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The Williams Bridge was built in 1884 and was closed in 2010. It is said to be haunted because of an accident way back in its past, before it used to be a covered bridge. So the story goes, a man on horseback was riding across when his horse suddenly jumped off the side. Now the accident replays at midnight as folks say, when visitors may hear a man screaming and a horse neighing in panic.

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Geographic Information

Off Huron and Williams Rd
Williams, IN
United States

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38.79691610792182, -86.66501855797839
Lawrence County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Williams, IN (1.1 mi.)
Dover Hill, IN (8.9 mi.)
Owensburg, IN (9.4 mi.)
Avoca, IN (10.1 mi.)
Oolitic, IN (10.4 mi.)
Bedford, IN (10.5 mi.)
Mitchell, IN (11.2 mi.)
Shoals, IN (11.3 mi.)
Burns City, IN (12.1 mi.)
Crane, IN (14.4 mi.)


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  1. Iv always had a feeling that brid he was haunted I could feel it. Wats funny is williams is my home town and so is bedford wich is next to williams. They have closed the bridge to vehicles but u can walk it. Do it arpund midnight to one am no flashlights.

  2. This bridge is indeed haunted and I have recorded numerous evp’s. One I ask “whats your name?” and what sounded like a 13-15 year old boy responded “Clay Bickmyer” Or a similar sounding sur-name. I have also many recordings of a deep voiced man saying ominous things.Too many evp’s and experiences to list. I live about a mile from the bridge so frequent ghost hunts occur.

  3. My friend took me to this bridge on 10-21-18. It looked so amazing. I was excited! Couldn’t wait to check it out. But the moment I got to the entrance, I was surprised by the feeling of dread that came over me. It was clearly safe. The floors are new and very sturdy. There was no reason to be afraid on this bright sunny day. Yet the moment I stepped inside, I was instantly afraid. I kept imagining myself falling. There was no reason at all for me to feel this way. I’ve never been afraid of bridges. I love roller coasters. This was an irrational fear, and I knew it. I’d never experienced anything like this before. I went about 10 more steps inside and I told my friend, “I’m so sorry, I don’t know why, but I can’t do this.” I literally couldn’t get my feet to move forward. I told my friend, I was going to need to hold onto his arm to continue. I felt bad, he was so excited himself to explore, I was trying hard not to ruin the experience. I wanted to run off that thing, but for him, I did try. We made it about midway, but the constant fear of falling and dying in the water below (that I couldn’t even see mind you), was too much for me. We quickly had to leave the bridge. I knew any longer and I was going to have a panic attach. I was on the bridge for less than 4 minutes. But the memory of how I felt, still baffles me. I was curious as to the history of the bridge. I found a folklore tale of a man falling with his horse, but really nothing else much said about it. And with that, I ended up finding this site. I wondered if anyone else had had this type of experience on the bridge.

  4. My sister and I revisited the old Williams bridge in June of this year. The only evidence of evil there are the obscene graffiti, and drug references left by uncaring vandals. Shame!

  5. I don’t live too far from this bridge and have been here with friends many times. We’ve never experienced anything too creepy, minus the occasional noise. We have visited anytime from dusk until three or four in the morning.

    • I should also include there is a cemetery just up the road from the bridge. Port William Cemetery I believe it’s called. If you’re in the area, it’s worth checking out. Very spooky vibes. My friend and I were there and heard what sounded exactly like a young woman saying “Hey”.

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