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There are three halls rumored to be haunted at Central Washington University. Apparitions are seen in Beck Hall, and Room C-37 of Barton Hall is believed to be haunted by a former student. Witnesses have seen his apparition and heard strange noises. Also, Kamola Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a student who hanged herself from the rafters upon learning that her fiancé was killed in the war.

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1202 N Chestnut
Ellensburg, WA 98926
United States

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47.004193868016465, -120.53609946367942
Kittitas County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Ellensburg, WA (0.8 mi.)
Kittitas, WA (5.8 mi.)
Thorp, WA (7.7 mi.)
Naches, WA (20.4 mi.)
Nile, WA (22.9 mi.)
Cle Elum, WA (23.1 mi.)
South Cle Elum, WA (23.1 mi.)
Tieton, WA (23.3 mi.)
Eschbach, WA (23.6 mi.)
Gleed, WA (24.2 mi.)


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  1. In your description of the ghosts of CWU, Kamola Hall is listed third, as an afterthought. There’s not even a picture of Kamola Hall, which is thought of as the most haunted place at CWU.

  2. Barto hall is haunted by susan. Showers turn on, stalls slam, I hear her crying sometimes. She was killed by ted bundy. Susan rancort. I know she’s still here I see shadows in the hall sometimes. I got a weird feeling when I first moved in then learned the history later when I was googling barto, when I typed it in it said Barton hall can haunted so apparently I’m not the only one with experiances.

  3. Susan Rancourt was abducted and killed by Ted Bundy here in Ellensburg, Washington. That type of death leads to a vengful ghost and it has been proven on many accounts. She is know to cause trouble and I think that this needs to be mentioned in this article.

  4. I lived in Kamola hall the beginning of my sophomore year. In that short time I experienced an immense amount anxiety and uncomfortable feelings. I was showering around 11 pm one night and experienced the lights turning off and it getting extremely cold in the shower hall. I shouted to see if someone was messing with me and not a soul was around. When I got out of my shower I saw a woman in a crème colored dress walk in the hallway in front of me and stopped and gave me the most chilling and stomach wrenching looks I have ever seen. I moved out immediately the next day.

  5. I lived in Kamola Hall in 1994. The ghost was known as Lola and was reputed to haunt the unused Fourth Four and parts of the Third Floor. The story goes during World War One, Lola was a student at the Normal School living in the female dormitory which is present day Kamola. We actually did some research and this is what I remember. Her death was said to have occured in 1918-19, but this could never be confirmed. Her financee went off to the war effort in Europe and was killed. Apparently very distraught, she hung herself on the backside of the fourth floor.

    In 1994 the main staircase from the lobby went all the way to the Fourth Floor but it was boarded over with a trap door for maintenance access. This staircase was known as Lola’s staircase as sightings often occured around it. A secondary story was that the staircase was walled off to keep Lola on the fourth floor. An interview with maintenance bunked this. The only reason the fourth floor was closed was for fire code reasons (the main staircase was the only access so there was no fire escape.) I was given a tour of the fourth floor which at the time was covered mostly in fiberglass insullation.

    A graduate who had lived in Kamola in the early 1960’s reported they used the main area on the fourth floor as a TV room and also confirmed the ghost sightings and story exsisted even then.

    I have included a pitcture I took from 1994 showing the fourth floor front windows.

  6. I lived in Kamola in 1994. The ghost story varies between WWW I and WWW II. The ghost is supposed to haunt the closed 4th floor and parts of the 3rd near the main staircase. The upper level was closed off for fire code reasons in the 60’s but rumor has it was to keep Lola’s ghost in check.

  7. I was a living group advisor (resident assistant) at Kamola Hall in 1988. I, too, heard of the haunting but never experienced anything weird. The funny thing was that our dorm manager at the time was named Lola and so was the supposed ghost which we referred to as “Lola From Kamola.” There were a couple of dorm rooms at the top level of the hall that were locked up and the LGAs did not have keys to them. We always thought that was strange. At the time, the hall was in its original state with creaky floors and plaster walls. It definitely had a weird vibe to it.

  8. So basically, our cheer team was there for camp. We were on the top floor of beck hall in a corner room. We had 4 girls in there and the door would be locked with the chain and lock, but it would open and shake like someone was trying to get in… our councilor told us that it was the AC but the AC wasn’t even on. We also had the lights turn on… and they weren’t even plugged in. We tested the door multiple times to see a fluke. It wasn’t.

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