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Featured on some TV shows, the estate is said to be the site of many paranormal occurrences including apparitions, voice phenomena, jiggling doorknobs, tremors, unexplained smells, shaking furniture, and a vortex in the heart of the house.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    714 W Warren St
    Mitchell, IN 47446
    United States

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    38.73332, -86.47452190000001
    Lawrence County, Indiana
    Nearest Towns:
    Mitchell, IN (0.1 mi.)
    Orleans, IN (5.1 mi.)
    Bedford, IN (8.9 mi.)
    Williams, IN (10.5 mi.)
    Saltillo, IN (11.1 mi.)
    Oolitic, IN (11.9 mi.)
    Mount Carmel, IN (12.2 mi.)
    Paoli, IN (12.2 mi.)
    Campbellsburg, IN (12.8 mi.)
    Avoca, IN (13.0 mi.)

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    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. Hello. I am working on an old school built in the early 30’s in oolitic indiana . I was moving things in a storage area a few days ago, and supposedly there was young kid who fell through the old bleachers and died. Like I said when I was moving with my friend Brett . We stopped and listened for a minute and ask if anybody was there. About five seconds later there was a loud knock

    2. My family and I have gone to Whispers several times on overnight investigations and have had many experiences. A couple of the most extreme instances include the table tilting where three of us were at the table and it started to rock back and forth and then basically rocked across the floor towards the French doors where there is a balcony that is not in good repair (we were told to stay off the balcony). My nephew was literally pulled across the floor towards the door while my niece and I were trying to keep him from flying out the doors onto the balcony. The table we used was destroyed. We also had many scratches, hits and punches on several of our group. We also had another night when we did table tilting and also, this time it basically flew across the room and broke into a bunch of pieces, while pulling a couple of people with it. We’ve had many experiences in this amazing house.

      • This is not only an extremely rude thing to say, but also foolish and arrogant. As it happens, I’ve heard about these exact experiences directly from the people involved. Just because you don’t have first-hand experience with something this extreme doesn’t mean it’s untrue. Your “40+ experiences” count for little to nothing when it comes to validating or invalidating someone else’s experience and testimony.

        Apparently you haven’t done much research into the field yet or you would have encountered plenty of similar testimonies. The power and malevolence demonstrated by certain types of evil spirits not only can, but DOES display this level of power. It may not be common experience among amateur 15 year old “ghost hunters”, but it most certainly happens and is well documented.

        If you want to be skeptical of someone else’s testimony, that’s fine. But be polite about it and seek additional information. You’ll never get anywhere in this field being rude, arrogant, and dismissing other people’s experiences with no investigation. You’ll get a lot farther keeping you eyes and mind open and your mouth closed than the reverse.

      • Listen, I’m sorry If I came off rude, but in my own personal opinion, I just can’t believe it until I’ve witnessed it for myself or until I’ve seen it on the news.

    3. Went to your flashlight tour last night, very interesting place. I have pictures that are questionable, possible matrixing and dust. But did however leave with a scratch on my neck and my sweatshirt being pulled from behind. Hope to be back for a mini investigation. The upstairs bathroom and red room are very dark places. I did not go in bathroom, I couldn’t and the red room smelled of death, I was lightheaded and heart palpitations. My “feelings” of those two locations are of malicious intent. Ty for the tour 🙂

    4. During the tour, I snapped many photos of the parlor. When I was reviewing the photos they suddenly said “incompatible” and can’t be viewed now. ALL my other photos work. I felt hot in the Doctor room where everyone else was cold.

    5. I would have to say Whispers Estate is one of the most active places I have been too! You want paranormal activity go to Whispers Estate, me and my friend has always had stuff happing there! Bouncy balls, jacks, and change being thrown, growled at, scratched, shook off of furniture. really uneasy feelings. we have seen shadows darting around the entire house, we have had shadows come at us. footsteps, doors slamming, things being knocked off or over. This place is a paranormal investigators dream place to investigate! Even the ones that are just simply curious, and also make the skeptics into believers. Anyone interested in going, go because its worth your time. Love this place!

