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The urban legends on witch stories never fail to slay me. This one is just as fascinating. So apparently there was allegedly a 200 lb sphere on top of the Witch’s Grave monument and if you read the inscription, looked away and looked back really fast, it would have fallen off. Really? And no one ever once got a picture? The tombstone in question apparently marks two people’s final resting place although I presume the female is the so-called witch.

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Geographic Information

6801 Franz Rd
Katy, TX 77493
United States

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29.8003326, -95.83830890000002
Waller County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Katy, TX (1.3 mi.)
Cinco Ranch, TX (6.4 mi.)
Brookshire, TX (6.8 mi.)
Fulshear, TX (8.5 mi.)
Pattison, TX (9.5 mi.)
Weston Lakes, TX (10.0 mi.)
Simonton, TX (11.8 mi.)
Mission Bend, TX (12.7 mi.)
Brazos Country, TX (13.1 mi.)
Pecan Grove, TX (13.6 mi.)


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  1. “remember me as you pass by…
    as you are now, once was I…
    as I am now, you soon shall be…
    prepare for death and follow me…”

    Any true Katy resident grew up with this story and knows this inscription

  2. Some friends and I went there once around dusk.The sphere, obviously, is gone. People left stuff like flowers and necklaces by the grave though, and the put coins in the little well where the sphere was. We all said the epitaph aloud, and nothing really happened. My friend claimed to see a black cat run by, but it was likely one of the rabbits and are frequently in there. The only “unexplainable” thing that happened there was that I heard whistling. Neither of my friends had heard it, but several times, I heard someone whistling a little tune an then it would stop. That kind of spooked me because it never really came from a singular direction, so I couldn’t pinpoint the source o it. I just know it definitely wasn’t a bird – it was a clear human whistle making out maybe 3 or 4 notes before stopping again – it was definitely some sort of melody…very eerie.

  3. There is no witch buried in Katy Magnolia Cemetery. Shame on those who continue this fabricated story. The inscription quoted above is on many headstone across the nation. The person who people often refer to as the witch does not deserve this and I am certain neither does her family. Stop!!

    • Rumor has it there is a witch in the cemetary. However, no where in the history of katy has there been a mention of a witch. The other rumor is, do to the amount of people going to the graveyard, the city removedbthe tomb stone and is now unmarked. The grave everyone goes to is NOT the correct one.

  4. My and some friends went and we were recording to see what happened, while we were there nothing really happened but when we got back in the car and drove off I decided to look through the video and found the picture, if someone can please tell me what that could have been.

  5. I have family buried there. It’s not haunted, but back in the 90s my driving instructor took us there. That was the first time I had ever heard these rumors. It’s a peace place for my loved ones.

  6. I got lost in this cemetery last week. It got too dark and I got lost. I saw a lady in red tending to a tombstone, it was pretty dark I almost ran into her (well I came within 30 feet). I took a small break but could not find my flashlight. I saw a gravestone that had a bunch of lights on it so I walked over to look at it. Next I heard a piano sounds.


  7. I’ve been there twice, the first time my friend and I really wanted to experience something spooky. We parked our car at the end of the road and walked towards the grave. It was a really nice day the sun was setting but the area did have a strange ambiance maybe it’s because we were both paranoid. We read the epitaph and my friend told me to leave something in the bowl on top of the grave. I don’t remember doing it but I remember we felt kind of sick driving back home. I couldn’t sleep at night after that for a good week.

    2nd time I went with 2 friends it was a cloudy day nothing happened I didn’t feel anything and there was a funeral service happening far away from the grave. We read the epitaph out loud and we didn’t feel anything. I went back home and didn’t think about it.

    Maybe it’s haunted maybe it’s not. I might’ve been so scared the first time I went my brain kind of made me feel some sort of way. The story is cool especially since nothing ever really happens here in town.

  8. I previously read this article and visited the cemetery to visit the gravesite of Barbara Snyder. I purchased an EVP ghost scanner and returned with it. I held a session by myself in front of her grave and received a voice that said “Omar please sit” at the time I didn’t hear, it being my very first EVP session, then continued scanning and walking towards the vehicle. I came across a bench and when I looked over there was a squirrel on it that scurried off. I sat down and soon received what sounded like a child’s voice saying “help me”. I then ended the session and returned home to review.

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