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The IvyWild, now a spot rented out for events, was formerly the Cherub Bed & Breakfast Inn, and it had a harrowing tale to tell. Legend has it that a man found his wife being unfaithful there, and he killed the other man on the stairs. Folks say you can hear the sound of footsteps walking up and down the steps, and blood stains appear on the stairs at times.

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410 North Miller St
Wenatchee, WA 98801
United States

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47.429325, -120.32513740000002
Chelan County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Wenatchee, WA (0.8 mi.)
West Wenatchee, WA (1.7 mi.)
East Wenatchee, WA (1.8 mi.)
East Wenatchee Bench, WA (2.1 mi.)
Sunnyslope, WA (3.1 mi.)
South Wenatchee, WA (3.2 mi.)
Rock Island, WA (9.2 mi.)
Cashmere, WA (9.3 mi.)
Entiat, WA (17.9 mi.)
Waterville, WA (19.1 mi.)

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  1. This used to be my dad’s house and I lived there and can tell you this house has a lot of activity. The stair stories are absolutely true. Not only do you hear them but you feel them behind you when going up or down like they are right on top of you and you can stop and still hear them at times. Lots of activity in the kitchen and my dad’s bedroom, where my friends and I would often hear music, voices, footsteps, etc & think there was a party happening only to find out later when they came home that no one else had been in the house but us. The basement creeped me out but never had anything happen. The first experience I had was around 3:30 in the afternoon and I had came home from school, laid my pillows and books at the foot of the bed with my tv on, went to take the dog out back & came back to find my tv off, pillows, books & blankets thrown back between the bed & the wall (which meant the bed had been moved about a half a foot from the wall, also). The french door to the tv room off the dining room also used to randomly swing open or closed with no drafts. Mostly it was not a malevolent feeling, just active but the steps and the basement did often feel more angry and aggressive.

    • Is there anything more you can tell me about this place? Any evidence that the murder really happened? I investigate these happenings, and would love to sniff around.

    • Dear Darla- I would love to include this in my upcoming book Haunted Leavenworth (and nearby cities). I DO ask readers to respect people’s privacy. Would you or your family care to share any old photographs of the home and this ghost story please!? Thanks! Deb Cuyle

  2. My daughter and son in law purchased this property I believe in 2004 or 05. Because they lived in Southern California and wanted to reopen as a “new” B & B I agreed to oversee renovations and I took great pains in cleaning, painting, gardening, purchasing bedding and other things needed to run a B&B. It took about 10 months for the overhaul. I ran the Ivy Wild for them for two and a half years and I loved every minute of it. I met some wonderful people during this time.

    I am here to tell you that in all the time I spent at 410 N. Miller Street I never heard, felt or sensed anything odd or out of the ordinary. I believe the story about the shooting of the lover of an unfaithful wife on the stairs but I sanded and refinished the steps and went up and down several times a day and as I stated never felt anything.

    I also lived in this beautiful home by myself for over two years and never felt afraid. Maybe the ghosts saw all my hard work and decided not to bother me. At any rate, I have heard all the stories and don’t discredit anything they may have experienced, I just loved my involvement and investment in this beautiful home.

  3. About 14 years ago my step dads parents owned this bed and breakfast, we lived there for about a year when we moved back to Wenatchee. I can remember being so terrified no matter where I was in this house. It wasn’t a kids usual “scared of being alone in a room” fear, it was legit fear that somebody was behind me/next to me/ around me. Constant uneasiness. The stories about the stairs ONE HUNDRED PERCENT true! Of all the areas in the home they were the worst. I can remember running up and down them as a kid saying out loud “there’s no such thing as ghosts, go away Satan”. (I was THAT scared) I never saw any blood but that’s probably because I was too busy running up and down. Secondary to the stairs I think the theater room was next scariest. It was dark, it was all the way on the top floor, and there were many times my brothers and I would hear things, see things fall over, movies glitching out ect. There was also a room next to the theater that I was too scared to even go in. I would not even open the door. I never went in the basement because a family lived down there. All I know is that no matter where I went in that house, I was scared. Definitely haunted.

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