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The ghost who lives in this theater is said to make himself known at night during cleanup. Witnesses say he is friendly and a bit mischievous.

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19 S 3rd St
Yakima, WA 98901
United States

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46.602395, -120.50227699999999
Yakima County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Yakima, WA (0.2 mi.)
Terrace Heights, WA (3.0 mi.)
Union Gap, WA (3.4 mi.)
Selah, WA (3.8 mi.)
West Valley, WA (4.9 mi.)
Ahtanum, WA (6.4 mi.)
Gleed, WA (6.5 mi.)
Moxee City, WA (6.6 mi.)
Summitview, WA (6.6 mi.)
Parker, WA (7.2 mi.)

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  1. We went in a field trip to watch an opera in 3rd grade and right next to the side if the curtain was a white-ish mist. It wasn’t very tall, like 4’9-5’2 is my estimate. One time when I looked back at it, it wasn’t there, but down by the corner of the stage, very close to audience members, but not close enough for them to notice. In the last 5-10 min of the show, I never saw it again.

  2. I was using the bathroom in 2013 at a concerts where high schools performed in choirs; I was in Wapato High School at the time but I was using the bathroom when I heard someone yelling like they’re about to fight so I wanted to see the fight go down then I rushed to wash my hands and when I opened the door to my surprise there was no one in the new room., then it happen a cold chilling draft pushed me hard and against the wall I stood frightened while I heard a faint laugh saying ” gotcha! gotcha! ha-ha” it was so scary never going there again

  3. Matthew patterson  |  

    I used to clean capital theaters carpets and we’ll me and my coworker were the only ones in at night we had keys so one night I went into the elevator to clean upstairs and also down when I was finished cleaning up stairs I headed down to the main level and walked by the restrooms the toilets kept flushing on their own they are motion censored but the lights were off so this was very creepy just had a wierd feeling to it and another night I was down in the dressing rooms training a guy to work and there was a water machine and I got down the hall and herd a door shut which was weird since we were the only one there I went to investigate to make sure another cleaning person hadn’t showed up and we just didn’t know it but no one was there . The only other time was I was using our buffer and felt real cold and it was like someone or something had sat on or put their foot on the buffer because I could not for the life of me push it forward and I remember thinking I’m all alone my coworker is upstairs cleaning and no one is going to believe me so I said out loud I’m just the cleaning guy and I am doing good keeping this place clean and all the sudden the buffer shut off and when I turned it back on I was able to move it forward freely so yeah . I did go straight and told my boss after we had left the job and he confirmed that he thought it was a janator that used to work their and had herd the bathrooms flushing as well ..

  4. so a lot of the stuff I’ve heard about the capital theatre has been consisting of the bathrooms at first time encounter’s some on stage and most at night during cleaning as said in the description, my roommate and I would like to investigate what is or was going on and why the spirit is doing these things, it hasn’t hurt anyone from what I can tell however if we can identify what is happening maybe we can help, but for this we would need certain admissions how would we go about getting them?

  5. I was in 5th grade when I went with my school for an all district concert and before we all had to go on stage I decided to go to the bathroom (keep in mind that the boys and girls makeup/bathrooms were connected but sperated with sliding doors) so after I did my business I went to go look in the mirror and I was by myself (the sliding doors were closed) and my friend walked in to hurry me up because we were about to go on and as she left I turn around to look in the mirror again (I’m not a narcissist) and from the corner of my eyes I KIDD YOU NOT THE SLIDING DOORS WERE OPENING SLOWLY!!! and the guys bathroom area was empty and light were off I was by myself I left fast but ended up forgetting to tell someone because I left to preform.

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