoom in of her.

  5. So I’ve never really been a person to fully believe paranormal things but last night made me a believer!!

    Last night we stayed at the Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk hotel!! It was a gorgeous hotel with so many things to see! So at around 11 PM last night my brother, his girlfriend, my 2 younger sisters and I went exploring around to see everything! We went up to the second floor and all of us had a weird vibe but didnt think anything of it and kept looking around! Moriah was taking pictures of everything on the second floor to send to her mother as her mom has similar taste in the style! Then we went up to the third floor and I started to feel very uneasy and almost sick to my stomach! We then came across a black piano in a dark corner and Kyle went to play on it and Moriah videoed him doing so! Kayce, Jade and I were standing down the hall when he hit the first key and after he hit the key I heard 2 loud knocks and I turned around to see who knocked and saw a dark figure standing over him! We then ran back to our hotel room and were looking over the video to see if it caught what I saw and in the very beginning can hear a man’s voice say “Dont touch it!” You can also hear the 2 knocks in the video as well! All of our phones were on about 20%-30% battery and when we got back to the room all of our phones were at 3%-4%! So after hearing that voice in the video we decided to look at our pictures to see if we possibly caught anything in a picture like maybe an orb or something but we caught something far more horrifying.. in the mirror on the pillar right next to Kyle there appears to be a female with long dark hair in a white dress/coat! We all have blonde hair and were in black! My brother has dark hair but was wearing a hat and a plaid shirt and my youngest sister jade has brown hair but was wearing a gray spaghetti strap dress! Immediately after seeing the picture we began to cry… then decided to go back and try to find a logical explanation for what we saw in the picture but when we got back to the floor as soon as the elevator door opened it was like 50° on the floor and there was music playing down the hallway.. we got scared and went back to our floor and it was a normal about 70° on our floor! We decided to look up if anyone had ever experienced anything there before and discovered that the hotel was formerly called the Crowne Plaza! Which is the 5th most haunted hotel in San Antonio! They have reports of a wheeping woman and a feeling of someone watching you! After that nothing else happened to us but we did go back this morning before leaving and recreated the picture with me standing where we assume she would have been standing! I dont know who all believes in things like this but it definitely made a believe out of me!!!!

    We told a worker about our experience and he instantly got goosebumps after seeing the picture and had confirmed with us that we were not the only person to have seen her there!

    Below I will post the picture we caught!

  6. My kids and their grandma stayed for one night as they passed through to go to south Padre island. They sent me photos along the way. I ran across this one they were trying to take in the led lights in the bathroom. I looked at the picture and saw a lady behind the shower curtain.

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