Haunted Places in Electric City, Washington

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    Hotel Almira

    Almira, Washington

    16 miles from Electric City, WA

    This historic hotel burned to the ground in 1888, and was rebuilt in around 1917 as both a hotel and headquarters for a nearby dam project. Workers for the project stayed in the hotel for an extended period of time, and it appears that some of them enjoyed the ...

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    The IvyWild - The Cherub Bed and Breakfast

    Wenatchee, Washington

    69.2 miles from Electric City, WA

    The IvyWild, now a spot rented out for events, was formerly the Cherub Bed & Breakfast Inn, and it had a harrowing tale to tell. Legend has it that a man found his wife being unfaithful there, and he killed the other man on the stairs. Folks say you can ...

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    Central Washington University

    Ellensburg, Washington

    94.9 miles from Electric City, WA

    There are three halls rumored to be haunted at Central Washington University. Apparitions are seen in Beck Hall, and Room C-37 of Barton Hall is believed to be haunted by a former student. Witnesses have seen his apparition and heard strange noises. Also, Kamola Hall is said to be haunted ...

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    Capitol Theatre

    Yakima, Washington

    114.7 miles from Electric City, WA

    The ghost who lives in this theater is said to make himself known at night during cleanup. Witnesses say he is friendly and a bit mischievous.

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