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Bond’s Chapel Cemetery has a mysterious grave with a linked chain that grows longer every year. There are two legends about the chain. One legend has it that buried here is an Army man who left his girlfriend waiting back home. He was killed in battle, and his girlfriend stood across the road, watching his burial from afar. Some say her ghost to this day still awaits his return. The chain is said to groe one link longer every year, symbolizing her growing love for him, and it is said to glow at night. An apparition in a black dress can be seen standing on the other side of the road.

Another story about the chain says a slave owner once beat a slave to death with a chain, and the slave’s wife put a curse on him that the murder would be noted on his grave forever. The chain appeared on his tombstone, adding a link for every year.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    8070 Co Rd 810 N
    West Baden Springs, Indiana
    United States

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    38.67290191425027, -86.62061083323351
    Orange County, Indiana
    Nearest Towns:
    West Baden Springs, IN (7.4 mi.)
    French Lick, IN (8.6 mi.)
    Mitchell, IN (8.9 mi.)
    Orleans, IN (9.1 mi.)
    Williams, IN (9.2 mi.)
    Shoals, IN (9.2 mi.)
    Dover Hill, IN (10.5 mi.)
    Paoli, IN (11.5 mi.)
    Bedford, IN (14.9 mi.)
    Loogootee, IN (15.8 mi.)


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    Comments (9)

    1. bond’s chapel cemetery, where the chain grows every year is actually located between orleans and an old sort of ghost town called huron that is now included in the mitchell area.

    2. Trust me huron’s not a ghost town lol I happen to live there and we have replaced the stone several times I know the guy that maintains the graveyard we also have a local legend that if you touch the stone you die by a chain related death but that’s of course not true

    3. I grew up near bonds chapel & have been there several times.John Pruitt was in ww1 & came home & went to work in a limestone quarry, the family never owned slaves, they were poor folks that had a small farm. I know his great nephew & his grandmother told him he died working at the quarry, accidentally strangled by a chain used to raise stone from the quarry. His body was exhumed years ago because the family was tired of people disrespecting his grave.

    4. Roger McCracken  |  

      I used to go here as a young man and most times at night. I have seen many strange things out there. Like one night I saw a light inside the church and it appeared to be floating. I will say that when you go out there of a night it has a very creepy vibe and it feels haunted.

    5. Years ago, I went to see the grave with friends and we all saw the linked chain along the ground. It was like a mist but you could clearly see the links.

    6. I have been attending Bonds for 22 years. There is nothing supernatural about the stone. The chain marks are from where a chain had been wrapped around it and oxidized after many years. Sorry to say all the stories, folklore, and rumors of the tome stone are not true. You are welcome to come see it for yourself, as long as you respect the grounds. We have had to many come down that have heard the stories and damage something. We would appreciate it if you would take this off your site. Thank you.

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