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This historic hotel burned to the ground in 1888, and was rebuilt in around 1917 as both a hotel and headquarters for a nearby dam project. Workers for the project stayed in the hotel for an extended period of time, and it appears that some of them enjoyed the accommodation so much that they stayed behind when they passed away. Visitors and guests claim to have seen the apparition of a man in workman’s clothes in the basement, while a spectral figure has been seen standing on the main staircase. In Room #021, which is currently in a state of disuse, there a claims of knocks, ghostly voices and disembodied footsteps during the night, even when the room is not being rented out.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

3 North Third Street
Almira, WA
United States

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47.7108734, -118.94085289999998
Lincoln County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Almira, WA (0.0 mi.)
Hartline, WA (7.9 mi.)
Wilbur, WA (11.4 mi.)
Electric City, WA (16.0 mi.)
Grand Coulee, WA (16.2 mi.)
Banks Lake South, WA (16.5 mi.)
Coulee Dam, WA (17.7 mi.)
Coulee City, WA (17.7 mi.)
Elmer City, WA (19.8 mi.)
Creston, WA (19.8 mi.)


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  1. I currently reside in Almira, now a mostly wheat farming town that has a population of less than 300. My home is almost kitty-corner from the Almira Hotel. In its prime, Almira was a town where many of the contractors stayed while constructing the Grand Coulee Dam. There were accidents during construction, and in at least one of the accidents several men were killed; some of them fell into the wet concrete where their bodies are now entombed within the Dam itself to this day. One would think the Dam would be more haunted than any hotel, but in Almira, sometimes if one lets their imagination run wild they cannot help but get a feeling of something supernatural when viewing the hotel and watching its windows at night, this is simply the feeling one gets from buildings of that age and era that have sat empty for such a long time. I have never actually seen nor heard anything like this, myself. There was an effort to renovate part of the first floor into a steakhouse and/or a video gaming arcade at one time. Signs announcing these “new” developments still adorn the building at street level. Since Highway 2, which used to be the town’s Main Street, has been re-routed around town to the south, most businesses have folded and shut their doors. The car repair business burned to the ground in July 2015 and I was told by a neighbor that it was because a fire was sparked during a routine fuel system cleaning service and it quickly spread, engulfing all other vehicles and quickly destroying the building entirely. To the north of the Almira Hotel on the same block are a “Crossfit” exercise gym and the Town Hall; across the street are a vacant lot, a weekends-only antique shop, one of Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union’s branches, and the Post Office. Almira is a sleepy town that doesn’t really see any excitement until wheat harvest season in late summer or fall. In addition to the well-maintained cemetery just west of town, there are a number of very old and non-maintained cemeteries among the wheat fields in the various directions outside of town. Some people have told me that the entire town takes on a somewhat haunted feel, but I have not experienced this.

  2. on 060416 my paranormal team , The Other Side Washington State Paranormal went to Almira and we tried to stay at the hotel, the new owner said NO WAY. I was told if I wanted in the hotel I would have to buy it .
    also I talked to the mayors office and was told we could investigate other building but we never got let into them.
    we got some pictures that may or may not be ghost ,we spent a lot of time at the graveyard out side of town and got some orbs there as well as some strange sounds .but no voices or clear ghost .
    how ever one of the old farm homes out side of town was amazing ,we did get a clear pic of a person and some other e.v.p. from the home .
    you can see the pictures and video clips on our facebook page

  3. I lived in the Almira hotel as the owner around the restaurant we frequently heard noises on the 1st and 2nd floor and while closing the bar in the evening the Jukebox would turn itself back on after we locked up and close the doors there’s a ghost in Charlie and room 21 or a couple of the people that work for me at live and they’d watch the seat of one of the chairs across from them depressed as some strange entity set down and watch them there’s constant Knox doors slamming and as we were giving tours to customers and Friends as we walked by several of the doors they close behind us with a big slam and as you would figure everybody ran out of the place in Terror. We close the restaurant and move to Spokane to start a new life but always remember the strangeness of the Almira hotel and yes there is something going on strange down in the basement that’s very very uncomfortable feeling and an entity wearing work clothes wander through the place on a regular basis

  4. Danielle Taylor  |  

    I stayed in the motel a couple nights back in the early 2000s. A friend of mine, June and her husband were workers for the restaurant and bar. The building was being renovated with the hopes of it being a restaurant, bar, and motel. I remember during the renovation the owners were loving the discoveries of the original framing and decor, leaving it open, almost like giving the walls a rebirth. Some folks rumored that they buildings spirits were released through the uncovering. Anyhow, I was given a couple detailed tours of the building and all it’s rooms during my stay. I can say during the tours doors would close in rooms when there was only two of us on the entire floor. While in the cellar basement a set of old keys that hung from a nail in the cement on a large metal ring began swaying and clicking together. Again, only two of us, both female in the basement. No windows. No place for a breeze, which was not present. It spooked us enough to leave at that moment. We went down again the next day and the keys remained still. No other incident. It’s said the halls are haunted by a young boy, named Charlie, his sister – name not known, and a tall man. The story I heard was the old man may have been hurting Charlie’s sister in room 21 that Charlie tried to help his sister, but the old man killed them both in the cellar. I could be off a bit, I’m trying to recall. I was told that the restaurant owner hired a chef out of Seattle. That chef, spent one night and quit the job and left the next day due to receiving a spiritual visit from Charlie. It’s said, Charlie will visit and may even try to talk. He’s seen sitting on beds and in rocking chairs. The girl is quiet and shy. The old man is who slams doors and knocks. Again, just what I was told. I personally never saw any entity. The keys and closing doors were my only personal experience. I honestly wish, someone with historical interests would purchase the building and attempt to restore it back to it’s original design. I think a motel and using the buildings history and the stories would make a great business. If it truly is haunted, the haunting activities have not been harmful.

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