    6. I as a child lived in Whispers Estate there was there Apartments in Whisper Estate I was very young I remember very little I have a newspaper clipping where my mother was shot at on the front porch why holding my baby brother from some man mistaking who she was I also remember my mom setting on the rite side on porch with back against the house and feet up and she feel off and broke her leg now I believe she was pushed she had no ideal how it happened I would love to come to take a tour to see all the hiding spot I hide n as a child I would love to share a copy of the shooting that took place on the porch please contact me for a exchange I was a young child but I can picture n my head the sit up and of the place and playing alot n hiding spots I always been scared of the dark and it may relate to living here as a child

    7. My husband niece and I all went on Oct. 25th and did a flashlight tour. I myself felt tugging on myvpant leg several times throughout the house. My husband smelled baby powder. My niece Kayla was shoved in the basement and ended up with scratches on her lower back…,

    8. all of the old houses within this area are somewhat haunted, my house that burnt down within a two blocks of whispers was haunted. all of the historical homes have spirits. you can feel it the minute you set foot in our little town.

    9. Last October I went on the flashlight tour with my brother and nieces. I kept hearing growling sounds throughout the tour. We went in the basement and it was quite chilly. I suddenly felt very hot. I didn’t think much about it because I had a cold and had run a fever the day before. While driving home, I touched my neck and it felt like I had been burned. The next day, my neck burned when I took a shower. I actually had what appeared to be scratches on my neck.

    10. I worked for the company that took care of the water damage that happened in the home a few years back. There was a leaking pipe in the upstairs bathroom. I worked in the home after dark, alone at times and never, not once did I hear anything or experience any “Paranormal Activity”.

    11. I went there for my birthday and I walked in and I remember hearing voices and when we started the tour I automatically started feeling dizzy and I felt like I was being watched but I was a soldier and I was fine well in the next room it got so bad that I had to sit down on the couch and I sat on the very left far side and all the sudden I looked over because I felt like the cushion touched my leg and there was an indention in the cushion like someone was sitting in it so I quickly got up and I was listening when all of the sudden I noticed the zipper on my jacket was going down and so I zipped it up and covered my chest worrying it was the doctors ghost that used to rape his patients and so I held onto my grandma aunt and sister until we went to the next room now this is where it starts to get really creepy Btw in this room it has a dish full of pennies stood listening and I felt just a light tap on my foot and so I looked down and saw a penny so I backed up and then I saw another penny fly across the floor and hit me so this woman went and picked them up and said do you want the lucky penny and of course I said no because I was almost crying because I was the only minor there so I was the most innocent and vulnerable so they were attracted to me so I decided to move away from the penguin holding the dish of pennies and we were going to the next room and I heard footsteps and something touch my hair and pull my hoodie and I knew it wasn’t anyone pulling something on me bc I was the last person in there so I started panicking and asked if I could leave because I thought it was the best thing to do and of course I was sad bc I wanted to meet the little girl ghost named Rachel but I was to dizzy and frightened to keep going so I was walking out and when i was going down the stairs and by the angel statues my back started burning and I started crying because i felt like I let my family and myself down but I knew it was the right decision and they were all supportive and everything was going okay until we went to the gas station nearby and I was curdled over in pain because my back was burning and so i tougher it out and went back to the car but I had my sister check my back and I had like claw marks down my back and my arm and leg were bleeding just a little and now everything is okay and I can’t wait to go back in the future and if you were wondering yes my aunt did get my money back

    12. We’lI.B. Great  |  

      The house has suffered enough hardship through trial and error. It’s about the get much less interesting to many seeking the unknown, and you’re welcome
      I hope the next chapter in this town’s history is to embrace the future with light and hope, not evil vortexes summoning evil, being involved in hoodoo voodoo and releasing negativity into the area. The girl has passed and to honor her memory is best done by prayers and attending that church up the road, giving your time and talents in good works and bringing light to a hindered town. My 2 cents to the penguin bowl in the entry

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