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Urban legend has it that if you turn off your headlights and drive around the corner to the bridge slowly, a mist will form into person-shape. It is said to be the spirit of an older woman who died in a car accident here.

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Geographic Information

Old Greenhouse Road
Houston, TX
United States

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29.847358358229243, -95.68980356505125
Harris County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Oak Cliff Place, TX (6.7 mi.)
Jersey Village, TX (8.1 mi.)
Cypress, TX (8.4 mi.)
Cinco Ranch, TX (8.5 mi.)
Katy, TX (9.1 mi.)
Mission Bend, TX (10.7 mi.)
Bunker Hill Village, TX (11.1 mi.)
Hedwig Village, TX (11.4 mi.)
Hudson, TX (11.9 mi.)
Spring Valley, TX (11.9 mi.)


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  1. When I was in high school, I was driving my girlfriend home one night and while we approaching the bridge we both saw a streak of light shoot across the road. After I dropped her off , I went home the same way and when I got close to the bridge again my car’a power went off and I could see what looked like an older women in a flowing dress a couple of feet off the ground. Once I crossed the bridge , the power to my car came back on.

  2. I went to this location once I head that it was haunted. I went with my brother and sisters. We parked the car on the bridge and turned the car off to see if we could see anything. We stayed quiet looking out the windows for a bit and we didn’t see anything. We started up a conversation then over our conversation we started to hear a baby crying then we heard a women laughing. After, we heard that then we drove off.

  3. I went to this location with my boo and when we were approaching the bridge we parked on the side of the bridge and as we parked and turn of his mustang headlights , we heard a baby crying and we drove off! this location is very true.

  4. My friend and I were out ghost hunting and I turned my headlights off and stopped my car, that was of course until it started being tugged from the side. I noped out of there.

  5. On January 1st 2011 around. 1:30 am after the New year party I was driving home when I get on Keith Harrow Close to Old Green House Rd I told my daughter and my wife that we were approaching to old Green House Rd and then I saw a woman around her 30’s dressed in black walking and I told them that I want to ask her if she need some help but my daughter start saying don’t do it Dad my wife said that I was crazy and I told them that she was no ghost because I could see her clearly but the insist so I keep driving if I were alone I would stop just to make sure that she was no ghost.

  6. so, me and a friend went down to the bridge to experience something super natural. I drove around the corner and over the bridge several times and did not see any thing so we drove over it a few more time w the window rolled down and thing started to happen. We 1st heard a light type of cry or moan, so we turned around and drove by again and no noise. We did it again and heard a lower pitch moan, several more time we drove over the bridge through out the night lights on and off and nothing happened so we would park on the bridge this time and rolled the windows down again and parked on the bridge and turned the lights off and WE COULD HEAR A EVIL WOMAN VOICE FUCKING LAUGHING AT US and it got louder. We fuckin booked it.

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